Introduction to long hair

Although long hair is no longer a style around the world, long hair is still considered a part of beauty among Indian women. We can safely say that even in this age of change, waist-length dresses make women look much more beautiful. Many experts believe that the reason a woman allows her hair to grow as she pleases is that it is a symbol of her beauty and sex appeal.

Different methods of long hair care:

In the case of long hair, special care is needed. If we don’t take proper care of lengthy hair, it will show dandruff and soon it will be completely lost. In this case, it should be properly cleaned. Now there are shampoos specially formulated for lengthy hair on the market. After shampooing, make sure that the hair is not wet because many harmful things can come into the wet.

Care Need

Do not comb the hair immediately after washing it. Wipe off the hair with a soft towel and only after it is completely dry you will use the comb. Using comb in a wet hair can split the hair roots and weaken the hair unnecessarily. When your hair is somewhat dry, detangle it with a fine-toothed comb. Remember that you comb from the very beginning of the head, that is from where the hair grows, holding it at the top of the hair root and combing in the opposite direction. But do this in such a way that there is not too much pressure on the hair.

One of the problems that many people talk about in this regard is excessive oiliness in the hair, the hair becoming dry for no reason, or the tip of the hair breaking. In this case, you can mix some vinegar with the shampoo. Before this, mix one tablespoon full of vinegar in one mug of water and mix. This will increase your hair volume. Another good way to do this is to use a cream conditioner. If the hair is too oily, it will not become hard if it is combed regularly.

The best way to care for long hair is to comb the hair regularly with the right comb. In this case, use a long hair brush or comb that has a normal height or you can use a comb with a round face. Make sure that your hair does not get too much pressure. Carefully move the comb slowly so that it does not come off.

Care Need

The scalp should be massaged occasionally. Massaging your hair can keep your hair healthy. You can also massage the hair with the tip of your finger if you wish.

The main reason for long hair tip breaking is a lack of proper care for hair.

Combing too quickly and carelessly can break the tip. Never tie the hair tightly with a rubber band. No band should be used here. Even if you use a metal disc at the base of the hair, it will put unnecessary pressure on the hair.

Special care should be taken to care for hair that has already split the tip. In this case, you examine the hair very slowly with the help of a comb.

Small hair is unnecessarily tied with tight ropes and heads partially become bald. That is why it should be remembered that the hair should never be tied with an elastic band or any other adornment for a long time. Try to keep it in its normal behavior as much as possible.

Another thing to remember is that those of you who use electric rollers, curling machines, and blow dryers should apply them after shampooing and hot oil treatments to prevent frizz.

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