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CHANA (Gram)

Chana is known in different languages as:

  1. Sanskrit – Chanaka, Harimanthaka, Sakal-priya, Yechana
  2. Hindi -Chana, Boota
  3. Latin – Cicer Arietinum
  4. Bengali – Chola
  5. Marathi – Chande
  6. Kannada – Kadale
  7. Gujrati – Chana
  8. Sindhi – Chana
  9. English – Gram


Curative Properties of Chana:

General Tonic:

  • Sprouted Chanas (Soak chana for 1 day in summers & 2 days in winters. Hang them for 2 days in a wet cloth and they are sprouted) with grated ginger, little sendha Namak, Black pepper, and lemon juice sprinkled on it is an ideal breakfast. This is very rich in Vitamin C and gives strength and energy to the entire body.


  • Taking 200 gms. milk (in which 20 gms. of chana or 40 gms. of chane ki dal had been soaked overnight) in the breakfast after chewing finely the soaked chana or chane ki dai-gives lot of stamina.


  • Taking Chutney of green gram-strengthens bones and muscles of the body.


  • Taking chana regularly makes the man’s muscles very strong and free from problems like early ejaculation or lack of sexual power.


  • Taking sprouted chana in breakfast cures anemia.


  • Taking boiled grams with honey in the morning makes the joints supple. Heart trouble: Taking roasted Chana or soaked black Chana is very useful for heart patients.

Indigestion and stomach problem:

  • Taking sprouted Chana in the morning stimulates appetite.
  • Taking Raita of Bundi (made from ground gram) with little roasted Jeerapowder, and dry Pudina powder with food eliminates all digestive problems.
  • Taking 10-15 gms, juice of soft fresh leaves of Chana plant eliminates gases.


  • Eating Chana (soaked overnight) in the morning with ground Jeera and Sonth sprinkled on it and also drinking the water (in which Chana was soaked) eliminates constipation.


  • Taking milk after eating roasted chana before going to bed eliminates the phlegm. and clears the windpipe.
  • Smelling the roasted hot chana (tied in a potli) stops running nose.
  • Eating roasted chana helps in releasing trapped phlegm.
  • Eating thick chapati of chana choker flour with little Ajwain, Heeng. black-pepper powder cooked on slow fire with thin dal helps in curing a chronic cold.


  • Taking Chana ki Dal Soaked overnight with honey helps in breaking the stones in the bladder, kidney and throwing them out.
  • Drinking water of Black Chana and wheat (which have been soaked overnight and boiled in the morning) also very useful.
  • Eating chapatis made of ground chana and wheat regularly is useful in dissolving and throwing out of stones.


  • Taking 40-50 gms. of roasted chana in the evening-followed by hot milk-clears the phlegm. in the bronchial chords.
  • Eating whole gram Parantha or Rotis with pieces of onion stuffed in it followed by hot milk eliminates excessive phlegm. in the respiratory system.

Hoarse Voice:

Eating crushed black chana (soaked overnight) boiled in 250 gms. milk with 2 tsp. of honey slowly helps in de-straining the vocal cords and cures hoarse voice.



  • Washing the face with ground chana (Besan)-removes spots and freckles.
  • Applying the paste of Besan with mustard oil on the affected part softly and gradually rubbing it off the skin after 30-40 minutes-clears the skin, improves the complexion, and removes the white patches (especially if they are due to dryness in the winter season).
  • Applying a paste of Besan with milk or curd on the face for half a 43hour-improves the complexion and imparts a glow.


Applying a solution of Besan with water on the hair for 10-15 minutes and then washing with lukewarm water eliminates dryness of the hair, makes them soft and lustrous, and checks dandruff.

Itching skin ailments:

  • Eating ground chana roti without salt, with or without ghee regularly for 2 months eliminates blood impurities, and itching and cures all skin problems.


  • Taking sprouted Gram early in the morning and also the water in which they were soaked eliminates all blood impurities.
  • Applying a smooth paste of Gram plant mixed with mustard oil on the body half an hour before bath-eliminates itching sensation of the body
  • Taking chutney made of Gramplant purifies the skin and gives energy.

Leucoderma :

  • Eating ground chana chapati is very useful.
  • Sprouted chana (Soak 20 gm. chana with 10 gm. of Triphala Hara Bahar, Amla-in 125 gm. water and then keep it for 24 hours for sprouting) regularly helps in curing leucoderma.


  • Eating Besan Laddus with black pepper sprinkled on it-cures urticaria.
  • Taking Besan Bundi Raita with black pepper and sugar-cures urticaria.


  • Massaging the affected part of the body with Besan eliminates pain


  • Taking water only in which chana has been soaked, helps in curing vomiting.
  • Taking Sattu of chana with water and sugar (Sattu by grinding roasted gram and barley) controls vomiting during pregnancy.


  • Taking the water of chana husk (Soaked for half an hour. keep it on cloth and have the oozed out water) frequently stops loose motions.

Leucorrhoea :

  • 2 Eating ground roasted chana with jaggery followed by drinking milk with pure ghee helps in curing leucorrhoea.


  • Eating slightly hot roasted chana helps in curing piles.


  • Taking chana ki dal soaked overnight with Gur in equal quantity for 3-4 days and also drinking the same water (in which Dal soaked) when thirsty helps in eliminating jaundice.

Cure Diseases CHANA


  • Taking little Gur after eating 10 gm. roasted chana-regularly checks the tendency of frequent urinating.
  • Roasted chana took without water also checks polyuria.

Abortion,-Delivery, etc. :

  • Taking decoction of Black Chana (by boiling 200 gms. chana in 400 gms. water till the water reduced to half) regularly after conception is preventive against abortion.
  • Taking 10 gms. barley gram ground powder with little ground Black Til and Sugar followed by a glass of hot milk after the conception regularly-is also very useful to prevent abortion.
  • Chapatis made of ground whole gram and moth (a variety of pulses) with lunch and dinner-cleans the insides of the ovaries after delivery or abortion.


Increase in mother’s milk:

  • Taking the boiled milk (in which Kabuli Chana  soaked overnight) after chewing the chana regularly helps the mother to have adequate milk in the breasts.
  • Chana (with husk) with honey or sugar also is useful.


  • Taking Black Chana (soaked in milk overnight) eliminates sugar. Chapatis of ground Gram mixed with ground barley of only Besan in lunch and dinner cures diabetes.


  • Taking Chana soaked overnight in vinegar in breakfast with little salt and onion pieces throws the worms out. (Caution-any amount of water can be taken but nothing solid in breakfast and lunch).


  • Taking roasted chana or soaked chana with almonds (in the same proportion) followed by drinking milk, thickens the semen.
  • Soaked chana ki dal in the morning and at night with or without sugar candy strengthens and enhances sexual potency.


  • Eating freshly roasted chana or soaked chana gives relief to tired and swollen eyes.
  • Taking fresh leaves of the Chana plant is good for enhancing eye-sight.
  • Chane-ka-Saag with butter is also good for the eyes.
  • Binding the freshly roasted chana in a potli-to foment the eyes and putting a drop of rose water reduces redness, pain, and burning sensation in the eyes.

Diseases CHANA

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