45,000 species of plants (species) have been discovered in India to date. Among them, only 4,000 species of plants have medicinal/herbal properties. Most of these plants are used in traditional Indian medicine such as Ayurveda, Unani (medicine), Siddha (South Indian medicine), Tantra medicine, naturopathy, and tribal medicine, totka medicine. The unwritten use of many trees and plants, vines and leaves, roots, and barks are scattered all over India and West Bengal. This post, How To Cure Epilepsy  Successfully by Herbal Treatment references a few herbs that are given in the treatment of diseases for the benefit of the readers. Hope, How To Cure Epilepsy Successfully by Herbal Treatment will be handy for patients.



It is a chronic disease. Suffering from this disease for a long time gradually weakens the mental faculties and the patient becomes insane and paralyzed.

Symptoms of the disease:

Symptoms of epilepsy include convulsions, loss of consciousness, tremors, jerking of arms and legs, jumping, foaming at the mouth, and numbness in urination. Many people confuse epilepsy with fainting. The faint body becomes wood. which does not occur in epilepsy. There is no pressure in fainting, there is in epilepsy. Often the patient collapses. When the disease starts, there is pain all over the body. The neck stiffens and bends. The star of the eye rises up or down. Fingers bend. Chest pounding. Foaming at the mouth, sweating profusely. Hands and feet start throwing. cause of disease The cause of this disease is difficult to diagnose. But it is one

Chronic neurological illness. It can also occur after an infectious disease, a head injury, a side effect of something, or an electrical shock.

The higher functional centers of the brain are suddenly severely depressed and stop their work, resulting in muscle spasms in the lower centers. This disease can be caused due to the presence of this disease in the father’s mother’s family, injury, fear, infectious diseases, sexual intercourse, excessive alcohol consumption, physical and mental exhaustion, etc. But these reasons are secondary reasons.

Herbal treatment:

(1) Boil 4 grams of dry green vegetables and 2 grams of jatamansi in 4 cups of water and make a decoction. Drink this decoction 2 times in the morning and afternoon for a few days to get benefits.

(2) 1 teaspoon of mouth juice mixed with milk in the morning and afternoon will reduce the severity of the disease. Epileptic patients should use it regularly.

(3) 4-5 gm of bena root is crushed in water and consumed slowly, and this disease is cured.

(4) The patient urinates after infection. The disease is not seen when they are standing or walking. Attacks occur while sleeping or early in the morning. In this case, the juice of telakucha leaves is heated a little and 2 teaspoons of honey are consumed for a few days to relieve the disease.

(5) 3-4 teaspoons of the root juice of the Shatamuli tree with a little milk in the morning and afternoon for 3-4 months cures the disease.

How Cure Epilepsy

Allopathic treatment:

The main drugs used are Bromides, Phenobarbitone, Phenytoin, Sodium trimethyl Oxazolidine, and Pyrimidine. Phenobarbitone may be given in severe cases. Phenytoin can be given if it does not improve completely. If both fail, Primidine, Phenyl-ethyl-hydantoin alone or in combination with Phenobarbitone can be used. Pyrimidine works well in delirium and syncope. Tridine is the most effective drug for minor attacks. The important aspect of this treatment is regular treatment and medication for at least 3 years.

Homeopathic treatment

Eracea, Calibrome, Absinthium etc. according to diseases and symptoms. Canke carb, sulphur, etc. in chronic diseases. Acid phos, china, acid sulph can be given due to masturbation. Moreover, according to the condition, psychuta, atasisia, cuprus, opium etc. can be used.

Food and arrangements:

Sometimes the smell of burnt skin regains the patient’s senses, seizures have been observed to stop. A lot of water should be consumed. Genuineness of mind is especially needed. The patient’s tongue should not stick out during the attack. If there is a toothache, it should be removed and a soft putty should be placed between the teeth. It is better to wear loose clothes. Stimulating foods, drugs are harmful.

How Cure Epilepsy

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