30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases: (Carrot) In this series of posts, certain foods’ health and medicinal benefits will be discussed. 30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases: (Carrot) series will be published .


Cure Diseases Carrot

Carrot is known in different languages as :

  1. Hindi -Gajar
  2. Latin -Docks Carota
  3. Gujrati -Gajar
  4. Sindhi -Gajar
  5. English -Carrot



Carrot is grown all over India and is available in large quantities between October to March. It is of varied colours- black, pinkish red, and yellow. Carrot because of its great nutritive value is used as fruit and vegetable. It is within the reach of rich and poor alike and is rightly called “Apple of the poor”. Its root is the main edible part. It is taken raw as salad juice, and cooked as vegetable, jam, Murabba, Kheer, Raita, Sharbat and many other varieties.

Carrots maintain acidic and alkaline proportion in the system. It is an invigorating and energy giving tonic for eyes, skin, bones, heart and muscles of the body. It is blood-purifier, diuretic, carminative, digestive, antiflatulent, antipyreutic and vermifuge. (Note: Persons suffering from dysentery or wounds in the intestines should not eat ‘raw’ carrots.)


Curative Properties of Carrot:

General Tonic:

  • Eating raw Carrot or taking its juice is a very good tonic for eyes, skin, physical and mental development.
  • Giving 2-3 tsp. Carrot juice to weak children makes them physically strong.

Weak Memory:

  • Taking Carrot juice with 2 cups of milk (preferably cow’s milk) after eating 5-6 almonds early in the morning-sharpens memory.

Anaemia :

  • Eating slices of raw carrots and beetroot (Chukander) with lemon juice sprinkled on it-cures anaemia.
  • Taking 250 gms. juice of carrots with spinach juice-increases red-blood corpuscles.

Bleeding :

  • Intake of carrots stops bleeding.

Nose bleeding :

  • Applying paste of ground fresh carrot on forehead arid above the nostrils-stops bleeding from nose. Drinking carrot juice is also advisable.


  • Taking juice of Carrot, beetroot and cucumber eliminates headache.


  • Pouring a few drops of ghee-juice of soft leaves of carrot (Heat soft carrot leaves with ghee applied on it on fire and then extract the juice) in the ears and nostrils twice a day-induces sneezing and cures the disease.

Indigestion and stomach problems:

  • Drinking juice of carrot and spinach after meals cures constipation and helps in easy bowel-movement.
  • Taking fresh carrots or its juice regularly cures indigestion, chronic diarrhoea, acidity and other stomach disorders. (iii) Taking 200 gms. carrot juice mixed with 200 gms. curd (preferably made from goat’s milk) in the morning-eliminates bleeding and cures amoebisis.


  • Eating Halwa of grated red carrots (fried on fire with little ghee or butter and mixed with little jaggery) twice a day eliminates cramps and imparts strength.


  • Taking carrot juice regularly cures rheumatism.
  • Or carrot juice mixed with beetroot in equal quantity gives instant relief.


  • Taking 5 gms. carrot juice with 2½ of juice of Kanphool (Dandelion) regularly-makes the joint supple.


  • Taking carrot juice with parsley juice twice a day regularly reduces inflammation of the joints.


  • Drinking carrot and spinach juice in equal proportion-improves eye-sight.
  • Taking fresh carrots or its juice daily is very good for eyes and cures even night-blindness.
  • Washing eyes with water in which carrots have been boiled-gives relief in case of eye-strain.


  • Taking 1 cup of carrot juice mixed with cup of spinach juice regularly thrice a day gives reliet in Asthma. Obesity: Taking carrot juice mixed with lettuce juice-regularly eliminates extra fat.


  • Taking raw carrots or its juice regularly eliminates aches, dryness of the skin, cures itching, removes blood-impurities and imparts natural glow.
  • Tying heated poultice of carrots on boils etc. cures them.


  • Taking carrot juice 3 times a day cures this, and
  • Also applying the pulp of carrots on the affected part eliminates the spots left by the disease.


  • Tying a hot poultice of grated carrot with sendha Namak sprinkled on the affected part cures the disease.


  • Applying the crushed pulp of carrot on the affected part and taking its Juice eliminates the burning sensation and cures it.


  • Taking carrot juice cures tonsilitis.

Tooth Problems:

  • Eating fresh carrots/1 cup carrot juice daily strengthens the gums and eliminates all dental problems.

Foul smell in mouth:

  • Taking juice of carrots, spinach and cucumber in equal proportion eliminates foul smell in mouth.


  • Drinking carrot juice with spinach juice in 3:1 proportion regulates blood pressure.

Urinary problems:

  • Taking carrot juice regularly twice a day-keeps the urinary track clean and unobstructed.
  • Drinking carrot juice and spinach juice (2: 1 proportion) eliminates stranguary.
  • Taking 2 tsp. ground seeds of carrot boiled in 1 glass of water eliminates stranguary and cures other kidney problems.


  • Drinking 1 glass of juice of carrot, beetroot, cucumber (in equal proportion) helps in breaking stones and throwing them out
  • Taking carrot juice 3 or 4 times a day is also useful.
  • Swallowing ground seeds of carrots with water also helps in this
  • Taking glass juice of carrot and lettuce (in equal quantity) eliminates stones from Gall Bladder.

Weak Heart:

  • Taking carrot juice twice a day strengthens the heart.


  • Drinking 1 cup fresh carrot juice with cup spinach juice everyday-cures liver problems. (Notes:- Gram flour is advised for the patients)

Cure Diseases Carrot


  • Taking fresh carrot juice or soup or hot decoction of carrots twice a day gives relief in jaundice.


  • Tying the pulp of boiled carrots on the wound heals the wounds. Carrot juice should also be taken.

Intestinal disorders:

  • Drinking juice of carrots, cabbage and tomatoes (in equal proportion) daily-cures all problems connected with intestines.


  • Taking fresh carrot or any preparation of carrot regularly is helpful in expelling worms.
  • Drinking 1 cup of carrot juice empty stomach regularly for 10-15 days helps in killing worms and extracting them out of the system.
  • Taking 1 glass Kanji of carrots regularly for 3-4 weeeks- expels the dead worms.

Pain in chest:

  • Drinking juice of boiled carrots with honey eliminates pain.

Spleen trouble:

  • Taking pickle of carrots (soak pieces of carrots in water having powder of mustard seeds and little salt-for 2 to 3 days) with meals helps in curing spleen trouble.


  • Drinking carrot juice or carrot juice mixed with Karela juice daily in the morning helps in secretion of insulin in the body.
  • Drinking carrot juice with spinach juice (2:1 proportion) daily also is helpful.

Sexual weakness:

  • Taking carrot jam with milk 2 times a day eliminates weakness.
  • Taking carrot Kheer 2 times a day is also useful.

Lack of milk in breast:

  • Eating black carrots with milk (preferably right from cow’s udder) brings enough milk for the child.
  • Taking juice of fresh carrots is also advisable.

Cure Diseases Carrot

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