45,000 species of plants (species) have been discovered in India to date. Among them, only 4,000 species of plants have medicinal/herbal properties. Most of these plants are used in traditional Indian medicine such as Ayurveda, Unani (medicine), Siddha (South Indian medicine), Tantra medicine, naturopathy, and tribal medicine, totka medicine. The unwritten use of many trees and plants, vines and leaves, roots, and barks are scattered all over India and West Bengal. This post, How To Cure Urinary diseases Successfully by Herbal Treatment references a few herbs that are given in the treatment of diseases for the benefit of the readers. Hope, How To Cure Urinary diseases Successfully by Herbal Treatment will be handy for patients.


Urinary diseases

Many people have various difficulties in urination, such as – Bladder inflammation (Cystitis), Urinary gland inflammation (Pyelonephritis), Urinary pain (Nephralgia), and Urinary retention (Retention and suppression of urine) Stranguary. Urethritis. Besides sexual problems, diabetes (polyuria), edema, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc.

Symptoms of the disease:

All kidney diseases are called Bright’s diseases. It irritates the kidneys. The amount of urine decreases. Frequent urination. Urine drops. First bloodless and swollen under the eyes. Later the leg swells. Slight fever. There is nausea. Fever, burning sensation, leucorrhoea, and indigestion occur.

Cause of disease:

Urethritis is caused by bacterial infection. Bladder stones cause severe pain and decrease urination. Urinary tract e. coli infection is more common and is more common in women. Decreased urine output due to excessive fluid intake, water intake, old age, deworming, and indigestion. Numbness of urination occurs due to paralysis of the urethra. This disease, however, is more common in children.

Urinary incontinence is also caused by stones, uterine malformations, inflammation of the urinary glands, inflammation of the bladder, gout, hysteria, worms, etc.

Herbal treatment:

(1) If tulsi seeds are soaked in water and become slippery, these problems can be removed by mixing some candy or honey.

(2) Eating fresh tamarind leaf juice mixed with honey relieves the disease.

(3) Gokrhu fruit 3 grams and 5 grams of kultha kalai soaked every morning and consumed for a few days to cure urinary pain. Especially problems related to the prostate gland are removed.

Scanty urine:

(1) In kidney disease – 5-7 grams of corn with hair-like corn kernels soaked in hot water at night and strained in the morning and consumed 2-3 times a day for 2-3 days will cure the problem.

(2) Dry corn stalks and mix them with sugarcane roots to make a decoction and consume the decoction for a few days to cure urinary tract infection.

(3) In case of low urine, if you cut ladies’ fingers into small pieces and soak them in water and drink that water, the problem of low urine will be removed despite drinking more water.

(4) If urine is less due to flatulence, massaging pumpkin juice on the stomach will produce urine within 10-15 minutes and reduce flatulence.

(5) Mixing 1-2 teaspoons of fresh durbar(grass) juice and 1 spoon of honey in water will cause profuse urination and cure the problem.

(6) Urination occurs frequently but infrequently, taking 1 teaspoon of the root juice of the Aparajita tree twice a day with a little milk will cure the problem.

(7) Difficulty urinating in a germ (due to bacteria) infection, accompanied by a slight fever; The disease  cured if the juice of palte mother leaves mixed with a little water and consumed in the morning and afternoon. The root of Shatamuli powdered and taken with cold water in the morning and afternoon to relieve the disease.

(8) Urinary velocity cannot be maintained. In such a situation, heating the juice of kakmachi leaves and consuming 1-2 teaspoons once in the morning for a few days can get rid of this problem.

(9) If women have less or more urine due to seasonal factors, taking 10 grams of Bakul Bark (bark) decoction 2 times a day for a few days will eliminate this problem.

(10) In case of urinary incontinence caused by exposure to excessive sunlight, sitting for long periods of time, and drinking water from a green coconut gives good results.

(11) If there is constipation with difficulty in urinating, 2-3 teaspoons of Brahmi herb juice mixed with 4-5 teaspoons of honey will cure the problem.

(12) Mixing the seed oil of Shiyalkata, in case of blood in urine, with a soft cloth and dipping it in hot water and squeezing it, and applying it to the penis gives quick relief. Bleeding also stops.

(13) In case of blocked urine, 1 leaf of ground lotus flower mixed with water and eaten with candy will cause urination within 1-2 hours.

Urinary retention:

(1) Jute leaves 1-2 grams soaked in 1 cup of hot water for 10-12 hours after consuming that water, there is no more urine or drops of urine with red or white lime-like turbid urine.

(2) Mixing 2 teaspoons of crushed patharkuchi leaves juice with warm water and taking it twice a day for a few days prevents flatulence and urinary incontinence. Herbs cure diseases easily.

(3) Urine is present in the bladder but not passing. In that case, if a few camphor grains  inserted into the urethra, urine will be passed in a short time.

(4) If the prostate gland enlarged, 50-60 grams of kharmuz seeds mixed with 7-8 teaspoons of kaji gives good results.

Urinary fault

(1) Eating raw onion in less urine cures the disease.

(2) Those who have to get up many times in the night at the last age, take Nisinda leaf powder with cold water once in the afternoon for a few days and this problem does not exist.

(3) If there are more pus cells in the urine, then taking 3-4 grams of Arjun bark powder decoction once a day will cure the problem.

(4) Aparajita root juice taken 1 teaspoon twice a day with milk, children and old people will not urinate repeatedly.

(5) If you have kidney pain, take 1-2 grams of linseed dust with water for a few days to relieve the disease.

Urinary incontinence:

Eating raw onion with food at night eliminates this problem.


Consuming a little raw turmeric and some fresh neem leaves on an empty stomach in the morning prevents polyuria.


Bedwetting  seen in children at the age of 6-7 years. In that case, Nisinda leaf powder of 2 grams taken with honey in the afternoon and it gets better within 4-5 days.

Kidney failure:

A little ginger juice or Shu with food for kidney pain Mixing it with ginger powder gives good results.

Urinary stones:

(1) Consuming radish juice in a little warm water for a few days will cure the problem.

(2) Taking fresh punanva kath 2 times a day cures the disease.

(3) If there is pain in the back due to stones, make a decoction by mixing 10 grams of conticarica and 4-5 grams of the brihoti bark of the large root and mixing the decoction with 50 grams of sour curd, the stones slowly disappear.

(4) Take 1 gram of goshta-eggplant root bark or goksru fruit powder every morning and afternoon in Kultha Kalai soaked water (12 hours), stones will come out with urine within a few days.

How Cure Urinary diseases

Allopathic treatment:

An experienced doctor’s advice required. Pot. bi-carbonate 15gm Pot. Acetas 20 gm., Pot. bromide-10 gm. Tr. hyoscymus 20-ml. Syrup auranti 60 ml… can be mixed with 1 ounce of water to make Mingar. Urinary tract and bladder infections can become serious in kidney disease. Antibiotics such as Ampicillin, Kanamycin, Furadantin, etc. given then.

Homeopathic treatment:

A doctor’s advice required. However, Arnica, Aconite, Carborim, and Cannabis can be given in case of irritation. Hiper sulph, Miosotis, arnica, etc. given in sores. Aconite, naxvom, and arsenic hyoscyamus are given in stoppage of urine. Barbos-Vulgaris, Calcarea carb, Ocymumcanus, Acid Phos, Libius-carb, Acid Nitto, Cancke carb, Sepia, Lycopodium, Arnica, etc. are found on rocks.


It is better to eat fewer eggs and not to bathe in very cold water. Better to drink green coconut water.

How Cure Urinary diseases

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