Balaji Temple of Mehandipur is also known as Balaji Dham of Mehandipur located in Dausa district of Rajasthan. It is also considered to be one of the 10 main Siddha Peethas of Lord Hanuman. It is believed that Hanumanji stays awake at this place.


But the good news is, after staying here for some time, the spirits and demons leave the affected person’s body. No one knows how. But over the years people afflicted by ghosts and evil spirits have been coming here from far and wide to get relief. However, there is no overnight stay in this temple. Visitors have to leave the temple day by day.


Many people call this temple a ghost temple. Incorporeal spirits and witches can be seen here. Perhaps this is the only ghost temple in the country. Believe in this matter or not, one can at least take a look at Mehendipur Balaji Temple in Rajasthan’s Daush district to satisfy the enthusiasm. Maybe once you see this strange temple in the desert, all your old beliefs can change. It was also learned that this is a temple where Dakini Vidya is practiced even in the twenty-first century.

But entering this temple is not very easy. It is possible only if the nerves and heart are strong. If these two organs of the body are weak then it is better not to try to visit this temple. If you are mentally weak, it may be impossible to get out of this temple. Every day thousands of devotees throng to enter this temple out of curiosity. But most of the visitors walk out of the temple in fear before they can satisfy their curiosity.

Balaji Temple Mehandipur


The Temple:

Basically, three idols are worshiped in this temple. Balaji or Bajrangabali of Preet Raj and Kal Bhairav. It is believed by people that if someone has bad energy, it will be removed if they come to this temple. Even in the scorching heat, entering this desert village, the cold frosty wind makes the body shiver. This is the specialty here. Even in the heat, the body shivers. This place is a bit different from other towns or villages and that is quite understandable. Normal life seems to have stopped here. And once you enter this temple premises, the existence of modern life may be erased from your mind.

The queue to enter this temple starts at 3 am. This rush sometimes becomes so terrible that accidents such as trampling are likely to occur at any time. But it is also a peculiarity that no such incident has happened to date.

The temple opens at seven in the morning even though there is a line from three in the night. As soon as the doors of the temple were opened, the rush of devotees started to enter. If you have the mentality to withstand the pressure of the huge crowd, then after waiting for several hours, you will get a chance to enter the temple. In the temple, neither flowers nor fruits are offered as puja material, but a kind of ball of black color. Which is never edible.

This ball has to be sacrificed in the fire which is always burning inside the temple. There are four big halls inside the temple. Like any other temple, chanting of mantras, ringing of bells, the smell of burning incense, etc. do not waft from inside the temple. The visiting fans will be greeted by ear-splitting screams and cries. After hearing all this and the influence of the surroundings, even if he did not believe in ghosts, he started to get confused as soon as he entered the temple.

The first room inside the temple houses the idol of Kal Bhairava. The black ball should be thrown into the burning fire as a bridge material. Hanumanji lives in the next room. After darshan, he should bow down and proceed towards the third house. From here a suffocating fear surrounds everyone. Many men and women can be seen crying helplessly in this room. Some of them may be banging their heads against the wall. Not only that, many have been seen pouring boiling hot water on themselves. The sight of this room is so terrifying that it will be remembered for a long time.

Balaji Temple Mehandipur

The next room has more horrors. Those who have come so far and are unable to bear it, i.e. mentally weak, can go out from here through a small door if they want. To be honest, most people who come this far too scared to go any further. The last room is called the gate of hell. Here it can be seen that many women, men, and children are tied with thick chains to the pillars of the house. On top of that, they are being brutally killed. These children look as if they have been starving for a long time. But don’t forget these things and ask anyone. Only then can a terrible danger come from that one word. It is generally said that efforts are being made to remove the influence of evil forces from them.

The rule here is never to look back while returning after visiting the temple. The answer to what happens in retrospect, which can be heard in some gossip, is that unlucky descends on the visitor’s life. That’s why the cautionary message—no one should look back. Another reason behind this rule may be that since the unsatisfied spirits roam here from the unseen, the evil spirits chase the visitors with good shelter. In retrospect, they can make visitors do it. There are similar rules or customs for the reformation of the deceased.

One should take the navel from Nahasthan and break an earthen pot placed there with one blow without looking back and move forward without looking back. Another rule in this regard is that for the cremation of the deceased, one does not exit the crematorium through the same route as the dead body. However, if there are two separate ways to go to that crematorium. whatever Back to Mehendipur Balaji temple. Another rule is that visitors are not allowed to eat anything in this village, not even water.

Balaji Temple Mehandipur
Lord Hanuman – Balaji Temple of Mehandipur


The temple of Balaji Maharaj built at Mehandipur is very famous in the western part of India. The first mahant of this temple was Sriganeshpuriji Maharaj and the present mahant of the temple is Srikishorepuriji. These Mahantas are completely vegetarian bhujji.

Shri Balaji Maharaj was given laddoos of the cows, and rice and pulses were given to Bhairav ​​Baba. Special pujas are organized in the temple on Saturday and Tuesday as Hanumanji days. These two days usually attract more devotees. So, these two days are very busy days. There are several other temples near the Balaji temple. Notable and important temples among them are Anjani Mata Mandir, Kali Mata at Kishore Pahar, Panchmukhi Hanumanji, Ganeshji Mandir, etc.


Mehandipur Balaji Temple is only 35 km from Bandikui station. The road is quite nice and wide. Mehandipur Balaji Dham is easily reached within 35-40 minutes from the station. Passengers generally do not face any problems in traveling after getting off the train. Plenty of private buses, private cars, and jeeps depart from the station. You can also go by bus or jeep on sharing basis. Although the car fare is only Rs. 50 to Rs. 60(maybe more currently) on normal days, it goes up a lot on Saturday-Tuesday. Think about that and decide when you will come to this temple. Going by bus but the bus will drop you at Anjani Mata Temple which is 1-2 km from Mehandipur Balaji Temple. From there you have to take an auto or tuk-tuk rickshaw.

In 2013, an international team of scientists, scholars, and psychiatrists from Germany, the Netherlands, AIMS, New Delhi, and Delhi University came here to assess all aspects of treatment and rituals at the temple.

The temple is located at Todavim in Karauli district near Hindan city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The village is situated on the border of two districts namely Karuli and Dausa. 109 km from Jaipur. Can be reached by train and road.

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