Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram is also known as Thillai Nataraj Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is Chidambaram in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India.

The Lord graces this temple in the form of Thillai Nataraj Temple , the form of Agaya, and the form of Crystal Lingam. In Saivism temple means Chidambaram.

Natarasar Temple located in the village is a very special temple. This temple is one of the Panchabudha sites and this temple has a long mythological connection.

The architecture of the temple reflects the connection between art and spirituality. It was built in the tenth century at Chidambaram, the capital of the Chola Empire.

The Cholas considered Chidambaram Nataraja as their family deity. This Nataraja temple has undergone damage, renovation, and expansion throughout the 2 millennia. Shiva is the main deity of the temple.

However, it also reflects important themes from Vaishnavism, Shaktism, and others. The Chidambaram temple complex is the oldest in South India.

One of the temples. The most unique feature of the Nataraj Temple is the soul-satisfying image of Nataraj.