No idol is worshipped, 350 cc Royal Enfield motorcycle is worshipped here at Bullet Baba Temple, Rajasthan.

What came to be known is that it was on December 23, 1988. Winter night in Konkan. A 23-year-old man named Om Singh Rathore returning from his village Bangdi in Rajasthan’s Pali district to Chotila on a Royal Enfield motorcycle in the bitter cold. Om was coming towards his home on his bike on National Highway 65 Jodhpur Ahmedabad. The night was deep.

But he still could not reach home. Parents and wives must be thinking a lot. With this thought, he was riding his bike very fast. His eyelids were closed because he was tired of riding the bike after the whole day’s work. And this happened just a few hundred feet away from his own village Chotila.

In his sleep, his favorite bullet hit a small tree on the side of the road at high speed. Unable to handle this massive shock, he fell into a 20 feet deep ditch. Beside the tree lies his all-time favorite companion bike. The strange thing that the bike did not get damaged after hitting the tree at high speed.

The next morning, the villagers saw the lifeless body of Om Singh Rathore, the eldest son of Tagore Yog Singh Rathore, lying inside the ditch. Om Singh Rathore’s body taken straight from the hospital to the morgue due to the accident in which the dead body was mutilated.

His lifeless body then handed over to a mysterious temple family in Rathore, India. On that very evening, Om Singh Rathore, the calmest and most humble young man in the village, passed away after making everyone in the village cry.

After that many unusual events started happening. In due course, the police picked up Om’s beloved bike from the accident site and took it to the outpost for various tests. The Bullet car placed along with various other vehicles involved in the accident. The next morning the duty officer noticed that Om Singh Rathore’s bike missing from where it had been kept the previous night. After much searching, it was not found. The duty officer told the matter to everyone in the police station.

Everyone thinks that someone may have escaped with the expensive bike from the police station. But after a few hours, it  reported that someone left the bike at the accident site. A police jeep sped down the highway to retrieve it. The police went and saw that the bike parked next to the tree where Om Singh Ratho had lost his life after hitting it.

After questioning the local villagers and Rathore’s friends, the police became suspicious that they had not brought the bike from the police station and they did not know anything about when the bike left there. At that time, only one question arose in the minds of the villagers, Om Singh’s family, and the police, who brought the bike to the accident site?

The police took the bike away again. This time the police became a little stricter. They don’t want to take any chances. So, the bike was brought to the police station and kept in the garage and chained. Then all the petrol taken out from the petrol tank of the bike. So that no one can take it.

But the next day the bike not found in the garage of the police station as usual. It found next to a tree near the crash site. The police very worried about it. Because the bike has to be returned to Rathore’s family after the trial is over. If there is a theft, the police will have to pay for it. Meanwhile, another disturbance happened, when the police wanted to take the motorbike into the hands of Om’s family to avoid responsibility, the family members did not show any interest in bringing the curious bike into the house.

It was the police who helped sell the bike at the end of the trial process with the consent of the family. The businessman lives about 400 km away from Chotal, in the state of Gujarat. In the end, NHI passed by M Cedar. The businessman took the bike to his home in Gujarat via Jodhpur Ahmedabad National Highway 65.

Bullet Baba Temple

The Believe:

The surprising thing is that just two days after the day it was taken to Gujarat, the bike reappeared at Sukhtina’s place and parked next to the tree as usual. As seen several times before. After hearing the news, the owner of that bike from Gujarat did not come to pick it up. All the residents of Rathore’s village came running to see this unusual act. The news spread like wildfire in the surrounding villages. The villagers also came running. Some of the villagers said that the Enfield bike  inhabited by the disembodied spirit of John Singh Rathore. The bike, therefore, returns to the accident site again and again, so that no one else dies in an accident there. Then it goes from village to village, any road accident can be stopped by the divine power of the bike and Om Singh Rathore sitting invisibly on it.

After this incident, the people of the village sat together and decided to build a temple next to the cursed tree. Om Singh Rathore’s bullet motorbike with miraculous powers worshiped in that temple. whose number was ‘RNJ-7770’. Since then, Om Singh Rathore became “Baba M Banna” Chotila village, 20 km from Pali and only 50 km from Jodhpur, on the National Highway. A strange temple complex  built next to that tree there. Baba Om Banna’s miraculous motorcycle  placed on a stone altar under the open sky. Dev puja started to the bike. Within a few days, he became famous in Rajasthan Jai Bullet Baba’s temple. Others say it Baba M Banna’s temple.

21 Janashruti, Baba Om Banna rode around on the bike on National Highway No. 65 unnoticed by everyone. He helps drivers and passengers in danger. He dramatically saved the encounter from death. Devotees of Baba Om Banna talk about Baba’s miraculous presence at various places on the highway. Some people say that before the accident, the steering wheel turned by itself for some supernatural reason.

And in that, the driver saved from all dangers. Someone said that Baba Om Banna started warning the driver in various ways as soon as he saw the accident. Not only that, to save from a big danger, Baba Om Banna sometimes stops the car by opening the tires of the car for a while. Many have seen the driverless motorcycle speeding away in the darkness of the night. Many such stories started circulating around Bullet Baba’s temple. Stories spread far and wide.

Bullet Baba Temple
Om Banna: Bullet Baba Temple

Faith and Rituals:

Every day thousands of local villagers, passing drivers and tourists flock to Om Banna’s temple with offerings. Devotedly performed puja at Baba Om Banna’s temple. They seek Bullet Baba’s blessings to make their journey auspicious. Drivers of buses, lorries, trucks, and private vehicles from other states passing through National Highway No. 65 also stopped their vehicles and offered puja at Bullet Baba’s temple. According to legend, those who disrespect Baba Om Banna  seen to have an inauspicious journey many times. They have suffered some kind of accident.

Baba Om Banna’s motorcycle now kept safe in a glass enclosure inside the open Bullet Baba Temple. The tree next to the temple of Baba Om Banna  also decorated. Women tie bangles and chadars there to wish the well-being of their husbands. A few days ago another high altar built in front of the bike altar and a small bust of Baba Om Banna installed there. A sacred flame burns in front of the idol for 24 hours.

There is a crowd of fans here. Every day in the roofless temple complex, a male singer and a female singer take turns to sing the Mandir Bhajan of Om Banna. Om Banna also loved Bhajan during his lifetime. The market is sitting next to the temple. CDs of folk songs about Baba Om Banna in shops.

A music video made with Baba Om Banna plays on the shop’s television at Bullet Baba Temple. Pooja materials are also available in that market. The market is also open 24 hours. There is a permanent priest in the temple. He offered pujargya offered by the devotees, performed puja, accepted donations, and painted Baba’s vermilion tilak on the foreheads of the devotees to make the journey auspicious. The red thread given to the fans. It tied to the wheel of a bike or car in holy knowledge. The surprise does not end here, as puja offerings placed in front of the bullet, along with flowers, coconuts, and sweets.

Every day hundreds of bottles of wine bottle deposited as offerings at Bullet Baba Temple. It is surprising to think that devotees and drivers who come to seek Baba’s blessings to avoid road accidents dedicate alcohol to Baba.

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