Kiradu Temple is a historical and mysterious temple in Rajasthan. The desert land of Rajasthan is world famous for its historical palaces, monuments, temples, and heritage.


India is a mysterious country. As there are rough seas here, there are extreme circles. In one place, when the snow falls in the cold, people shiver the cold, in another place, at the same time, they become restless in the unbearable heat. On one side, when there is a cry for water, on the other side, the hatred of people is seen in the flood of water.

Here people get full freedom to worship or worship their respective gods in places of worship like temples, mosques, churches, etc. As a result, those temples or prayer houses are crowded in the morning and evening, as well as there are places of worship where people do not go after evening.

Kiradu Temple comes on the list of the historical places of Rajasthan. This place is famous for its mysterious history and its craft beauty. A large number of devotees used to gather in these temples. But due to a curse, Kiradu has become deserted today.

Kiradu Temple Rajasthan


The location is in Rajasthan, India. Marurajya is in the Barmar district about 520 km from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. It takes about nine to ten hours to reach Burma from Jaipur via Jodhpur in the west. There is a station called Barmal. Kiradu is about 7 km from the railway station. And 3 km away from the government bus stand. But it takes not an hour from Jaipur by train. The Railway Department informed that the Runicha Express from Jaipur leaves at 12:30 PM and reaches Barmal at 9:00 AM the next day.


The temple of Kiradu is known as the best fort of Marwar in Rajasthan. Today this fort is counted as the mysterious fort. Kiradu was the best art fort to date. But for aging, today all the craftwork of this temple has almost turned into ruins.

Our Rajasthan is such a state which has the most forts and monuments. Most of the tourists from India come to the land of Rajasthan. The reason for this is the proud history of Rajasthan and the famous tourist places here.

Kiradu Temple is built near the Barmer district of Rajasthan. The temple of Kiradu is located in the Kirad village of Barmer. Which is 40 km away from Barmer. This temple is the best and only mysterious temple of Barmer.

Kiradu Temple Rajasthan

The Temple

There were temples of many deities in Kiradu. Which has turned into ruins today. In total, today two temples can be visited, one is of Lord Shiva and the other is of Vishnu.

Kiradu temple became famous for its sculpture. Due to the beauty of this fort, the Mughals attacked it.

Kiradu Temple was built by the Paramara rulers in the 11th century. Due to its neglected maintenance, today it has taken the form of a ruin. Many handcrafted statues have been made in the construction of this fort. Which on seeing gives the impression of their real existence.

The centuries-old temple of Kiradu used to be a famous tourist destination. This place was always crowded. That is why this fort is called the Khajuraho of Rajasthan. Today it is not worthy of this fame.

Kiradu Temple Rajasthan

In the past, there used to be five temples in the Kiradu temple complex. But today only two temples are in perfect condition. Kiradu was called Hathma in ancient times. From the inscription, it is known that in 1161, this village was ruled by the Paramaras. At that time, this village was named Kirtkup and was to be the capital of the Paramaras.

Two temples of Lord Shiva and Vishnu can still be seen in the Kiradu Temple, Rajasthan. This temple is very famous for its architecture and painting. There is no concrete evidence of who got these temples built and when.

The largest temple of Kiradu is Shiva. This temple is made up of carvings and statues of elephants, horses, and other animals. The artistry of this temple is so much better. Seeing it, it feels like it is.

Along with Shiva, there is also a temple of Vishnu in Kiradu. This temple is much smaller than the temple of Shiva. But there is no dearth of architecture and craftsmanship in this temple too. Many statues of this temple are made of handicrafts.

Kiradu Temple Rajasthan

Khajuraho of Rajasthan

The famous temple of Kiradu, known as the Khajuraho of Rajasthan, used to be Khajuraho at one time. Kiradu Temple was a famous fort for its art style and popularity. There was always a huge number of people here.

It was a major tourist destination in Rajasthan. Due to the curse of the sadhu, today the temple of Kiradu has become the only deserted and scary temple. Today the one who enters this temple in the nighttime does not come back. Many such incidents have happened.


Story of Kiradu Temple, Rajasthan


Kiradu Temple, Rajasthan was the most famous historical tourist destination in Rajasthan. This fort was built by the Parmar kings. Happiness knew no bounds in this village. Everyone was living a happy life. But due to a mistake, Kiradu remains deserted even today.

Kiradu temple was located in Hatma village. The ruler of this village was the Parmar rule. Who used to do his own thing. The people of this village were very cruel in nature. He meant his meaning. But the unity of all was the main feature of this village.

A monk entered this village, the monk liked the atmosphere of this village very much and he called his disciples to this place. The monk and his disciples were very knowledgeable. And used to help the people of the village in every trouble.

Once the monk planned to go to another village for a month and leave his disciples in the village, the monk went to the next village. The monk spent a lot of time in that village.

Marvelous sculptures in the pilers

Seeing the sadhu in another village, the king ordered everyone that no one would help these disciples of the guru. The hungry and thirsty disciples were losing their lives. And at the same time health was also deteriorating. Thus, the disciples had to bear many hardships.

In this village, except an old lady, no one even gave the disciples a drop of water. A potter woman became the only means of help to the disciples until the Guru returned. Because of this, the disciples were able to survive.

