Pushkar Temple (Brahma) is the only temple of Jagatpita Brahma Ji in Pushkar, which is world famous. You must have seen thousands of temples of different gods and goddesses in this holy land of India whether it is of Lord Shiva Parvati or Vishnu Lakshmi or Mother Durga. You will get to see many temples based on all these gods and goddesses, but by creating the world, you would not have seen the temple of Brahma Ji anywhere other than Pushkar.  The temple located in Pushkar is considered to be the only temple of Brahma in the world.

The Temple

After climbing 42 steps from the market road, one enters the main gate of the temple. After climbing the 8 steps again, the darshan reaches the mandap. Darshan Mandap is built on 12 round pillars.

Pushkar Temple Brahma



There is a small and a big Shikhar on the Darshan Mandap. The main peak of the sanctum is 300 feet high. After the Gol Darshan Mandap, the idol of Lord Brahma, about two and a half feet high, is installed on a silver throne in the sanctum sanctorum. The door of the sanctum is decorated with silver letters. This temple is worshiped by Dasnam Sanyasis.


The vehicle of Brahma is a flamingo. Surpati Indra and Dhanpati Kuber are the gatekeepers of Brahma ji. Pashupatinath Mahadev, Vamana Lord Suryanarayan, Gaurishankar and Rishi Narad, Ganesha, Durga Mata, Pataleshwar Mahadev, and Saptarishi temple are also visible here. The tortoise in front of Brahma Ji is a symbol of praying and worshiping God by keeping all his senses under control.

In this entire Hindu religion, 3 deities are considered to be the greatest which are Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.  Of these, Brahma is considered to be the creator of the world, Vishnu is considered the sustainer, and Mahesh i.e., Lord Shankar is the destroyer.

Pushkar Temple Brahma


The thing that makes you think that Brahma is the creator of the world. One of the biggest gods of Hinduism, yet why does he have only one temple in the whole world?

We will have to take the help of texts to know the answer because the texts and Puranas are the only means to know about the gods and goddesses. If any information is found without the scriptures and Puranas, then it is considered only an illusion.

Talking about Indian history, Vishnu and Mahesh are considered superior to Brahma in Indian culture. In the course of time, many reasons emerge for the marginalization of Brahma Ji, but out of these, two reasons were the main ones. The first main reason the curse given to Brahma by his wife Savitri and the second main reason lying to Sahasiva.


When Brahma Ji sent to fathom the universe, Brahma Ji had come back and lied to Sadashiv. There is a belief in relation to Brahma that he married his daughter Saraswati, the goddess of learning, and because of this, Brahma is not worshipped. If this thing said to be true in some texts, then somewhere this thing said to be wrong.

In one such Purana, it said in relation to this incident that Saraswati, the goddess of learning, was not the daughter of Brahma, but one of the daughters of Brahma named Saraswati. Due to this confusion spread. In relation to Saraswati Mata who was the daughter of Brahma, it  told in a Purana that she married to Lord Vishnu and the Saraswati with whom Brahma had married was the daughter of Mahalakshmi and her brother’s name was Vishnu.

It  believed that Brahma Ji had a total of 5 wives, whose names are Savitri, Gayatri, Shraddha, Medha, and Saraswati. Of these, only Savitri and Saraswati mentioned in most places. The reason for the existence of only one place in the whole world, the only temple of Brahma Ji in Pushkar, Rajasthan, described in detail in Padma Purana.

Mother Durga

According to the story found in Padma Purana, it is about the time when a demon named Vajranash created an outcry on the earth. Vajranash was harming the inhabitants of the earth and nature, due to which Brahma ji was angry with Vajranash. Seeing this form of Vajranash, angry Brahma Ji thought it appropriate to give him a death sentence and Brahma Ji killed Vajranash.

You all must know that the favorite flower of Lord Brahma is the lotus. So, when Brahma Ji killed Vajranash, it believed that three lotus flowers fell on the earth separately from his hands. After which the same place known as Pushkar. There is also a lake in all three places.

Pushkar Temple Brahma

After killing the Vajranash, Brahma decided to perform a yajna for the welfare of the world and to eliminate the fear of destruction from the minds of the people. After which Brahma Ji came to earth in the Pushkar region to perform Yagya. At that time his wife Savitri had promised Brahma Ji to come a little late. Even after a long delay, when Savitri did not come to the Yagya, it believed that Brahma Ji got married to Gayatri, a woman who knew the Vedas and completed the Yagya.

It said in favor of this marriage that for the completion of the yajna, it was necessary to have Brahma Ji and his wife together. But due to Savitri not coming, Brahma Ji married Savitri to complete the Yagya. After this the Yagya started, when Savitri reached there, she got angry seeing a girl sitting next to Brahma.

After which he got angry and cursed Brahma Ji. It said in the curse that even though you are such a great deity, you will never be worshiped in spite of this. Since then Brahma Ji not worshipped and there only one temple based on Brahma. That too in Pushkar.

Lord Vishnu also had a hand in getting Brahma to marry Gayatri. Due to this Goddess Saraswati also cursed Lord Vishnu that you will have to spend some years of your life in the separation of your wife. After which, in the form of Shri Ram, the next birth of Lord Vishnu, he had to stay away from his wife Sita during the exile of 14 years.

Puskar Lake




When the Pushkar Temple (Brahma) built

In favor of the construction of this Pushkar Temple (Brahma), it said that it built 1200 years ago by the king of the Arnav dynasty. It said that the king had a dream that there is a temple in this place. which needs proper maintenance. After this, the structure of this temple rebuilt and, in this way, this temple constructed. Behind this temple is the Savitri temple. It situated in the hills, to reach here one has to climb stairs.

Pushkar Temple Brahma  renovated by Jagatguru Shankaracharya and renovated in 1809 by Daulat Rao Scindia.

There are 52 ghats and 350 temples around Pushkar. It is the 88th among the 108 Shiva divine countries.

Devotees and Pujaries

The main priest in the temple is one, assistant priest 6, and staff 25. A Gaushala run by the temple. 3-4 thousand on normal days, 5-6 thousand on Saturday-Sunday, 10 thousand on Guru Purnima, 5-6 lakh on Kartik Purnima, 75-80 thousand on Annakoot, and 20-21 lakh devotees visit throughout the year.

How to reach Pushkar Temple (Brahma)


Airplane – Near Pushkar itself does not have an airport. If you prefer to travel by air, Sanganer Airport in Jaipur would be the nearest airport for you. This airport connected to major cities of India. Jaipur city is 142 km away from Pushkar, which can be covered by bus or hired taxi/cab.

Train – The best way to reach Pushkar is by rail. Pushkar does not have a railway station. But Amer is only 15 km away from Pushkar. Amer Railway Station connected regularly to major cities of Rajasthan and India.

Road – If you travel by road, major roadways and national highways leading to Rajasthan will be a good option for you.

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