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Mahamaya Temple, Chhattisgarh situated at Devipur 4km away from Surajpur, around 25 km from Bilaspur. An architectural delight, Mahamaya Temple is one of the most famous and oldest temples. People from different places visit the Temple, Chhattisgarh to worship and now it  become a major place of tourist attraction in Chhattisgarh.
The temple built by the Kalchuri rulers in the 12th-13th cent. A.D. (The founder of the Kalachuri dynasty Kokalla I.) Kalchuri King Ratnadev was the builder of this temple. This temple dedicated to Mahamaya Devi which was the Kula Devi of the Kalchuri rulers of Ratanpur. Ratnadev arrived here for the first time in Manipur village. The popular story is that the king was taking a rest under a tree when night fell. In mid-night, he woke up and saw a supernatural light under the tree and found Adi Shakti Mahamaya holding a meeting there. He lost consciousness then and there. He returned to his capital city of Tumman, but decided to make Ratanpur his capital.
This temple was modified by Kalchuri King Prthivideva II in the 15th Century AD.