A Hindu place of worship is called a temple. From ancient times, Hindus worshiped gods and goddesses including planets, stars, thunder, lightning, trees, and stones. There are many miracles surrounding these temples in India. Which, even if true, is hard enough to believe. There are also some events surrounding the Tanot Mata Temple in Rajasthan which is absolutely unbelievable. This temple is located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.


India won the Indo-Pak war in 1971 due to the miraculous grace of Tanot Mata and the fighting prowess of the Indian Army. The history of the Longewala war of 1971 is known to many. But there is a miraculous story behind that victory. On the border, Tanot Mata protected the army that day. On that day, Tanot Mata herself saved the soldiers from the bombs of the Pak Army. Such an unknown history surrounds the temple of Tanot Mata on the border of Rajasthan.

Tanot Mata Temple

Here she was worshiped as Hinglaj Mata. Later the goddess was worshiped as Tanot Mata. About 1200 years ago this goddess was first known. There was no temple then. The goddess was worshiped in stone. It is said that this temple is very awake. The Goddess of this temple fulfills the wishes of the devotees if they pray something from their hearts.

During the Indo-Pak War of 1965, Pakistan shelled this place continuously. At that time India did not have enough weapons to respond to it. Pakistan has taken possession of the Sadewala post from Kishangarh. Still, the Indian soldiers continued to fight fiercely. Shelling began on November 17 at Sadewala, near the Tanot Mata temple. Strangely, all the bombs that Pakistan Army dropped on that post did not explode. 3000 bombs are said to have been dropped by 19 November.But not even a scratch could be cut on the body of the Tanot Mata Temple.



It is said that Tanot Mata appeared in the dreams of the soldiers and promised to protect them. India won the 1965 war. Then BSF set up a post on that temple premises. Since then, the temple is under the charge of BSF. They worship the goddess.

In the war of 1971, Pak forces also attacked this temple. Even throwing bombs. About 300 bombs were thrown in this village. Out of which 45 bombs were dropped on this temple. Although the bombs dropped by the Pak army fell on the temple, they did not cause any damage to the shrine. Because by the grace of Goddess Mother, not a single bomb exploded. As a result, there was no scratch on this temple. However, India has always maintained additional security measures on this India-Pakistan border with the doctrine of 1965. On him is the divine power of Tanot Mata.

Tanot Mata Temple
Tanot Mata

In the 1971 war too, Pakistan chose Longewala near the Tanot temple to attack. There were 120 jawans under the leadership of Major Burudip Singh. Indian soldiers were fighting with the hope that Tanot Mata was on their heads. And in the service, a miracle happened there. The same bomb thrown by Pakistan did not explode. A squadron of tanks of the Pak army  blown up with only 120 soldiers. The biggest news in the history of independent India was the Battle of Longewala. After that, a big temple of Tanot Mata established by the BSF authorities.

Tanot Mata

A museum  also created. It is there that the unexploded bombs dropped by Pakistan’s bomb squad  kept in proper storage.

A victory pillar  also  erected in the Tanot Mata Temple premises in Longewala, Rajasthan. Every day many devotees, army personnel, and tourists visit Taneti Mata Mandir in Longewala to offer puja. Despite being bordered, this temple visiting army does not create any obstacles. Rather, they encourage Tanot Mata’s philosophy.

Tanot Mata Temple Timings:

6 AM to 8 PM

Best Time To Visit Tanot Mata Temple:

The best time to visit Tanot Mata Temple is between November and April when the weather is pleasant.


How To Reach Tanot Mata Temple:

Tanot Mata Mandir is located at Longewala on Tanot Road, 108 km from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. It takes an hour and a half from Jaisalmer to reach Tanot Mata Temple.



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