Chintpurni Temple, a Samshaktipeeth  located on Hoshiarpur Dharamshala Road at a place called Bharwai. The temple of Mother Chintpurni is 55 km from Una district headquarter. This temple is 120 km from Pathankot. Only 5 km from Bharwai bus stand.


The house of the gods is located in Himachal Pradesh, there are more than 2000 small and big temples and all these temples have their own unique identity. This temple is very popular all over India for its special beliefs and its history. Today, in this article, we will talk about one such temple, the Chintpurni Temple.


Chintpurni Temple


Location in Himachal Pradesh, Chintpurni Temple is special for the people who believe in the goddess. Here the mother is considered the one who frees her from worries.

There is also a belief in relation to this temple that just by visiting here, the worries of the people end. This is the reason that most of the people who come here offer flowers at the feet of the mother to get rid of their troubles and worries.

There is a different belief in offering flowers at the feet of the mother. It is believed that the feet of Mother Sati fell here during the Dev period, due to which devotees offer flowers at the feet of the mother to fulfill their vows and worship her.

In relation to the feet of Mata Sati, it is said that Sati had also fallen on Chamunda Devi of Himachal Pradesh. Mother’s feet are especially worshiped in Chamunda Devi.

By the way, this entire Himachal Pradesh area is surrounded by many tourist places. But the number of temples in these philosophical places of Himachal Pradesh is quite high.  Perhaps that is why it is also called the house of the gods.

Chintpurni Temple

Nau Devi Yatra is very popular all over India. It is also known as the Nau Devi Yatra of North India. For your information, let us tell you that the temple of Chintpurni Mata is also included in the list of Nau Devi Yatra. The journey starts from Vaishno Devi and reaches the temple of Shakambhari Devi via Chamunda Devi, Vajreshwari Devi, Jwalamukhi Devi, Chintpurni Devi, Naina Devi, Mansa Devi, and Kalika Devi.


This form of Mother is a form of Chhinnamastika. Chhinnamastika is also called Prachanda Chandika. This form of the mother is also included in Dasmahavidya. You will be surprised to know that this Mahavidya is directly related to Mahapralay and it is considered to be the fierce form of Mother Tripura Sundari.

This fierce form of Mother Tripura Sundari i.e. this form of Chinnamastika is quite terrible. In this form, the mother is holding her head by beating her with a dagger and in this form three streams of blood come out of the mother’s head, out of which the mother has received one and feeds two streams to her friends Sakini and Varnini.

This posture of Mata can be easily seen in all the idols and pictures of Mata Chinnamastika. Mother has worn a garland made of bones in this form. Chintpurni temple made in this way Shaktipeeth.


Let us tell you that this temple is also one of the 51 sacred Shaktipeeths of India. It is believed that Mother Sati had thrown herself into that Yagya so that the Yagya performed by her father Daksha Prajapati could not be completed.

After which Lord Shiva performed a tandav by placing the half-burnt body of Mother Sati on his shoulder. Due to these 51 parts of Mother Sati’s body had fallen in different places in India.

Chintpurni Temple

In all these places, 51 Shaktipeeths based on Mother Sati built. This temple is also one of them. Here the feet of the mother has special significance.


Story of Chintpurni Temple

Mother Chintpurni is a name and form of Mata Jwalamukhi. Pindi nstalled here by a devotee after touching them with their sacred flames. In the composition named Shri Jwalamukhi Sahasranama, there is also a name of Mother Jwalamukhi Ji, Chinta. The goddess of this place is called Chintpurni on this basis. Mata Chintpurni is also known as Chhinnamastaka Mata. Legend has it that a devotee of Durga Mata named Mai das had discovered this place.

There is a story in favor of the construction of this temple based on the form of Maa Chinnamastika.  It is said that a person named Mai Das used to live in a village near the place where the temple is at present.  Mai Das lived in the same house with her two brothers. Both his brothers were very hardworking and they used to take care of their house with hard-earned money.

But Mai Das could not help with his household chores. He did not support his brothers.  The main reason for this was that most of the time of Mai Das was spent worshiping the Lord. Mai Das had great faith in the gods and goddesses, perhaps that is why he used to be busy worshiping the gods and goddesses all the time.

It is said that one day when Mai Das was going to a nearby village, he was tired of walking. After which he thought it appropriate to rest under a banyan tree and fell asleep while resting there.  It is said that when Mai Das was resting there under a banyan tree, he saw a girl in his dream. At that time Mai Das suddenly got up and left from there.

Chintpurni Temple



When Mai Das was coming back to the house in the morning, after coming under the same banyan tree, suddenly his eyes closed and darkness fell in front of his eyes. After the darkness fell in front of her eyes, Mai Das pleaded with the mother and after a lot of insistence, the mother appeared to her and said that the mother asked her to build a temple at this place.

But Mai Das told the mother the problem and said that there is a problem with water far and wide around here. After which the mother also removed this problem of hers and gave a rock to Mai Das and said that wherever you shift this rock, that place will be filled with water.

After which Mai Das made this Sheela in the place of the temple, today there is a pond there and the temple of Mata has also been built there.

The temple of Maa Chintpurni situated in the shadow of the same historical and ancient banyan tree, under which Pandit Mai Das rested while going to his in-laws’ house and on his return. It was here that he first had the vision of mother Bhavani in the dream state and then in the form of a girl child. It is difficult to estimate the age of this very ancient banyan tree. The travelers wear Mouli on the branches of this banyan tree by holding it in their minds and fulfilling their wishes.

Important Festivals of Chintpurni Temple

  1. Sawan Ashtami Mela

The Chintpurni Temple filled up with devotees during Sawan Ashtami Mela, that is, during July & August. At this time 10 days festival occurs where devotees can be seen in huge satisfaction and being grateful to Mata.


  1. Navratri Festival

During the Navratri festival, Chintpurni Temple can be seen in full swing which keeps you going with the spiritual flow. Not only Hindu Devotees but also several international tourists can be seen offering faithful prayers to Mata Chintpurni.

How to reach Chintpurni Temple

Air – If you are thinking of going by air to visit Chintpurni Devi, then let us tell you that this temple does not have any domestic airport. The nearest airport from here is located at Gaggal which is very dim. It situated at a distance of 70 km from the city.

Train – It is also somewhat difficult to reach this temple by train as the nearest railway station is located at Una which is located at a distance of about 55 km from the Chintpurni Temple.

Road – You can also go here by road. Even if you go by road, you will have to pass through the beautiful plains of Himachal Pradesh, which is a very pleasant experience. This temple is well connected with all the major cities of the state.

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