One of the main Temples of these is the Kangra Chamunda Devi Temple, which is located in the Kangra district in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh also called the Land of Gods. It also known as the house of the gods. There are more than 2,000 Temples throughout Himachal Pradesh and most of them remain the center of greatest attraction.

Coming here, offer flowers of her feelings at the feet of Mother Chamunda Devi. It  believed that all the wishes of the devotees who come here are fulfilled. Devotees from all corners of the country come here to receive the blessings of the mother. The Kangra  Chamunda Devi Temple is 1000m above sea level. Located at an altitude of. It is at a distance of 15 km from Dharamsala. Here nature has provided its beauty in abundance. Kangra  Chamunda Devi Temple is situated on the bank of the Bunkar River. It is also a picnic spot for tourists. Here the natural beauty attracts people. Kangra  Chamunda Devi Temple is mainly dedicated to Mata Kali. Mother Kali is the goddess of power and destruction. Every time there is a crisis on earth, the mother has killed the demons. Due to the destruction of the demon Chand-Munda, her mother’s name was Chamunda.

Kangra  Chamunda Devi Temple is 25 km from Kangra. 140 KM from Hoshiarpur and 160 KM from Una.

This is the place of Shiva and Shakti, which is known as Chamunda – Nadikeshwar Dham. Situated on the banks of Baan Ganga, this Ugra-Shaktipeeth has been a secluded, peaceful, and natural place for yogis and tantriks since ancient times. In the form of Mahakali Chamunda, the cremation ground of twenty-two villages  considered to be a bountiful area of ​​mantra learning and accomplishment, where Lord Shiva is seated with Mother Chamunda. Here the devotees worship with Shiva and Shakti mantras, donate and do Shraddha Pinddaan, etc. The mythological story and history of Shri Chamunda are explained in the seventh chapter of Durga Saptashati.

Kangra Chamunda Devi Temple

Mythological Story & History: Kangra  Chamunda Devi Temple


It is clear from the ancient tradition and geographical location of the Temple that this is the place where the Chand-Munda demons came to fight with the Goddess and the Goddess killed them by taking the form of Kali. After his death, a demon named Raktabeej appeared in front of the goddess with a huge army and started fighting with the goddess. The goddess started killing the army of Raktabeej. In this way, by killing Raktabeej, the goddess made the gods confident.

This dark fearsome form of the goddess called ‘Chamunda’ in the scriptures and worldly beings known as ‘Mahakali’. When Kalika, who born from Ambika’s browbone, presented Chanda and Munda’s heads as a gift to him, Amba pleased and gave a boon that you have killed Chand-Munda, so you will be famous in the world by the name Chamunda.

It said that in a dream to a devotee of this village, Chamunda Bhagwati ordered that my idol should be established on the body on which I worship every day. Across the Ganges there is my idol under the ledge, install the same on it and worship me there. Since then, Bhagwati worshiped by this idol. This Temple has  built by some goddess devotees and is 700 years old.

Kangra Chamunda Devi Temple

Nandikeshwar Mahadev Temple

The Temple of Nandikeshwar Mahadev  established next to Chamunda Devi. This place is the joint place of Shiva Shakti. There was a sage named Nandi in Tretayuga, he did severe penance for many years to get the devotion of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva  pleased and appeared to him and asked him to ask for a boon. Nandi said- ‘Lord I have seen you, I have got everything, I wish to keep chanting your name day and night.’ Hearing Nandi’s wish, Lord Shiva said- ‘O! Nandi, from today onwards you will get worshiped all over the world with the effect of my boon. You will be immortal forever. You will have a prominent place in my ranks. The world will call you Nandikeshwar.

The sage accepted the order of Lord Shiva with folded hands and  established there in the name of Nandikeshwar. In the sanctum sanctorum of this Shiva Temple, Shivling  established in a small cave under a huge rock. Here hardly one or two persons can sit and worship the Shivling.


Puja And Rituals at Kangra  Chamunda Devi Temple


The complete idol of the mother  seen in the Temple of the goddess. The four walls of the sanctum  decorated with silver plates. The idol  adorned daily with clothes, ornaments, and flowers. Both times’ worship  done in the Vedic manner by Shodashopachar. The aarti of both times has become a symbol of public faith. In the year, festivals like Sharad Navratri, Chaitra Navratri, Shravan Gupt Navratri, Shivratri, Krishna Janmashtami, Diwali, Lohri, etc. celebrated with great pomp. Sanskrit Vidyalaya by Temple Trust. Music Hall, Library, and Yatri Niwas operated.

Kangra Chamunda Devi Temple

Other Information

The area of ​​the Temple is 1 acre. The annual budget of the Temple is Rs 2 crore 15 lakhs. There are 7 priests, and 56 workers, employed in the Temple. 500-1000 thousand on normal days, 6-8 thousand on Sunday, Saturday, and Tuesday, 2 lakhs during Navratras, and 4-5 lakh devotees visit every year.

How To Reach Kangra  Chamunda Devi Temple

The famous Kangra  Chamunda Devi Temple is just 15 km away from Dharamsala via Yol Cantt. Regular bus service is available from Dharamsala to Kangra  Chamunda Devi Temple. You can also reach Kangra  Chamunda Devi Temple from Pathankot via a toy train. The nearest airport (22 km) from Kangra  Chamunda Devi Temple is Gaggal Airport.

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