Loss of Hair problem

Loss of Hair problem is a serious problem in the life of any person. As a result, the darkness of despair descends on the minds of many young people. We will discuss in this chapter how to get rid of this hair fall. One thing to remember is that hair, especially human hair has a specific life cycle. One who is born once has to leave one day or another according to nature. But, in its place, new newcomers come and fill the place.

When there is no balance between growing and falling, the scalp becomes thin and baldness occurs. There are many reasons behind this. The biggest reason is psychological stress.

With the progress of the present era, the problem of reading is getting bigger. There are many reasons behind this. Its main causes are psychological and physical degradation. In addition, if skul infestation occurs, many of them may fall out at the same time. A side effect of the medication can also lead to withdrawal symptoms. Apart from this, hormonal effects are also largely responsible for this. In addition, during pregnancy, women may lose their hair.

Another problem to avoid is the excess of hair in the whole body.

Causes of Loss of Hair

Over the years, experts around the world have been busy researching the causes of the exodus. With the help of all the statistics they have come up with, some interesting facts have come to our attention.

One thing to remember is that there is a direct connection between hair loss and hair growth. Apart from this, the length and age of the hair and also the color of the hair.

If around 50 to 80 hair falls in a day then we can call it normal formation. Because a new hair is growing in place of each of these hairs.  This phenomenon can continue for about 1000 days i.e. for about three years. But every day 10 percent of scalp cells are falling. And this matter remains for 100 days. So, we can say that there is no reason to worry if something comes up while scratching throughout the day. Another very interesting fact discovered is that most hair falls in the morning. However, no scientific basis for this has yet been discovered.


About 87 inches fall there every day. Again, there is a great relationship between the hair’s length and hair loss.  4-inch-long hair loss per day around 87 number and 12-inch-long hair

loss per day 26 in number. 20 inch and above per day loss 16 in number. From this figure, we can conclude that the longer the length of hair, the lower the rate of falls.

Generally, hair grows 6 inches throughout the year. Now we can say that if the hair growth occurs as a cumulative phenomenon, then the reason for its departure can be determined.

There can be six stages when hair loss is bigger in our lives. These states are three years old, ten years old, twenty-two years old, twenty-six years old, thirty-six years old, and lastly fifty-four years old. At this age or at this time, the hormonal changes that occur in our body affect large hair fall.

Girls’ head growth is maximum between 15 and 20 years. Cosmetologists and dermatologists around the world are still researching the causes of hair loss and its treatment.

Causes of excessive hair loss

In scientific terms, excessive hair loss is called alopecia. And we have already told the reasons behind it, now we are going to discuss those reasons one by one.

1. Hereditary causes:

Our hair are thick, thin, shiny, and thick. It has a genetic link between the body, whether shortened or straight.  Even the extra chin of the hair is associated with genetics. If our parents are afflicted with this disease then we will definitely be affected by this misfortune. If diabetes and thyroid disorders occur then hair damage is obvious.

  1. Trauma (Trauma):

If there is excessive pressure on the hair, science has named it alopecia. The reasons behind this have been discovered. So, if we keep it ponytailed or ‘fistel’ too tightly, then the root of the hair becomes wider than its normal state. In this way, the hair should never be tied tightly to the rubber band. Small patches of baldness can occur on the scalp. Another cause of baldness is physical trauma. If it hits the head hard, it can lead to partial baldness.

  1. Diseases of the skull:

Skulls can be infected by many different types of bacteria. Virus infection or fungal infection. We can use medicated lotions to combat this.

  1. Chronic diseases:

If there is an unknown disease in our body and we are suffering from high fever like flu, pneumonia, and typhoid, then the direct effect of it is hair loss.

  1. Chemicals and Medicines

Taking excessive amounts of antibiotics and taking cortisone drugs can make our skin lose its natural glow. Chemical therapy for incurable diseases like cancer may also affect us.

  1. Psychological or environmental attacks:

People who cannot adapt to the ups and downs of human life, who overthink any problem. And the psychological problems are not resolved and the hair on his head is thinning in many cases.

