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  1. Heeng is known in different languages as:
  2. Sanskrit -Jatuka, Hingu, Ramatha, Sahasravedhi, Vahlika
  3. Hindi -Heeng
  4. Latin -Ferula foetida
  5. Bengali -Hing
  6. Marathi -Hing
  7. Telegu -Ingura
  8. Gujrati -Hing
  9. Sindhi -Hing
  10. English – Asafoetida

Cure Diseases HEENG


Heeng is one of the favorites and popular condiments used in preparing food, especially in Northern India. Because of its nutritive qualities and efficacies, medicinal value, and curative properties is a must in traditional houses in India.

Heeng is mainly of two different varieties based on the place of its origin (1) Chasha Vahlika-sown and produced in Balkh (ii) Ramatha-in Afghanistan or India.

Heng’s plant has a lot of leaves and comes to us after refinement. The cut is made in the plant just below the stem after scratching the root a little. This root is well-covered to protect the juice from outer dust. Juice coming out of the cut is gathered in vessels for 2 or 3 months. After that, when it is taken out-it appears like gum in the final shape. This processed juice is ‘Heeng’, which is available in the market in two forms (1) golden brown round and flat pieces (i) big pieces. Heera Heeng is supposed to be of the best quality.

Heeng is an expectorant, carminative, stimulant, and powerful antispasmodic, antiseptic, germicidal, diuretic, laxative, anti-phlegmatic, anti-flatulent, stimulator of secretion and excretion, blood-purifier, pain-killer, and tonic.

Curative Properties of Heeng:

Indigestion and stomach problems

  • Taking 2 gms of Hingasthak Churna (Grind Ajwain, black- pepper, Sendha Namak, Peepal, Kala Jeera, dry ginger and Heenga roasted in ghee and a little edible soda) after meals with lukewarm water cures all digestive problems
  • 1 tsp. of Hingashthak Churna with 1 tsp. of ground aniseed with water-cures if taken uneasiness due to flatulence.
  • Taking lemon juice, ginger juice with a little roasted Heeng powder, and sendha namak in cold water gives quick relief to flatulence.
  • Giving hot Heeng water (Heeng bolled in 250 gm. water till it is reduced to half) releases wind and gives relief to pain.
  • Applying a solution of Heeng in hot water near the navel region or taking roasted ground Heeng with any eatable activates appetite and eliminates digestive problems.
  • Taking one teaspoon of powder (made from grinding roasted Heeng. choti harar, sendha namak, Ajwain in equal quantity) 2 times a day cures indigestion.
  • Taking little Heeng mixed in water eliminates stomach uneasiness and wind.

Bite of Poisonous Insects:

  • Applying a paste of ground Heeng with water eliminates poison. Applying a little Heeng mixed with Ghee on the snake-bitten part after pressing the poisoned blood to ooze out is an antidote of poison.
  • Heeng boiled in the Coconut milk (extracted from grated fresh coconut) on the scorpion-bitten part and keeping it wet for a few minutes will give relief.

Stomach ache in children:

  • Applying a paste of roasted Heeng in the ghee-cures taut stomach of the child.
  • Slightly rubbing Heeng dissolved in water on the upper stomach cures stomachache of the children.


  • Taking Hingasthak Churn, Harar with sweet soda activates the movement of bowel.


  • Taking a pinch of Heeng with banana or Gur cures hiccoughs.


  • Applying the solution of Heeng in water on the head relieves pain.

Pain in Ribs:

  • Applying a solution of Heeng (in water) to the ribs eliminates pain.


  • Keeping a pinch of Heeng on the tooth which is paining relieves pain and also destroys tooth worms.

Foul breath:

  • Taking Hingasthak Churna with food or with warm water cures all digestive problems and then clears the foul smell of breath.

Cold and Cough:

  • Smelling the solution of little Heeng with water eliminates the deposited phlegm.
  • Taking Heeng roasted in ghee forces down the trapped phlegm which gets cleared by the bowel movement.

Hoarse Throat:

  • Gargling with hot water with little Heeng dissolved in it- restores normal voice
  • Sucking a small piece of fresh ginger with Heeng powder sprinkled on it-releases all trapped phlegm, and makes the voice normal.


  • Taking water-with Munakka and little Heeng boiled in it- eliminates trouble caused by irritation of bronchial chords.


  • Taking little Heeng dissolved in water gives quick relief to congestion.
  • Massaging the chest with oil (made by roasting ground Heeng and 4-5 cloves of garlic in oil) and covering it with some cloth-eliminates congestion


  • Massaging the affected part with oil (Boil Heeng, garlic, and Sendha namak in equal proportion-in mustard oil. Strain it) and covering it with some cloth eliminates stiffness and pain.
  • Take 1 cup of hot milk in which half a spoonful of this oil added-before sleep-is also very helpful.


  • Smelling Heeng cures Hysteria.


  • Applying Heeng solution to the wound-eliminates pain and cures the wound easily.
  • Regular intake of Asafoetida Mother Tincture (Homeopathic medicine) cures all types of wounds.

Cure Diseases HEENG


  • Applying a little Heeng fried in ghee on the affected part helps in curing it.

Low Blood Pressure:

  • Taking roasted ground Heeng with water boosts up blood pressure.

Weak Heart  

  • Taking roasted Heeng with water gives energy to the heart, and purifies blood.
  • Taking little Churna (Grind finely 5 gms. of Heera Heeng, 12 munnakkas without seeds, 12 dried dates without stones, Dalchini and small cardamom-10 gms. each mixed with little sendha namak, strain and store it) taken 3-4 times a day strengthens the heart.



  • Taking low-calorie food with Heeng powder sprinkled on it- dissolves excess fat in the body.


  • Taking 1 tsp. Churna (Roast mango seed and take out its soft part and Roast Heeng also. Grind both with a little Sendha namak) stops loose motions.


  • Roast aniseed and Heeng separately in ghee and grind, Taking this powder with water-cures mucous and blood coming in the stool.


  • Giving a pinch of Heeng to children is preventive against worms and helps in throwing out the dead worms if any.
  • Applying Heeng solution in water with cotton wool on the rectum destroys worms (as sometimes they seen coming from the rectum.)
  • Giving enema to Heeng is very useful in throwing out worms.

Urinary problems:

  • Taking little roasted Heeng dissolved in water cures the burning sensation in urine.

Menstrual Disorders:

  • Taking Heeng during menses cures menstrual disorders, increases menstrual flow, and relieves excessive pain during periods.

Anus-Itching in children:

  • Make the child drink solution of water with little Heeng-2 times day-gives relief in itching.
  • Pouring Heeng water with cotton wool externally also gives immediate relief.

Delivery pains:

  • Swallowing little Heeng (size of Bajra) kept in a piece of Gur with one or two sips of water-helps in quick delivery.

Cure Diseases HEENG

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