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With the explosion in the world of make-up and fashion, we feel that none of us can live with our natural hair color anymore, especially model girls who are already making their hair more attractive by using new colors every day. The fashion of Hair Dyeing is the new trend among the youths. Students or housewives or business executives are not left behind.

In this post, we will discuss the various methods of hair coloring. Until now, the dream of dyeing hair was dormant in black, mature hair. Because none of us want aging to enter our faces.

One thing to remember here is that aging has no direct connection with white hair. Many times it has been seen that young people have a lot of hair, but usually, from the age of thirty, some parts of human hair start to turn white. Because from this time the human body can no longer produce colored pigments.

No man’s hair turns white overnight. If the person has lost too much emotional balance and has had a long illness, he may not be able to produce pigment at all, and many parts of the hair will turn completely white.

Even those who don’t want to change the color of their hair may bring a softness to their outfit and makeup. Not everybody is keen to accept the fashion of Hair Dyeing.

White hair usually dries out, so you need to use a conditioner.

Even the cleanest white color can be caused by washing residue, dust, and dirt at its base

So, we are bringing you some essential information about coloring hair.

Temporarily coloring hair

In this method, a coating is placed over the white part of the hair which does not last long. This is the best method if you don’t want to dye your gray hair as usual. In this case, after shampooing once, you can dye it again. Again, in the next shampoo, it will go but it will come back to its original color. For this, we can find many conditioning lotions on the market. By mixing water and the appropriate amount of shampoo, we can easily dye it. In this way, you can bring a slight silvery or bluish tint to your white hair.

Those whose hair color has turned gray can buy golden or copper-colored conditioners available in the market. It will increase the shine of your hair. And it will become colorful as he wants. But with the next shampoo, this color will wash off completely.

Fashion Hair Dyeing

Long-lasting system

Sometimes you can stop the chatter by bottling it at once. Later it will gradually lose its brightness. You can shampoo 6 times! Not all head movements will be colored. Color Long after such color you can 4. So keep in mind that whatever color you choose, use this mixture to color your 25% to be very close to your cat’s natural color.


Dyeing with chemical lotions

If many parts of your scalp have turned white, the only way you can color the white hair is by applying a chemical mixture. For this, you need two foods. One contains the required color and the other contains peroxide. Either will go deep into your hair and cause your hair to be colored in a new color in six to eight weeks. This is the best way to paint. You can also reduce the weight of hair a lot with the help of the solution made from the mixture of this term. But remember that after coloring in this way, do not shampoo too much.

But there is an awkward danger to such coloring. As a result, our hair becomes dry for no reason and the root of the hair gradually closes. Ammonia-free hair dyes are now available in the market as ammonia is very harmful to hair. Again, if there is no alkali such as ammonia, the color of the hair cannot be permanently fixed. But ammonia not only destroys the natural shine of the hair but also makes the scalp overstimulated or irritated.

Now we can get two types of permanent color dyes. One of these works deep into the hair and the other forms a hard coating inside the hair.

But one thing you have to remember is never to color all the white part of the hair, leave the part in its natural color. Only then will a simple natural feeling come into your head.

Fashion Hair Dyeing

Let’s paint at home


We can mix henna powder with different colors to make hair dye as per our choice. It requires two cups of henna powder, one cup of lukewarm water, and one teaspoonful of lemon juice. Stir the henna powder well and mix it with water to make a paste. Leave it for an hour. If you are using black dye with lemon juice then mix that dye in the henna.

If you want to use blue color again, you can mix 1 amount of henna with 3 amounts of laundry blue.

Mixing 1 tablespoon full pack with 2 tablespoons full amla will make the henna thicker. You can also add a little 1 tablespoon full mustard oil to this mixture.

Wall Nut Shells:

Another harmless dye that we can use for gradual dyeing. For this, we have to grind the walnut Shells with the help of a hamandista(or grinder) and mix it with water to make a paste. Add 1 pinch of table sauce to it. It will remain in this state for three days. Then mix three cups of hot water with it and keep it for five hours You will be able to apply it as soon as the vaporized water droplets are completely gone.

You can use a little guesswork in between. This hair mixture will stick to your hair for a long time. At first, it will give a yellow color and then gradually turn into a thick black color. But remember to always apply this mixture after shampooing well.

Take four spoons of any tea and boil it in enough water to make a thick liquor. Throw in a piece of fortune telling that you can use as a king of moves. Variation in color can be brought about by increasing the amount of tea.

Hair color selection problems:

This is one of the problems of today’s fashion-conscious kids. What color will my hair be? Whether the thick new moon will be covered in the thick darkness of the night, or it will have blue leaves on the lace of the blue sky, many love to color their beloved with the red color of desire. There is no end to the running around. But you have to remember the choice of color depends a lot on the body structure of the age, height, and the shape and density of hair.

Black or brown hair is more common in summer countries like ours.

Of course, some people dye different innovative new colors to bring novelty to the makeup. Or whether we should paint this question sometimes pops up in our minds, or how and how often we paint. The scientific answer is that you should not color more than once a month. Every now and then the small hair head needs to be re-dyed. This creates another unwanted color on top of the color.

You should always remember that any substance used to color hair involves some chemical reaction. Therefore, the previous color has to be re-painted only after it is completely removed.

Be careful while dying at home

Whenever you use any new conditioner or shampoo bought from the market, do a little test. Spread the dirt that has accumulated on your earlobe with a cotton ball and then apply two drops of the dye you bought from the market. If any irritation occurs there within 24 hours, take the medicine immediately. In that case, we should not dye. Drink plenty of water and wash the area with clean water. You should never use this dye on your scalp.

Before dyeing the hair, remember that the hair needs to be cleaned well. If there is dirt anywhere, the dye cannot work properly. But there’s no reason to think that you have to shampoo before coloring every time. As long as it runs well in clean water, you can apply colored substances.

While coloring the hair remember that if the hair has red color in it, never turn it into another color. Because this red pigment is the real existence of hair. If you superimpose any other color on top of this red pigment, you will completely kill the naturalness of the hair. Your desire for Fashion by Hair Dyeing can be safe following this article.

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