On the occasion of Shivratri, preparations are in full swing in Burdwan’s 108 Shiv Mandir. Many devotees from the district and outside the district throng here to offer puja on Shivaratri. Fans from other states also come. Countless devotees throng this historic temple throughout the day. Many enter the one hundred and eight temples here and observe the Vrat by pouring water on the Shivalinga. On the occasion of Shivratri, a seven-day fair is held in the temple and its surrounding areas.

Although devotees come here throughout the year for darshan, in the month of Sawan and on the day of Shiva Ratri, the beauty of this place becomes different and there are a lot of crowds. Perhaps these days Lord Shiva is found directly. Well, everyone has their own belief and feeling. It takes you 1.30 to 2 hours to worship and visit the entire temple. The rest of the time, there is no entry fee, only Rs 10 per person in Sawan.

108 Shiv Mandir


The Temples:

Named 108 Shiv Mandir. There are one hundred and nine. There are one hundred and eight temples like a rosary. The other one is a little further away, like a pendant around the neck. The fame of Burdwan’s one hundred and eight temples is now tied to India. Devotees from different states of the country visit this temple throughout the year. Maharani Vishan Kumari built this temple at Nawabhat in Burdwan about two hundred and thirty years ago by spending a lot of money. This temple was established in grandeur by bringing saintly monks from different parts of the country. It took four years to complete the temple, and this temple chain was completed in 1790.


108 Shiv Mandir

There are 74 temples in the outer circle of the temple and 34 temples in the inner part. All these temples  built in the shape of a hut, and all of them are of the same shape. Built in all four directions of the temple. In the remaining 107, Lord Shiva Linga seen, in only one, Parvati Mata also seen together with Shiva Linga. Where 54 temples completed, there is a pair of darshan of Nandi ji of Shyam and Shwet Varna (white and black colors).



Maharani Vishankumari has a long history of establishing 108 Shiva temples at Nawabhat in Burdwan. The construction of this temple started in 1788 AD. It ended in 1790 AD. At that time there was an epidemic in the Nawabhat area adjacent to Burdwan. Many people died. The residents of this area  overwhelmed by the loss of their relatives. Maharanima of Burdwan wanted to forget their grief by building a temple in the area and turning the residents towards God.


From that idea, he built 108 Shiv Mandir in Nawabhat. The temple established in great grandeur. This temple  established by building 108 rosary-like structures and one additional one, totaling 109 structures. This Mandirmala a unique masterpiece of Burdwan. During the establishment of this 109th temple, lakhs of saints were present there. Their footprints preserved in a golden urn by the royal family.

108 Shiv Mandir


The structures of the temples are similar. They  modeled on the Atchala design of the Baleshwar temple in Odisha. As the temples are located side by side, each temple has an open terrace in front. Every temple has a door. All the temples have Shiva lingams with gauripattas made of hard rock. At the time of establishment, a bel tree planted in front of all the temples.


How to Reach:

To reach at 108 Shiv Mandir, there is a direct train and bus from Kolkata which takes you to Vardhman station in about 2 hours. The total distance of 108 Shiv Mandir from the station is 4 km. From there you can take a rickshaw to the temple. By the way, we went to the 108 Shiv Mandir of Vardhman in our car.

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