The Shani Temple in Singapore is located at Ahmed Nagar in the Navasa district of Maharashtra. The name is Shani Temple in Singapore. The specialty of this world-famous Shani temple is the stone idol of Lord Shani, the son of Surya placed here on a marble stone under a metal canopy under the open sky. The distance of the village is 35 km from the famous city of Ahmed Nagar in Maharashtra.


One of the reasons why Shani Singapore Village is important is that it is one of the deities of Hinduism There is a temple of Saturn. The name of this village is “Shani Singapore” after the name of Lord Shani. No thief dares to steal because of the fear of Shani Maharaj of this stone. That is why most houses in the city have no windows, doors, or arches. All the houses have only curtains instead of doors. Because there is no theft here. Legend has it that the one who steals punished by Shani Maharaj himself.

For this reason, there is no need for any police or security forces in Shani Singapore Village. However, a police station set up there in September 2015 to cater to the growing number of government offices and visitors, so far, no complaints  received from the villagers at the police station. In 2011, a branch of United Commercial Bank, a state-owned bank in India, was opened in the village. After the discussion of the bank authorities with the villagers at the time of opening the bank, it was decided that as per the government rules, even if the door of the bank has a cupboard, it should be made of transparent glass, so that Shani deity can see everything inside from outside.

It was also decided that the cupboard would never be locked. Although the bank was opened in 2011 under these conditions, there has never been any untoward incident in the bank. Bank doors are unlocked 24 hours a day. These incidents of Singaporean villages may seem like they always keep their doors open and keep a watchful eye on the wealth of the house from afar.

Shani Temple In Singapore

But in reality, it is not. When a village family goes somewhere outside the village, then all the precious wealth kept in their house, that is, gold and silver ornaments, money, and money are completely exposed. They don’t even make a request to their neighbors to ‘keep an eye on our house”. Villagers believe that if anyone comes to steal, he will face the curse of Shani, be blind or face some serious harm. It known that once a man thought of the safety of his family and wealth and installed a wooden cupboard on the door of his house. The man died in a tragic road accident the next morning.

In ancient India, there is a practice of worshiping planets and stars. Along with the moon and the sun, the worship of other planets started out of fear and awe. Among them again the planetary lord Shani Dev  shown special respect. The main reason for this is that this planetary deity is very fierce. Due to this ferocity, a little more devotion seen in the public towards the god Shani.

According to those who believe in astrology, Saturn’s malefic aspect brings inauspicious results in people. So, he  worshiped to keep him satisfied and cool. Saturday named after Lord Shani. According to legend, if Shani Dev worshiped on Saturday, Graharaj pleased with the worshipper. Shanidev also called Shanischara or Shanischara. Shani the son of Suryadev and his consort Chhayadevi, hence he also called Chhayaputra. He is the elder brother of Yamaraja or Dharmaraja, the god of death and justice.

Shani Temple In Singapore

Many small and large temples of Shani Dev are found in various states of India, especially in West Bengal and weekly worship of Lord Shanidev is held there on Saturdays. Apart from West Bengal, there are several large Shani temples in other states of India. Notable among them are Sri Shanischara Koil at Tirunalla, Shani Devalayam at Deonar, Shani-Singapore Temple in Maharashtra, Shani Temple at Titwala, Shani Temple at Kuchanur near Madurai, etc.

Shani’s reference in Puranas:

No matter how fearful the common man’s perception of Shani is, in the Matsya Purana, Shani is described as a benefactor. There is provision to worship Shani Dev every Saturday evening. Shani Dev is usually worshiped in Shani Dev’s temple or in an open place outside the house of the householder. Things like blue or black colored pots, flowers, cloth, iron, fish tin, black sesame, milk, Ganges water, mustard oil, etc. are required for Shani Puja. This pooja has to be done with Nirjala(Without Drinking Water) fasting or Ekahara(Taking Food once a day).

