Why Do We Care About Moisture in Manufacturing Cigarettes?

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Before answering Why Do We Care About Moisture in Manufacturing Cigarettes, let me remind you that in my earlier post, I have discussed the variation of moisture level in tobacco in the journey from raw tobacco at the field up to the final product, namely, the cut tobacco. Considering the hygroscopic nature of tobacco, cigarette industries need to control the moisture content in tobacco. That was a manufacturer’s difficulty. Manufacturers mean the manufacturer of the cigarettes.   In this ‘Relationships That We Care’ series, I shall discuss manufacturer pain to handle Tobacco and Moisture in making and packing cigarettes starting from cut tobacco. So, let me answer the question why do we care about moisture in manufacturing cigarettes?

From my earlier post Relationships That We Care To Make Cut Tobacco-Tobacco & Moisture, we know Cut Tobacco[1] received at the moisture of 14.0 or 14.5% depending upon prevailing seasons. In the rainy season, it receives 14.0%. In the dry season at 14.5%. Cut Tobacco or filler stored in airconditioned stores at 18°C.


The department where cigarettes made and the pack,  called SMD or Secondary Manufacturing Department. The temperature at SMD is maintained at 18°C. Temperature control of SMD requires. It requires to maintain the moisture of the cut tobacco at the same level as it was in cut tobacco store. In the dry winter seasons, water is sprayed to maintain the required moisture level of air within the SMD.

Cigarette Making Machine 1
Why Do We Care: Hauni Cigarette Making Machine

Maintenance of the moisture level at SMD is important to provide a great rate of burning of cigarettes. It gives smokers’ satisfaction. In an uncontrolled open atmosphere when a cigarette that burns fairly fast, called good burning. Also, a dry cigarette gives a harsh smoking feeling because of its excessive fast burning. Smoking satisfaction directly relates to the volume of smoke that goes inside the mouth in one puff. The volume of smoke determines  the amount of nicotine that goes inside the mouth. Nicotine gives smoking satisfaction. Moisture contained in the cut tobacco is a major influencer of this factor.

An increase of moisture than the specified limit could increase the chance of growing fungus in the tobacco within the cigarettes. It may also develops ugly water spots on the wall of the paper tube.


We know that flavor used in cut tobacco at PMD. Flavor evaporates in higher temperature. So, it is important to maintaining an 18°C temperature at SMD.

Low moisture at the SMD stage will an obvious quality problem called ‘Loose Ends’. Some tobacco flakes drop out from the mouth of the cigarette if cigarettes get dry, called ‘Loose Ends’.

After cigarettes are packed, packets are immediately wrapped by BOPP film[2] again to keep the specified moisture into the cigarette till it reaches the hand of the smokers. Ten packet cartons also wrapped by BOPP for greater safety.

Cigarette Making Machine 2
Why Do We Care: Mollins MK9 MAX Cigarette Making Machine

Even after so many precautions cigarettes get moist.  A smoker opens a pack of twenty cigarettes, takes few  hours to consume  in a moist whether  may notice an increase in moisture in the cigarettes and experience associated quality problems. The reverse experience observed in dry seasons. Industries addressed the problem. They introduced fewer numbers of cigarettes in packs like tens or fives.

By now you must know the role of moisture in the cigarettes industry and the reasons Why Do We Care About Moisture in Manufacturing Cigarettes?

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