Lord Ganesh’s temples can be seen in every corner of India and one of his famous temples the Bada Ganesh Ka Mandir, located on Harsiddhi Marg near Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain. Lord Ganesh known as Bada Ganesh in this temple.


The oldest city of religion and spirituality and one of the seven Moksha Puris, the city of Ujjain which  today known as Ujjain, its overlord and one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, situated very close to the temple of Lord Mahakal and on the banks of the ancient Rudrasagar lake. It would not be surprising if such a huge statue of Shri Ganesh called a unique statue in itself. Because this huge holy idol has many such features which can be called astonishing.

This temple of Bada Ganesh situated in Ujjain established by the tireless efforts of freedom fighter Pandit Surya Narayan Vyas. And many types of experiments also done in the construction of this huge statue of Ganesh.  First of all, let us tell you that this idol of Lord Ganesh is a giant idol, hence it known as Bada Ganesh, and it said that it took about two and a half years to prepare this giant statue of Ganesh.

Bada Ganesh

The Temple

A grand and artistic idol of Lord Ganesh revered in this temple. This is a very big idol, which called Bada Ganesh Ji. The fame of this temple has spread far and wide. This grand statue of Ganesh ji could be built by the tireless efforts of Pt. Narayan Ji Vyas.


This statue of Ganesh ji installed here is famous as the world’s tallest and most huge Ganesh Ji idol. Many types of experiments done in the construction of this statue of big Ganesh Ji, such as this huge Ganesh idol not made of cement but brick. It made of sand, lime, and sand and what is more strange is that the spice of jaggery and fenugreek also used in making this statue. This huge Ganesh idol not made of cement but brick, lime, sand, and sand made by mixing jaggery and fenugreek spices. The construction completed in about two and a half years.

Another special thing in the construction of this gigantic statue of Ganesh is that it also brings soil and holy water from the seven Moksha Puris of the country like Mathura, Maya, Ayodhya, Kanchi, Ujjain, Kashi and Dwarka, and many other major pilgrimage sites. It has been used in the making of this idol.


This temple of Bada Ganesh is also a reminder of the status and duties of those temples of our ancient and Vedic times when the complexes of our traditional temples and other places of worship used to be the main centers of practice. This tradition continues even today in some temples and their premises in South India. Whereas, in other parts of the country this tradition has almost disappeared in places of worship or temples. But this big Ganesh temple of Ujjain is keeping our tradition of hundreds and thousands of years alive even today.

Bada Ganesh

Pujas and Rituals

The idol  consecrated on Magha Sudi Chaturthi (Sankashti) in 1961. The height of the idol from the feet to the crown is 25 feet and the width is 16 feet. The idol seated on a four feet high post. People from all over the country and also abroad come here to see this idol. A huge crowd can be seen in this temple on Ganesh Chaturthi. This Ganesh idol gives peace to the hearts, removes everyone’s worries, and makes people happy and prosperous.

Special Attraction for Devotees

Bada Ganeshji’s temple is a holy abode for the devotees, where they are freed from all their worries. Panchmukhi Hanuman Ji’s idol of Saptadhatu also installed in this temple, apart from this Navagraha temple has also been built on the temple premises. The big Ganesh idol can be seen even from far away.

Bada Ganesh

Impressed by its vastness, people come here from all over the country to see the idol. On the auspicious time of Ganesh Chaturthi, huge crowds of devotees gather here, by having the darshan of the elder Ganesh, everyone’s worries removed and happiness and prosperity attained.

In Ujjain’s Bada Ganesh temple, seven oceans send rakhis flowing from across the ocean, America, Australia, England, Dubai and every corner of India send rakhis to Lord Bada Ganesh. The festival of Rakshabandhan, a symbol of the unbreakable bond and love of brother and sister, has been going on for centuries. Bada Ganesh Temple This tradition is going on since time immemorial. Sisters who do not have brothers tie rakhis to Bada Ganesh as their brothers and also pray to Bada Ganesh to protect us.


How to reach Bada Ganesh Temple

There is a temple of Bada Ganapati ji outside the Mahakal temple of Ujjain, you can go to that temple after having darshan of Mahakal. You can reach Ujjain by rail bus or plane.

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