According to the Saura Purana, Shani is the son of Vivasvan (Sun) and Chhaya. Again according to the Agni Purana, Shani was born in the womb of Vivasvan’s consort Shanti. Meanwhile, according to Markandeya, Vayu, Brahmanda, Vishnu, and Kurmapurana, Shani or Shanischara is the son of the first Rudra of Ashtarudra. His mother’s name is Subchala. In the Avantya Khanda of the Skanda Purana, Shani landed at the confluence of the Shipra and Kshata rivers.

Shani Temple In Singapore

In the same Purana, an interesting story about the birth of Shani is narrated – Shani attacked Triloka and blocked the path of Rohini. The whole universe became alarmed. Indra ran to Brahma for a remedy. Brahma approached Surya and asked Saturn to restrain him. Already, under the gaze of Saturn, both the feet of the Sun have been burnt. He could do nothing. Instead, he requested Brahma to restrain Saturn.

Brahma was forced to go to Vishnu. Thinking that Vishnu could not do anything himself, he took Brahma to Shiva. Shiva heard all the incidents and sent for Shani Dev. Shani Dev bowed his head like a very obedient son to Shiva. Shiva forbade Shani Dev to torture him. Then Shani Dev said to Shiva, Lord provides food, drink, and shelter for me.

Then Shiva decided; that Saturn can stay in Aries etc. for thirty months. If he is placed in the eighth, fourth, second, twelfth, and birth signs, he will always be opposed. But if he comes in 3rd, 6th, or 11th place he will do good to people, and then people will also worship him. If he comes fifth or ninth, he will be indifferent. Also, he will get more worship and the best position than other planets.

For his steady motion on earth, the name will be Sthavar. And his name will be Saturn for evil speed in the zodiac. His complexion will be like the color of an elephant or Mahadev’s neck. His eyes will be downwards. If he is satisfied, he will give the people the Rajyotak, if he is displeased, he will not hesitate to take the people’s lives. On whomsoever Saturn’s gaze falls, whether he is a god, or a demon, a human being, a sub-god, he must burn to death. Saying this Shiva asked Shani Dev to live in Mahakalvan. Brahmavaivarta Purana mentions Saturn’s association with the story of Ganesha’s birth.

However, without mentioning it, this essay will remain incomplete. According to that Purana, Shanidev was not born with bad eyesight at all; His wife’s curse caused his bad eyesight. One day Shanidev was meditating, when his wife came in beautiful attire and prayed to him for a union. Shani was meditating but did not want to turn to his wife. Satisfied Shanipatni then cursed Shanidev, “You don’t even want to turn to me! From now on, whoever you look towards, will be burnt to ashes.” Incidentally, Ganesha was born soon after. Shani also went to see Ganesha along with all the gods and goddesses.

Shani Temple In Singapore

But remembering his wife’s curse, he did not look at Ganesha’s face. When Parvati asks the reason for this strange behavior of Shani, Shani reveals that he cursed his wife. But Parvati did not believe that. He started insisting on Shanidev seeing Ganesha. After repeated requests, Shanidev only narrowed his eyes once at Ganesha. At that little glance, Ganesha’s free body was separated.

Thirty to forty thousand devotees from different parts of India visit this Shani Temple in Singapore

every day. Millions of people from all over the world come here especially on Saturdays to get rid of Saturn’s wrath.

Apart from the Shani temple in Singapore village, there are several other famous Shani temples in India. Among them is a temple of the awakened Shani deity near Khaliyar in Madhya Pradesh. At Enti in Morena district, 18 km from Khaliyar, there is a Shani temple believed to be built during the Treta period.

Devotees believe that if puja can be done in the temple of Shani-Singapore then good results will be obtained. It is known that the devotees who come here to worship Lord Shani leave their clothes, shoes, slippers, etc. after the puja and change into other clothes. Because of this, they can get rid of sin and poverty, so they go back to their homes after donating all their clothes.

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