Purnagiri Temple situated on top of a mountain in Uttarakhand State, District-Champawat, and very ancient  Puranic period temple.

The Temple:

The name of Mother Purnagiri is famous among 108 Peethas in Devi Bhagwat Purana, Shiv Purana, etc. This Shaktipeeth of Poornagiri, located in all four directions, holds its important place among the Kalkagiri, Mallikagiri, and Hemalagiri Shaktipeeths. The temple of Mother Purnagiri, who fulfills the wishes of her devotees, is in the Champawat district.

Purnagiri Temple

After traveling from Tanakpur to Thuligad, 8 km. after a walking tour of the mountain, there is a view of Purnagiri from the top of the mountain. The steep climb of the mountain in the east very painful. But for some years the path and stairs have been made by the devotees and iron railings have also been installed to hold them. Due to this, the journey has become even easier.

At the end of this mountain, a small platform is found, which is a little up and down. There is no temple or house etc. here. Linga and Trishuladi are visible in the picture. Here is the main seat, which is worshipped.




According to ‘Shaktipeeth Rahasya’, the nostrils of Shiva’s wife Sati had fallen here, so this place became a holy Shaktipeeth. It considered paramount among the Mallikagiri, Kalikagiri, and Hemalagiri Shaktipeeths. During the Navratras of Chaitra month, special worship is done here and a fair held for a month. Lakhs of pilgrims from different provinces of India come to the temple to have the darshan of Bhagwati.

Purnagiri Temple

Apart from Purnagiri Temple, devotees also visit Jhutha Mandir, Kali Mandir, Bhairoparnagiri Temple, Tanakpur Temple, and Siddha Baba Temple. According to the popular legend regarding the false temple, a king had no children, due to which the childless king was very sad. Somebody told him that by making a temple of gold in the temple and offering it, a child would be obtained. The king did as he said and promised to offer a golden temple after having a child. After some time the king’s son got the Ratna, but in fulfillment of his wish, greed came into his mind of the king and made a temple of copper instead of gold according to his promise. After resting on the top of Tunyas, the king’s servants tried to lift the copper temple, but they could not lift it due to the majesty of the goddess.


Then it installed there. Nearby stations are Pilibhit, Haldwani, Nainital, Pithoragarh, Khatima, Kichha, etc. to reach this holy power. There is a train service from Agra to Tanakpur via Mathura, Kasganj, and Bareilly. Apart from this, bus movement often from all the nearby districts.

Purnagiri Temple

This region is located in the northeast of the Himalayas at an altitude of about five thousand feet above sea level. Mostly all the places of power of the goddess are located on high mountains. Pilgrims coming from all the regions first stay in Tanakpur. It  called the resting place of travelers. Here is the entrance to the mother’s court.

Facilities Available:

From Tanakpur to reach Purnagiri Temple, one must pass through the following stops. In which Boom, Thuligad, Ranihat, Hanuman Chatti, Ladigad, Tanki, Bhairav ​​Mandir, Baoli, Tunyas, Kalimandir etc. are the main stops. There are many resting places along the route. In each shop, there is an arrangement for accommodation, etc. Along with this, there are also many Dharamshalas and Government Guest Houses which tourist accommodation house run by Kumaon Mandal Development Corporation is also present there.




Tanakpur is the foothills of the Himalayas and the Sharda River originating from the Himalayas flows here from the bottom of the mountain as if Sharda is washing the feet of Mother Bhagwati with her water. The Indo-Nepal border also formed by this river. There is no regular Bhog Aarti and Pat Bandh rule in Purnagiri temple yet. Bhog etc. and offerings made in the presence of devotees. The temple open twenty-four hours.


At present, major fairs held on Shardiya Navratri, 31st December New Year, and Chaitra Navratri. Due to the facility of road etc., travelers come here for twelve months and  benefited. For the convenience of the devotees, a large number of shops selling flowers, offerings, chunari, coconut, vermilion, bangles, etc. engaged permanently and temporarily. Mother’s pictures and literature are also available at these shops.

15-20 lakh devotees come every year.

How To Reach Purnagiri Temple:

Tanakpur is nicely linked between various cities of India via Rail & road. The road network is appropriate as a range of public, and non-public buses and different small motors are accessible from Delhi to reach Tanakpur frequently. The street trip from Delhi takes approx. 8-9 hours (330 Km). Tanakpur railway station will be in under renovation soon as Uttarakhand Government is planning to make this station a large junction. But one of the different nearest railway stations is Kathgodam railway station which is simply ninety-five km away from Tanakpur and additionally linked through all main cities.

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