A temple by the name of Mansa Devi Temple, Uttarakhand is situated on the top of Shivalik mountain in Haridwar. It is not counted in Shaktipeeths, but at present, its recognition is increasing a lot. Travelers going to Haridwar must see it and for the fulfillment of their wishes, they tie Mauli on a nearby tree. This temple is built on the ascent about one km. . You can also go to the temple by sitting in a trolley. This is a very ancient Mahabharata period temple. It was renovated 40 years ago by Shantanand ji.

The Temple:

30 feet long and 30 feet wide square hall  built on the Shivalik mountain. The temple of Mata has been constructed with large marble stones. In the sanctum sanctorum, there is a beautiful silver pavilion, in which the idol of the mother with three heads and five arms is seated on a silver throne.

The divine form of the mother is secondary and gentle. In the left part, there is a temple of Hawankund and Shri Sheetla Mata and in the southern part, there is a temple of Chamunda Devi and Shri Lakshmi Narayan ji. In front the temple of Lord Shankar. To the west the ancient head of Shiva. There is a temple. In the parikrama of the temple, beautiful idols of various deities have been made on the walls and the temple has been painted with modern colors. Most of the parts of the temple decorated with stones.


Mansa Devi Temple Uttarakhand


Jaratkaru, the wife of Rishi Jaratkaru, later known as ‘Mansa Devi’. According to the history of the story, sage Jaratkaru vowed that if I can get a girl named after me and that too like alms. If the burden of maintenance is not on me, then I will accept her as my wife. Only then will I marry, otherwise not. Then the name of Vasuki Nag’s sister Jaratkaru became more famous because of fulfilling the wishes of the ancestors and the wishes of the gods and fulfilling the promise of the sage himself.

According to the beliefs, Manasa Devi worshiped as the Manas daughter of Lord Shiva. Maa Manasa also worshiped as the sister of Nagraj Vasuki. One of the most famous Shaktipeeth of Maa Mansa is located in Haridwar. According to the priest when Mahishasura created terror on the earth, the gods upset. At that time Mother Manasa fulfilled the wishes of the gods and killed Mahishasura. After killing Maa Mansa rested in Haridwar and since then there is a famous temple of Mata here. At that time Maa Mansa used to fulfill the wishes of the gods and in Kaliyuga, Maa Manasa fulfills the wishes of all the people who come to her court.

Festivals and Pujas:

Maa Mansa Devi has special significance in Navratri. Whoever ties a thread to a tree here with a sincere heart and asks for a wish, his wish definitely fulfilled. Special preparations  made in the temple for Navratri. Temples decorated with lights on the eve of Navratri. Along with this, there will be a special recitation of Maa Mansa in the temple for nine days which will last from morning till evening. Mansa Devi Trust President Ravindra Puri said that special care  taken for the cleanliness of the temple during Navratri. All pandits and staff will be present in the temple in the dress code. Some employees  put on separate duties so that there remains no problem for the devotees.


The organization  run by the trust of the temple. Satsang Hall, Yatri Niwas, Pathshala, Canteen Library, etc.  constructed by the temple committee. The progressive development of this temple is happening.

The temple opens at 4.30 am after Mangal Aarti and is open throughout the day. The temple  closed after the Nauvedya Aarti at 11 pm.

Mansa Devi Temple Uttarakhand

Pujaris and Devotees:

The area of ​​the temple is 1.5 acres, in which 17 priests and 10 employees employed. There are 40 flower prasad shops from bottom to top. Every day 10-15 thousand, 5-6 lakhs on festivals, 9 lakhs per day on 9 days of Chaitra Navratri, 7 lakhs during 9 days of Ashwin Navratri, and 60-65 lakhs devotees visit throughout the year.

Must do: Ganga bath at Hari ki Pauri (2 crore devotees take bath every year.)


Specific Information;

  • Mother has three heads and five arms in this temple. It is not like this in any other temple.
  • Everyone’s wishes fulfilled in this temple it is the belief of the devotees.
  • Haridwar is one of the 7 Mokshadayini Puris.

Mansa Devi Temple Uttarakhand Timings:

The temple is open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. on a standard day, except for lunch closures from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.


How To Reach Mansa Devi Temple Uttarakhand:

Lucknow 493, Rishikesh 25, Bareilly 258, Moradabad 219, Devprayag 100, Srinagar 130. Rudraprayag 170, Guptkashi 205, Kedarnath 250, Narendra Nagar 40, Chamba 90, Tehri 110, Yamunotri 250. Gangotri 275, Uttar Kashi 175 km. is far. The nearest railway station is Haridwar and the airport is Jollygrant.

Mansa Devi Temple reached in two ways: on foot or by cable car. Walking requires a one-and-a-half-kilometer hike uphill. The track sealed but the exertion can be draining during the hot months. Hence, many people prefer to take the cable car (also referred to as a ropeway) up and walk down. The first cable car starts running at 7 a.m. from April to October, and at 8 a.m. the rest of the year. Tickets cost 48 rupees per person, return. The departure point is centrally located in town.



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