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  1. Haldi is known in different languages as:
  2. Sanskrit -Haridra, Kanchani, Pitta, Krmighna, Nisa, Yositapriya
  3. Hindi – Haldi
  4. Latin – Curcuma longa
  5. Bengali – Haridra, Halud
  6. Marathi – Halad
  7. Kannada – Arseena
  8. Telegu – Pasupu
  9. Gujrati – Haldar
  10. Tamil – Manjala,
  11. Sindhi – Haldi, Hedda,
  12. English – Turmeric



Haldi is grown and found all over India. Its plant is like a ginger plant having 4-5 ft. height. Its leaves are pointed 6-7″ wide and 1 to 1½ ft. long and their smell is sweet, fragrant like the pollen of mango. The root has a beautiful, captivating golden complexion when taken out of ground. This is then dried in the sun and is known as Haldi.


Haldi is extensively used as a favourite condiment in preparation with various dishes -vegetarian non-vegetarian, North Indian, South Indian, CA Mughlai, Tandoori etc., for without it we don’t get that aroma and flavour. Its antiseptic properties help in the preservation of food.

Not only the householders use it but even the seers and sages anoint their bodies with Haldi solution as a protection against the vagaries of nature. Thus Haldi has been accorded a high place in all the rituals and ceremonies since ancient times. Haldi ubtan is applied to the bride and bridegroom before marriage. Haldi is used commonly while performing Puja at religious and social functions and is considered very auspicious.

It stringent and sour in taste. It is a time-tested beauty aid and a nourishing herb that gives a natural gloss, royal glow and lustre and imparts vigour and youthful vitality to the entire body. Haldi is thus a great tonic in general, aromatic, diuretic, expectorant, blood-purifier, skin-tonic, carminative, pain reliever, germicidal, anti-flatulent, producer and enhancer of red blood corpuscles, and anti-phlegm. atic, antibilious, protector of eyes, anti-inflammatory and imparts coolness to the system.

Curative Properties of Haldi :

Bruises, sprain and wounds:

  • Applying past Haldi powder with lime or water on the affected part eliminates swelling and pain in bruises.
  • Taking 1 tsp. Haldi powder with hot milk is also useful.
  • Filling the wound or cut, (from which blood is coming out) with Haldi powder will stop bleeding and curing of the wound/cut.
  • Applying a poultice made of gram flour, and Haldi powder mixed with mustard or Til oil on the sprained portion-enhances blood circulation and gives relief.
  • Tying a bandage of Haldi (prepared with 4 tsp. flour, 2 tsp. Haldi powder, 1 tsp. pure ghee, ½ tsp. sendha Namak with water) on the bruised portion gives relief.

  • Giving fomentation with a cloth soaked in hot water (500 gm. water bolled with ½ tsp. Sendha Namak and 1 tsp. Haldi powder) on the bruised part eliminates pain and swelling.
  • Giving fomentation with Potlis (having one ground onion mixed with 1 tsp. Haldi powder) heated with Til oil on the bruised portion gives relief.
  • Applying Haldi powder heated in Ghee or oil on the wound and tying it with a bandage helps in quick healing of the wound.
  • Dusting Haldi powder on wounds also helps.


  • Ringworm- white spots applying a paste of Haldi rubbed on stone with water on the affected portion is useful.
  • Skin eruptions- Applying a paste of Haldi and til oil on the body prevents skin eruptions.
  • Applying Haldi powder or paste on the body before the bath is a preventive against skin problems and also a depilatory. (clears the growth of hair on the body).
  • Urticaria: (a) Taking tsp. haldi powder with tsp. Mishri or honey twice a day cures urticaria. (b) Taking Halwa (made from 2 tsp. flour, 1 tsp. ghee, tsp. Haldi, 2 tsp. sugar, and cup water) in the morning cures Utricaria.

  • Taking roasted Haldi with Gur cures itching.
  • Eczema- sucking tablet of ground Haldi with honey for 10-15 days cures Eczema.
  • Pustules- Placing cotton dipped in Haldi oil over pustules gives relief.
  • Freckles, spots: (a) Applying Haldi rubbed on stone with water eliminates them. (b) Massaging the face with Ubtan (mix ground Haldi with milk of banyan or pipal & soak it overnight) 1 hour before bath eliminates freckles on the face and imparts a natural glow.

Cough & Cold, Asthma:

  • Take Haldi powder and a little salt with hot water or sucking a small piece of Haldi or licking¼ tsp. Haldi powder with 1 tsp. honey-gives relief to cough and eliminates congestion of bronchi.
  • Taking ¼ tsp. Haldi with hot milk is helpful in checking running noses.
  • Inhaling the smoke of burnt Haldi throws out the trapped phlegm.
  • Taking ¼ tsp. powder of Haldi (roasted in hot sand & then ground) with hot water relieves breathing problems (Asthma)

  • Taking Haldi boiled in milk and sweetened with Jaggery is very useful in cold and Asthma.
  • Sucking a piece of Haldi (like lemon drops) or keeping it in the mouth at night cures a chronic cold.
  • Licking tablets (made by mixing Haldi powder, barley powder and bansa-ash in equal proportion and honey and making small tablets) 4-5 times a day eliminates trapped phlegm. in the body.
  • Massaging the throat & chest with a little Haldi powder, ground black pepper mixed with ghee-cures irritation in bronchial chords.
  • Giving a pinch of Haldi powder with milk to children gives quick relief Inhaling the smoke of cow-dung cake with Haldi sprinkled on it-release the trapped phlegm.
  • Taking ¼ tsp. of Haldi powder with 3-4 gulps of warm water-acts as a preventive against the attack of Asthma.

