Naimisharanya Lalita Devi Mandir is at a distance of 35 KM from the Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh. At a distance from the world-famous Chakratirtha Naimisaaranya Tirtha, there is a temple of Mother Lalita Devi Goddess.


According to scholars, a long time ago in Satya Yuga, Sati, wife of Lord Shiva, daughter of Daksha, immolated herself in protest of her husband Shiva’s insult to her father. Lord Shiva shocked by the incident and in anger, he kept the dead body of Sati on his shoulder and started the dance of destruction, and started moving towards the East.


Watching his devastating attitude Bramha and the other Gods became worried. They worried that the universe may be destroyed. They knew that the body of Sati on the shoulder of Lord Shiva would not decompose so long it remained in touch with Shiva’s body. But it was important to detach the body of Sati from that of Siva to bring Lord Siva out of such a great shock and could be avoided the catastrophe of the universe.  They knew what to do but were not sure how to do it.

They then approached Lord Bishnu. After a long discussion, they decided that Lords Bramha, Bishnu, and Shani would utilize their power of Yoga to chop the body of Sati into pieces and throw those parts of the body into the universe to establish Shaktipeeths. They executed the plan. The destruction of the universe was averted.

Naimisharanya Lalita Devi Mandir

Body parts of Sati fell in fifty-one places in India and fifty-one sacred Shaktipeeths emerged. When Lord Shiva passed through the Aranya region of Naimissaranya carrying the dead body of Mother Sati, the place of the mother’s heart fell there and there the Lingadharini Maa Lalita Devi Shaktipeeth emerged.

In the  Naimisharanya Lalita Devi Mandiri, the Shivling is sitting on the right side with the mother. Ancient temple of Goddess Lalita Devi on ​​the north side of the courtyard of the temple, in which both Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati seated in the same idol in the form of Mother Shivshakti.

In the past, 88 thousand sages went to the four-faced Brahma, the creator, to know the holy land for penance. He prayed and said ‘O Father! Tell us some holy land on which we can all do penance’. Hearing such a prayer, Brahma ji created a wheel from his mind and said, ‘The wheel created by me will tell the land. The place where it will fall will be the center of penance and the place will be known as Naimisharanya’.

The water tank

Once the deity sage Narad ji got the task of choosing the most sacred 3 places of the three worlds. In this work, Narad Muni first reached Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva located on the Himalayas. After this, he reached Kshir Sagar, the abode of Lord Vishnu located in the sea for the second place and when it came to choosing the third place, he reached near the water source located in the forests of Naimisharanya and described it as the third holy place. Therefore, on the basis of the above stories and facts, we come to know very well about the importance of Naimisharanya Dham.

The Naimisharanya Lalita Devi Mandir:

Scholars say that this temple built by King Vikramaditya, in this temple, it clearly visible that Mother Parvati seated on the left side of Shiva. Mother ji always  seated in the same temple.

There used to be a fair-like atmosphere every day for a kilometer around the temple. Every day thousands of devotees take a bath in the holy Chakratirtha and worship Maa Lalit Devi. On Amavasya of every month, many lakhs of devotees, and on Somvati Amavasya the bottomless confluence of devotees present here and offer prayers. There are 150 shops of worship materials around the temple.

Naimisharanya Lalita Devi Mandir

The Naimisharanya Lalita Devi Mandir thronged by devotees throughout the year. A large number of priests, sadhus, saints, and devotees recite Durga Saptashati relentlessly throughout the Navratri at this temple. Devotees come here before starting new work. Apart from this, people also come here to perform rituals like Mundan, Annaprasan, etc. People of different religions also reach the darshan of the mother. In the sanctum sanctorum, the idol of the mother installed in the east direction. The darshan of the mother is going to give the desired results.


Rituals related to Naimisharanya Lalita Devi Mandir:

Whenever you come to Nimsar, first of all, after taking a bath in Chakratirth, you come to the Mother Lalita Devi temple, and see the holy form of the mother, as soon as you come towards the temple, you will find many prasad shops on the way, you can take off your slippers and shoes. Take prasad and offer prasad to mother.

Note that here you need to be a little smart because here there is a little loot and if possible, then the pundits here should be less in the circle of people.

Deity Ma Lalitadevi


There a lake named Panchprayag in the neighborhood of Naimisharanya Lalita Devi Mandir, it said that it is very holy, so you can wash your hands and feet here too.

Here the mother also known as Tripura Sundari.

You can tie a thread to fulfill your wish in this holy temple and when your wish fulfilled, then you will have to come back here and untie the thread.


This place second among 108 divine power places mentioned in Devi Bhagavat and Matsya Purana. About 30-40 lakh devotees visit every year.

How to reach Naimisharanya Lalita Devi Mandir:

Distance from Naimish to Lucknow 85km, Sitapur 35km, Shahjahanpur 123km, Bareilly 200km, Delhi 450km, Kolkata 1,180 km. Nearest Railway. The station is Sitapur and the airport is Lucknow.

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