It is situated in the grove of Mahabali Forest on the banks of the Imphal River. A beautiful idol of Lord Hanuman in human form is installed in the Mahabali temple.

Mahabali Temple

The Temple

The idol is carved on a large slab of stone. The deity is depicted in full human form in a dancing pose in the style of a Hindu priest dressed in a dhoti. A tangle of hair on the head and a garland of three rudrakshas around the neck. There is a Gada (mace) in the right hand and a distinct tilak on the forehead. The image has a long tail and the color combination and design make the idol attractive.



The holy temple stands as a great monument of Hinduism known as Ramanandi in the state of Manipur. It said that this temple is the only place of worship that built during the reign of Raja Garib Niwaj. During religious festivals, devotees from across the state gather here to seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman.


History and Architects of Mahabali Temple


This holy Hindu shrine built by Raja Garib Niwaj of Manipur in 1725 AD. It designed like a hut in the state architecture of Bengal. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple situated in front of a temple complex that displays the main structure of the temple. It covered by a hemispherical dome structure and the sanctum raised like a rectangular building structure on the roof.

Besides, a double lotus structure has been placed on the roof. The crown also has a beautiful Kalash carved on it. Also, there is an important vase on top of the Kalash which has a wonderful peak with the sacred Nilachakra. Hanuman Jayanti, a festival dedicated to Lord Hanuman celebrated profusely in the region. During the festival, devotees from neighboring regions of the state gather here for Hanuman’s darshan and blessings.

Mahabali Temple



Hanuman Jayanti celebrated in the temple with much pomp and respect. Devotees from all over the state come to worship and participate in the celebrations.


Mahabali Temple Timings


5:00 AM – 11:45 AM and 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

How to reach Mahabali Temple


The nearest airport is located in the city of Imphal.


Juribam railway station is the nearest railway station that connects the city with other important cities or towns in the state. Hence, visitors or pilgrims from the railway station can hire taxis, buses, and cabs to reach Sri Hanuman Thakur Temple, which  just 54 km from the railway station.


Imphal city connected to all other parts of the state by well-developed roads. Hence, visitors or devotees can easily get road transport like buses, cars, and taxis to reach Mahabali Temple.

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