When the Guru came back after a month’s journey, he guessed after seeing the condition of his disciples. The disciples were suffering from hunger and thirst. Seeing the condition of his disciples, the sage became very angry and reached the king. But the king insulted him.

The sadhu could not bear the bad condition of his disciples and his humiliation and told his disciples that in a place where there is no compassion, so, we should not stay in this place.

The Guru told the king that where there is no compassion, benevolence, and no respect for the sadhus. Therefore, the village is only right to be destroyed. Those who do not understand the sense of compassion, do not know how to respect the sadhus, they have no right to live in this world.

Kiradu Temple Rajasthan

After saying this, the monk called the potter woman who had helped the disciples. Told potter that this village is going to be destroyed. Leave this village till the sun sets and don’t look back.

After asking the potter woman to leave the village, the monk curses all the people of this village. And the situation in which all the people were. He became a statue in the same position. She also became a victim of this curse because the potter also looked back.

Thus, in about the 12th century this whole village got cursed. And all the houses in this village were destroyed. This village was destroyed. And this village which was once a crowded area. Where today this place had become deserted.

But after a few years some people settled at this place, but whoever stayed in this village during the night would become a stone idol, thus many incidents happened. But no one had any break with it.

This deserted village was occupied by the Mughals in the 14th century. But they could not stay in this scary and mysterious place. and left this place. But many people and historians believe. That the reason for the desertion of this village was the Mughals. which is a runoff. This village became deserted in the 12th century. And the Mughals came here in the 14th century.

According to legend, a king named Someshwar of the Parma dynasty ruled here in the 12th century. It was during his period that the Turkish invasion of India took place. The Kiradu temple heavily damaged in this attack. King Somesvara was afraid of foreign invasion from then on. Then he took the shelter of a monk. The monk accompanied by one of his disciples. When the monk left Kiradu, he left his disciple Kiradu.

Gradually, the temples, damaged by the Turkish invasion, were restored by the efforts of that monk’s disciple and gradually became beautiful again. But the strange thing is that the people here forgot the disciple of the monk for whom the tradition of India was saved from destruction.



History of Kiradu Temple, Rajasthan

Kiradu Temple built in the 11th century by the Parmar rulers, this fort world famous for its painting and sculpture. This fort located in the fort of Dhore in Barmer.

At Kiradu, there many temples and houses. Where people living their life happily. This is the same fort. Because of its crowd, it called the Khajuraho of Rajasthan. But this area of ​​​​the crowd is deserted for the last 800 years.

Today the condition of this fort is very bad. Many voices can be heard from this fort even today. This fort is considered a scary fort. Entry is prohibited in this fort at night time.

Built-in the 11th-12th century, the temples here are so beautifully crafted that they resemble the Khajuraho temple, so many call it the ‘Khajuraho of Rajasthan’. The Kiradu Temple has located 35 km from the desert-fringed city of Barmer in Rajasthan. But as much as it is famous for its amazing architecture, it is more famous for something else. That’s why it’s better not to say famous. No one can even dream of spending the night in this temple of Solanki-style architecture.

Beautiful temple structure

A few years after the temples built, this village cursed by the sadhu. And all the people remained as stone idols. In this incident, thousands lost their lives due to this curse.

It considered that all the cursed souls are still located in that village. And it has been experienced many times. Today no one lives in that village. Because the one who goes to this village in the night time. He also becomes an idol.

Many efforts made to know the secret of this fort and village. But to date its secret is hidden. People do not step into this village because of fear. Sometimes during the daytime, some travelers come to this deserted place.

By developing this village which become a deserted place today, due to its arts, it can become the best tourist destination, only development required. With the development, Kiradu can emerge as a tourist destination.

Many rules made for the Kiradu temple. Which everyone follows. No person allowed to enter this village in the evening. And before nightfall made this village back deserted.


Mystery of Kiradu Temple, Rajasthan


Kiradu Temple is famous for its beauty and sculpture. In ancient times, there was a chain of five temples in the Kiradu temple. Which with time collapsed in the soil. And today there is only one temple of Lord Shiva and one temple of Lord Vishnu.

The construction of this temple done by the rulers of the Kirad dynasty. That is why this temple  named Kiradu’s temple. Ancient Gujarati art and architecture have in the construction of this fort.

Kiradu Temple, Rajasthan is a temple of mysteries. There are many amazing secrets here. Which is far away from our eyes and science. Many attempts made to decode these mysteries. But till now this mystery remains unsolved.

Sculpture at the temple

There used to be five but now only two temples exist. Kiradu is the most famous tourist destination in Barmer. It recognized that the voices of the people heard in this fort during the night.

It forbidden to go to the temple of Kiradu at night time. Many people go to this temple at night violating restrictions. But it said that whoever has been to this temple in the night, never came back and takes the form of an idol like the other idols of Kiradu.

It believed that the temple of Kiradu cursed by a sage. For the last several decades this fort is deserted. Entering this fort like feasting on death.

Whoever goes to the temple of Kiradu at night. becomes a stone idol. But how much truth is there in this? No one knows this. But according to the belief of the people, this is the truth.

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