Shravan month is the birth month of Shiva. During this month, Shiva devotees visit various Shiva temples to appease him. Some go by train or bus and some go by walking with a bucket of water on their shoulders. And those who cannot go far due to time or physical incapacity, at least go to a temple next to their house to worship their father every Monday and offer puja.

Itachuna Rajbari Shiva Mandir
View of Rajbari

But even in this holy month of Shravana, he is not worshiped in this Itachuna Rajbari Shiva Mandir. From the road next to the temple, he can be seen eagerly looking ahead. Not even a blink of an eye. Although the inside of the temple is quite clean. Any errors in maintenance cannot be noticed. However, due to a mysterious incident, he sat in this temple without worship for almost one and a half hundred years. For that, of course, he has no anger, no pride.

Sitting in the same way always looking at the devotees. Even when there is no one, he still hopes someone comes to his darshan. So, he forgets to eat and drink and sits in the same way for a long time. There is a Shiva temple, idols. There is no lack of manpower or money. Yet he is not worshipped. However, the reason for not performing puja is not written in any document. Why do not get father puja?

Itachuna Rajbari Shiva Mandir
The Deity

To unravel this mystery, we have to go back a hundred and a half years. The history of Itachuna palace must be seen. But there is no particular document, document, or record of the family from which the reason for not worshiping in this strange Shiva temple can be known.

The reason for the mystery is revealed in the papers of some local researchers and the stories passed down through family generations. It is heard that in 1871, Vijay Narayan Kundu, the head of the family, got a quote from the then British government to lay a railway line in the Giridi region. Vijay Narayanababu while working in a forest in Giridi region came across a strange Shiva idol. That Shiva idol looks very strange. It is as if Devadidev is sitting in a fight.

Itachuna Rajbari Shiva Mandir


He brought that idol to his house at Mahanade in the Hooghly district. Then he built a beautiful temple on the opposite side of the road opposite the huge palace. Then an incident happened. A member of the family died soon after the installation of the Shiva idol. Even though the idol of Shiva was installed, it was not established by the priest chanting the mantra. After that, every time an attempt was made to establish the Shiva murti, various obstacles came up and this went on for years. The Shiva murti could not be established at all. Since then, there is no further attempt from the Kunda family to establish the Shiva statue. Maybe this is the will of the upper one. That streak is still going on. So, a temple was built for Maheshwar, but he was still not worshipped.

According to the scriptures, Shiva is not worshiped without Maa Durga or Maa Kali. Many people say that even if only Shivlinga can be worshipped. Sitting like this alone idolatry Shiva is not usually worshiped. So maybe this idol was not worshiped any other day. So, knowing everything, his surroundings are cleaned. But according to the rules, Devadidev sits on two white stone altars in the temple of Itachuna Rajbari year after year. A beautiful four feet high white stone head of Maheshwar. Throat Tiger skin is worn around the waist. White snake with the hood on the shoulder. The left leg is attached to the seat and the right leg is raised. Resting his right hand on his knee, he looks forward with a helpless gaze, hoping to get some worship.

According to legend, even if there is no secular worship, supernaturals appear in the temple when the night is deep. A bell can also be heard. According to some, at that time a stormy wind blows in the darkness as dark as the new moon.

How To Reach Itachuna Rajbari Shiva Mandir:

Itachuna Rajbari can be reached – via train or car. It is approximately 70kms from Kolkata. If you are visiting by train take any Bardhaman major line bound train or Memari/Pandua local from Howrah Station and it will take a maximum of an hour to reach. You have to get down at Khanyan railway station which is subsequent to Talandu Station and from there rent a toto rickshaw to go to Itachuna Rajbari Shiva Mandir. To reach by means of car you have to go straight from Kolkata to Durgapur Expressway through Vidyasagar Setu and proceed in the direction of Bardhaman.

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