Whooping cough:

  • Taking ¼ tsp. ground roasted Haldi powder with two spoons of honey 3 or 4 times a day gives relief to cough.
  • Taking Pan with a little Haldi piece in it is also useful.

Indigestion & stomach problems:

  • Taking Haldi powder and salt in equal quantity with warm water gives instant acidity relief.
  • Taking 1 tsp. Churna (Grind Haldi 4 gm., Sonth 4 gm Black pepper 2 gm. and Ilayachi 2 gm.) after meals is digestive, eliminates wind and stomach ailments.
  • Taking curd or whey with Haldi powder after lunch cures digestive problems.


  • Applying a paste of Haldi powder stops bleeding from leech bites.


  • Licking Haldi powder mixed with honey 2-3 times a day cures soreness


  • Fomentation with a paste made of 10 gm. Haldi powder roasted in mustard oil and then tied around the neck gives relief to Tonsils.

Blisters in the mouth:

  • Gargling with 1 glass of water in which little Haldi powder is boiled, twice a day cures it.

Urinary Troubles:

  • Taking paste of ground or juice of raw Haldi and honey with goat’s milk (if available) twice a day, cures all urinary problems.


  • Taking ¼ tsp. powder of Haldi and Imli (tamarind) for 4-5 days acts as a preventive against smallpox.
  • Applying a thin layer of the ubtan (Haldi powder, foam of fresh milk and Wheat flour mixed with mustard oil or fresh cream) on the affected part twice a day-flattens the deep spots of Smallpox and makes the skin soft.


Licking the paste (made of tsp. Haldi powder and tsp. Vayavidang Choorna with 1 tsp. of honey for 7-8 days kills worms and throws them out.

Cure Diseases HALDI

Pregnancy and postnatal care :

  • Taking 5-10 gms. of Haldi powder with water-during menses is an antipregnancy dose for ladies
  • Taking ¼ tsp. with hot milk in the latter part of the 9th month of pregnancy helps in easy delivery.
  • Taking ½ tsp. roasted Haldi powder with Gur after delivery eliminates weakness and cures uterus swelling.

Pain in breasts:

  • Applying a paste of Haldi rubbed on stone on the affected part eliminates pain.


  • Taking Laddu of Haldi (mix ½ kg. roasted ground Haldi, one finely grated dried Coconut 1 kg. jaggery, 200 gm. cashew nuts or ground nuts and make laddu) daily in the morning with Tulsi or lemon tea-makes the joints supple and gives relief in pain and swelling.

Pain in Ribs:

  • Applying a paste of Haldi powder mixed in hot water on the aching ribs gives relief or
  • Massaging the ribs with Haldi oil or
  • Massaging the ribs with a paste of Haldi powder in the milk of the Aak plant gives quick relief.

Jaundice & Liver problems:

  • Taking 4-5 gms. of Haldi powder mixed in a glass of whey twice a day activates the liver.


  • Taking 4-5 gms. ground Haldi with water or honey twice a day helps cure diabetes.


  • Taking Haldi powder with sugar twice a day for some time checks this.
  • Washing the private parts with Haldi water (10 gm. Haldi bolled in 100 gm. water) is also useful. Along with it taking one Batasha with 8-10 dross of milk of Banyan tree before sunrise for 7 days helps in early cure.

Debility in Males:

  • Taking about 7-8 gms. of raw ground Haldi and an equal amount of honey with goat’s milk (preferably) cures debility in males.

Dental Problems:

  • Rinsing the mouth with Haldi water (Boil 5 gms. Haldi powder, 2 cloves and 2 dried leaves of Guava in 200 gms. water) gives instant relief.
  • Applying and rubbing the teeth with a paste of Haldi powder, salt and mustard oil strengthens the gums.

Massaging the aching teeth with roasted ground Haldi eliminates pain and swelling.

  • Keeping a piece of roasted Haldi near the aching tooth and letting the saliva ooze out also helps.
  • Filling the cavity in teeth-with roasted ground Haldi powder gives relief from pain.
  • Applying the powder of burnt Haldi piece and Ajwain on teeth and cleaning them makes the gums and teeth strong.

Ear troubles:

  • Putting one or two drops of Haldi (by roasting 2 pieces of Haldi in mustard oil) in the ear, and cleaning it with an earbud cures ear problems.

Poison of Insect-bite:

  • Applying the mixture of Haldi powder and lime over the affected part nullifies the toxic effect.


  • Inhalations of fumes of burning Haldi passed into the nostrils to relieve coryza.

Cure Diseases HALDI

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