Bhimakali Temple is located in Sarahan, Himachal Pradesh. Sarahan can be considered the oldest place in Himachal Pradesh. It is not only the greenery, mountains, and snow that make this place beautiful, the ancient temples here make this place even more special.

Bhimakali Temple

The Temple

One of these is the Bhimkali Temple, whose structure is similar to that of a monastery. This temple with Hindu and Buddhist architecture is about 2,000 years old. This temple made of stones and wood is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths. Seeing its texture, you will be pleased with your body and mind. This temple is so beautiful from the inside that you will not be able to sit in one place. You will want to take a good look at the neatness of this temple by walking. The architecture of this temple will awaken the curiosity inside everyone.

The Bhimkali Temple complex beautifully furnished. You will also like the silver carvings on the doors of the temple. The faith of the local people in this temple is infinite. The local people consider the goddess of this temple to be the protector of the area. This temple acquired by the then Himachal Pradesh government in 1984. The princely state of Sarahan said to have been the capital of Bushehr. If you roam around here, you will love seeing the mountain lifestyle. As the day progresses, everyone starts gathering in the temple to worship. If you come to Sarahan you must see the evening puja.

Significance of Bhimakali Temple

Goddess Sati’s left ear fell at this place; hence this place called Shaktipeeth. It believed that this temple was built about 800 years ago. According to legend, Goddess Bhimakali first appeared in the wooden staff of the great Hindu sage Brahmagiri. A new temple was constructed in the middle of the Bhimakali temple complex in 1943.

There are two forms of Goddess Bhimakali in the temple a virgin and a woman. Apart from this, there are two other temples dedicated to Raghunath and Narasimha Teerth of Bhairon. The palaces of the royal family are situated near the temple. The doors of this Bhimakali temple are open for darshan only in the morning and evening.

Bhimakali Temple

Built in the Tibetan style, this temple influenced by Buddhism and Hinduism. The temple has a slate roof, a golden tower, pagodas, and a carved silver door. The animal sacrifice festival celebrated on a large scale here in Dussehra. People come from far and wide to see it.

Mythological Story of Bhimakali Temple

With its unusual architecture and wealth of wood carvings, the Shri Bhima Kali Temple at Sarahan, a major monument that has not been replicated anywhere else in the erstwhile hill states. Dedicated to Bhimakali Devi, the goddess of the rulers of the former Bushahr state, this magnificent temple situated at 2150 m Mean Sea Level is about 180 km. from Shimla.

This former princely state with its capital at Shonitpur extended to the entire region of Kinnaur where Lord Shiva sometimes disguised himself as Kirat. Today it known as Sonitpur Sarahan. Banasura, an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, the eldest of a hundred sons of the great obedient demon king Bali and great-grandson of Vishnu’s Mata Prahlad, was the ruler of this princely state during the Puranic era.

Lord Krishna fought with them here because of Usha-Aniruddha affairs and in this war, Lord Shiva stood against the East. Legend has it that the head of the defeated king Banasur buried in front of the entrance, which is now marked by a raised platform for the first courtyard.

After reaching this paved courtyard a few steps up from the road, the pilgrims enter a different world. After Banasura, Pradyumna, an incarnation of Kamadeva and the son of Lord Krishna, became the ruler of this kingdom. From then onwards the kingdom ruled uninterrupted by the descendants of this dynasty till the end of the princely states in independent India. In the state capital, this ruling family built a grand temple palace complex and recognized Goddess Bhimakali as the presiding deity of the ruling house.

Bhimakali Temple

According to another legend the goddess first revered in the wooden stick of Rishi Bhimagiri. Another rumor about the appearance of the goddess told about the incident of Daksha-yajna when Sati’s ear fell at this place and became a place of worship in the form of Peeth-sthan. Presently the icon of this eternal goddess in the form of a virgin enshrined on the top floor of the new building.

Under that floor, the goddess as Parvati, the daughter of the Himalayas, seated as the divine consort of Lord Shiva. The other three temples in this complex dedicated to Lord Raghunathji, Narasimhaji, and Patal Bhairavji – the patron deity.

Other Temple

An important deity often has another deity as its wazir and the wazir resides in a small shrine adjacent to the main shrine or his image is placed near the door. Thus, Maheshwar of Shingra is the wazir of the temple of Bhima Kali in Sarahan (Gazette 1910).

According to a report, on the way to the main entrance of this temple, there is an irregular stone on the roof of a house that tells the story of a royal traitor of ‘Thoru’ village. Now the Bhimakali Temple trust is functioning effectively and efficiently. Twelve ancient temples included under the aegis of this trust.

How To Reach Bhimakali Temple

Air – If you are thinking of reaching this temple via airplane, then let us tell you that the nearest airport from here located at a distance of 23 km from Simla. This airport known as Jubbarhatti airport.

Train – It is quite easy to reach this temple by train. A small railway station is located in Shimla, just 1 kilometer away from this city. From here the temple is easily accessible.

Road – You have to climb up about 17 KM from Shimla to Jeori on National Highway No. 22 (NH 22) to reach Sarahan.

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