Karani Devi is considered an avatar of Durga. Devi Karani’s temple also known as Deshnok Temple is located in Deshnok town, 26 km from Bikaner. It is a mystical temple. About 20 thousand black rats live in the temple. It is also called the Temple of Rats. Every year millions of tourists and devotees visit this temple to fulfill their curiosity and desire. Many of them have got the desired results.

How this Temple is different:

Rats are kept in the temple of Karani Mata, they are fed. So that they are always watched so that they do not suffer. There are numerous rats that roam around the devotees. Most of these rats are black, but there are also some white rats. However, the number of white mice is extremely low. Rare is not an exaggeration.

It is said that it is not good if a rat comes under the feet of a devotee. The incident portends bad times for that devotee. Again, if a rat climbs up the devotee’s leg. Then the goddess is believed to be pleased with the devotee and if the devotee sees a white mouse, it is assumed that all his wishes will be fulfilled. These ideas have been around the temple for years.

Deshnok Temple
Deity Karani Mata -Deshnok Temple

The amazing thing is that these rats do not harm anyone. In their minds, they run and play on the temple premises. They do not harm anyone even if they jump on the human body. Here they are in such numbers that even if people want to, they cannot properly walk in the open Chuha(Rat) Temple of Deshnok. If they walk quickly or in a different way, they will get hurt on their feet. So, everyone walks very cautiously here for the fear of getting cursed. But the good news is that they are never seen outside the temple.

The Temple:

Karanimata is the Aradhya Devi of the royal family of the desert region of Rajasthan.

This world-famous temple is also called ‘Chuha Temple’. This doer is a dreamer. He is considered to be an avatar of Jagadamba. This Sadhika was born in the Charan clan. Father’s name is Mehoji and the mother’s name is Deval Devi. He resides in a small cave temple. It was with his blessings that the kingdom of Jodhpur was established. There are many shops and souvenir shops surrounding the shrine. Puja branches and flower garlands are arranged in shops.

After all this, one can reach Matri Mandir. Here one can see a terrible thing. Small and medium-sized rats have such an influence in this temple that there is no way to stand still and see the goddess. Sometimes one or more are falling on the body in groups. But they cannot be driven away. Harmful words can’t be uttered, otherwise, curses will come to the head.

It is very scary for other visitors. There is no way. That’s the point here. You can see thousands of fat rats running around fearlessly trampling visitors’ feet. Again, the body and head of the idol are also rising calmly. Devotees believe that the Prosad offered by them is considered Prasad only if the rats accept it with their mouths. That is the result. Due to the instructions of Karni Mata, it is strictly forbidden to kill rats here. The native believes that devotees’ souls roam among the rats for renunciation of sins and return to their respective places after renunciation of sins. If for any reason a rat dies under the pressure of one’s foot, he has to donate gold equal to the weight of the dead rat. Such is the rule of this temple.

Deshnok Temple
Karani Mata -Deshnok Temple

The temple has a large Dharamshala for the accommodation of pilgrims. Every day many passengers gather there. The 17th-century temple archway is nothing short of remarkable. Karanimata Sadhanapeeth in a small cave. The well-known temple of Karanimata in Deshnok centered around that cave. Deshnok is now Mahatirtha. Why not? There is no ‘Chuha temple’ anywhere else in the world.


The story behind Karanimata becoming this Mahadevi  like this; when Karanimata sleeping as a child, she sometimes seen in a quadrangular form and sometimes in an octagonal form. Sometimes a third eye could be seen protruding from his forehead. By laying hands on a sick person, he would get rid of incurable diseases. Once several pilgrims from Ramdeora came to visit Kapilmuni temple on the occasion of the Kartik Purnima fair. At that time a group of pirates came to loot the wealth of the pilgrims. Then they took shelter in Mahamaya. Karanimata is then a perfect achievement.

Deshnok Temple
Rats at Deshnok Temple

At that time, he appeared there in the terrifying form of Sri Durga and kept clapping his hands repeatedly. At the sound of her applause, hundreds of thousands of rats came from different parts of the desert and ate the desert robbers. The desert robbers fled from there to save their lives. Devi also sent them away peacefully without any bloodshed or loss of life. Then Devi came and took shelter in this cave of Deshnok with the group of thousands of rats. This is the history of the temple.

Temple Timing:

Karni Mata Deshnok Temple temple allows visitors at 4:00 AM in the morning, it is the time of the Mangla Aarti and then the offering of Bhog. The temple gates closed for visitors at 10:00 PM.

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