Hi All! Welcome to My Blog. Once I was a chain smoker
Now a non-smoker. Yes, non-smoker. But how? Know it. Here is my story.

I am now 67. I worked in a cigarette manufacturing company for more than 40 years. The very first day I entered the company I became a smoker. I didn’t smoke before that. I was then about 23 years.
I was a factory employee, which enabled me to smoke for free with no restriction. My presence near-source pushed me to become a chain smoker very soon. Many of my colleagues were also had the same experience. I used to smoke 40/45 cigarettes per day. The relationships between me and cigarette became undetachable.
Being a Bengali, I grew up in an environment where our screen heroes, intellectual heroes, and celebrities were almost all smokers. Legendary Film Director Writer Satyajit Ray created a very popular detective character in his adventure series for the young generation named ‘Feluda’, who was a smoker. Feluda used to lit a cigarette of a particular brand every time he had to solve any mystery. Provocation for young Bengalis was immense. ‘Feluda is intelligent, he smokes, I am intelligent, so I smoke’. I smoked for almost 25 years continuously, then one day I realized that time has come to quit smoking.

I saw people around me were getting sick from chain-smoking and doctors were advising them to give up the smoking habit. For me, the realization was the key and not the family pressure or anything else. Some advised me to give up smoking gradually by reducing numbers per day and not suddenly, I tried. But that did not work for me. Every seventh day, I found myself in the same position from where I started. Easy availability, surrounded by many smoker colleagues prevented me from achieving my goal.
Finally, I determined to quit in one go. I did it one morning without any announcement, quietly. It took one or two days for my colleagues to understand that I was leaving the smokers club. They came to know two days after but were sure I could not make it a success. It gave me extra determination to prove them wrong.

I kept myself very busy and chew candies for a few days. Then after a month, I stopped doing anything special to give a feeling for a moment that I have achieved it. Though I knew very well that I was far from the goal. I negotiated the cravings and avoid smoking making small targets like up to one month first, then one more month and thus one day reached one year, then two years. Now I was sure I have achieved it. I have now been praised by my colleagues and friends and of course my family.

But after two and half years of my non-smoker status, I again started smoking and very soon reached my previous level of 40/45 cigarettes per day limit. Sudden huge tension in the family was the reason. Except for my family members, nobody advised me to stop again. So, friends never expect your relatives and friends will help you to come out of this trap if he or she is a smoker. Only core family members who are dependent on you, financially or emotionally will have a genuine concern for your health. Also, professionals like doctors will give the right advice in a situation of emergency.
After two years, I again quit smoking all of a sudden, and this time I could do it more easily taking confidence from my previous experience. By now I knew I can do it. This spell is continuing till to date, crossed 10 years mark. No tension was able to supersede my determination this time. Now I can confidently say I am a non-smoker. I am sure I shall never go back to my previous status.

So friends, if you want to Relationships That We Care To Make Cut Tobacco-Tobacco & Moisturequit smoking then never give up trying even if you fail in your first or even second attempt. Be courageous, try again. You will see second or third attempt will be much easier for you to quit cigarettes. Just learn to shield external pressure and discouragement from the people around you, handle it quietly without going into any debate. Believe in yourself, anybody can do it. You will feel uneasy from the smell of cigarette smoke after one year of quitting cigarettes. You will hate cigarettes now.

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