In this post, Slokas From Gita (Nos.18-19)(Ch.2), the text of Bhagavat Gita narrated. Slokas From Gita (No.18-19)(Ch.2) consists of the 18th and 19th Slokas of CH.2. Observing the Army on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra from the Gita. 


Bhagavad Gita or Gitopanisad is one of the most important Upanishad. Bhagavad Gita is the philosophy of life narrated and explained by Lord Krsna to his devotee and friend Arjuna.

Gita (Nos.18-19)(Ch.2)


Gita (Nos.18-19)(Ch.2)

antavanta ime deha
nityasyoktah saririnah
anasino ‘prameyasya
tasmad yudhyasva bharata


Because the material body of an eternal living entity is destructible, O ancestor of Bharata therefore, fight.


The body is perishable. It may also perish immediately, or it can accomplish that after 100 years. There is no possibility of preserving it indefinitely. But the spirit soul is so minute that it can’t also be visible by an enemy, to mention nothing of being killed. As stated in the preceding verse, it’s so small that no person will have any idea how to measure its dimension.

Durydhona stripting Draupadi

So, from each viewpoint, there’s no reason for lamentation due to the fact the living entity can neither be killed as he’s nor can the material body, which can’t be saved for any period of time, be completely protected.


The minute particle of the entire spirit acquires this material body consistent with his work, and consequently observance of spiritual ideas ought to be utilized. In the Vedanta-sutras the living entity is qualified as mild because he is a part and parcel of the supreme light. As sunlight keeps the whole universe alight, so the light of the soul keeps this material body enlighten. As quickly as the spirit soul is out of this material body, the body starts to decompose; consequently, it is the spirit soul which keeps this body.

The body has got no importance. Arjuna recommended combat and sacrificing the material body for the purpose of religion.



Gita (Nos.18-19)(Ch.2)

ya enam vetti hantaram
yas cainam manyate hatam
ubhau tau na vijanito
nayam hanti na hanyate


One may think that of killing a living entity, he does not understand that one sucider cannot be killed.


When an embodied living entity is hurt through deadly weapons, it is to be acknowledged that the living entity in the body isn’t always killed. The spirit soul is so small that it is not possible to kill him through any material weapon, as is obvious from the preceding verses. Nor is the living entity killable due to his religious constitution. What is killed, or is meant to be killed, is the body only.

Krishna convincing Arjuna to fight

The Vedic order is, “mahimsyat sarva-bhutani” cannot commit violence to anyone. Nor does knowing that the living entity isn’t always killed inspire animal slaughter. Killing the body of all of us without authority is abominable and is punishable by the law of the country in addition to – the law of the Lord. Arjuna, however, is being engaged in killing for the principle of religion and is now no longer whimsically.

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