If you have any tension in your mind, in that case, the functioning of the nervous system or circulatory system in the head is greatly reduced. As a result, the scalp hair cannot flow properly and as a result, hair root follicles get blocked.

In this case, with the help of massage, we will be able to get rid of such diseases.

  1. Hormonal Imbalance:

Hormonal imbalances are often the cause. Such hormonal changes can be seen with the overuse of birth control pills during pregnancy and menopause.

  1. Pregnancy conditions:

Generally, the luster of hair increases a lot during pregnancy. Because at this time, the secretion of the body’s collagen glands is the most. And the growth of hair is closely related to the hormone called en dozen. But after the birth of the newborn baby, the condition becomes worse than before. Not every mother has the time to take care of her body to take care of the new baby too much. As a result, the hair starts to fall.

The hair that normally falls during pregnancy continues to fall from 4 months after birth to about 2 months.

  1. Use of contraceptive pills

If a woman is in good health and her weight is normal, and if she is mentally and physically active enough during menstruation, then if she is taking birth control pills regularly, then her hair problem will appear. Because excessive consumption of contraceptive pills disrupts the hormonal balance

On the other hand, if a woman suffering from hormonal disorders takes birth control pills, she will regain the lost luster of hair.

  1. Menstruation

The main causes of amenorrhea are the decrease in the secretion of estrogen, one of the hormones in the body of women, since the luster of the hair depends on it, so in its absence, the hair becomes increasingly weak and dry. One out of two women develop thinning of the scalp leading to premature baldness.

Loss of Hair


Ways to prevent hair fall

Generally, bright healthy hair can never fall excessively. When the condition of the hair is very bad, due to any reason, the hair is dry and damaged, then the fall of the hair becomes excessive.

If you want to get rid of dandruff, you need to use conditioners and other Ayurvedic products regularly. Dry hair will be oily and wear away much of its lost charm. In this case, you can try using moisturizer. A homemade mixture can be used for regular hair care. Regular massage plays an important role in the care of the part from which the hair originates.

Regular massage strengthens the hair roots. The intake of food particles and oxygen reaches the roots of the hair as always. Not only that but also the massage helps regain those hair roots or follicles that are dry due to long days of non-use an important contribution.

Homemade Cosmetics:

You can try this cosmetic that you have been using for a long time.


The ways to increase the health of hair

For this, you have to take 10 grams of bone dust and make a paste with plain water and if possible, dip it in substance in onion juice. Apply this paste to your hair well and keep it for some time. Leave it like this for a few hours and then remove it. Now you rub this thick paste well on those places for five minutes and gently massage it with the tips of your fingers.

A recipe that works against partial baldness

Mix a few pieces of Multani soil in milk and make a paste. “This time mix saccharin and apply it all over the head where the condition is bald. Get up in the morning and wash your head in clean water. If it is possible to wash it, then mix it with the seeds of thirteen fruits, as a result, the strength of this mixture will increase a lot.

In this case, you have to massage the bald part slowly for five minutes.

An Amazing Oil Massage:

There is no answer to castor oil to improve the quality of hair. If you can mix food iodine with castor oil to make a mixture, you will definitely get the results you want. You can buy white iodine from any chemist shop.

Massage with coconut oil using your fingers in different parts. Now rub the coconut oil well on the roots of the hair with the tips of the fingers. If you can make a white iodine mixture. Apply this mixture to your hair every other day.

Make some coconut milk. With this, make a mixture with the lemon juice as needed and keep applying it to the scalp slowly. Now leave it in this condition for four to six hours. Then wash your head with a mild shampoo.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  1. If there is any physical illness behind your hair loss, then you should definitely turn to dermatologists.
  2. Use a flexible brush with the bristles spaced out.
  3. Of course, once a week you should brush or comb, etc. equipment to disinfect it. Drink a glass of carrot juice every day.
  4. If you become anemic, you must take iron tablets.
  5. You must increase the amount of protein in your daily diet.
  6. If you are using birth control pills, be sure to consult your local doctor.

Correct diagnosis is the real work behind any treatment. If we do not understand the general characteristics of the patient and know everything about the cause of hair loss, then any treatment will not give the desired results.

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