Sri Sri Karunamoyee Kali Mandir

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Sri Sri Karunamoyee Kali Mandir: 32, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Tollygunge, Kolkata-700082

Sabarna Roy Choudhury was a Zamindar of Bengal during the Mughal period. His family’s zamindari spread over a large area of Bengal. The East India Company later purchased the zamindari and established Calcutta, now Kolkata. One of the successors of that renowned Sabarna Roy Choudhury family, name Nandadulal Rowchowdhury in 1760, got a black stone under a banyan tree near Adi Ganga, following order in a dream by his deceased daughter. At that period, Adi Ganga was full of water and regularly had tides and ebbs. It was an important water transport route too. It was the old course of Ganga that has now shifted towards the west. Nandadulal crafted that stone into a beautiful sculpture of Ma Kali. He founded Ma Kali in a temple known as Sri Sri Karunamoyee Kali Mandir.


Nandadulal also built twelve temples of Lord Shiva within the mandir complex as could be seen in other Kali temples of Bengal.

Kali Mandir






Karunamoyee’ was the name of his beloved daughter who died at an early age. Karunamoyee Kali Mandir was built after her name. One can see that the shape of the face of the idol was like that of a loving mother, reflecting the shape of a little girl. But the temple, that was built in 1760, was destroyed because of aging within 140 years. A new temple was rebuilt in 1985 at Paschim Putiyari, Tollygunj, famous in the name of Sri Sri Karunamoyee Kali Mandir. Though the present mandir is new, the 250 years old idol is still there. The beautiful temple complex consists of twelve Shiva Mandir on both sides of the main temple, six on each side.


Kali Mandir
Karunamoyee Kali Mandir

Kalo (means black in Bengali), Kali, and Kolkata tied together in one string.
Temple Timings in Covid situation:
Morning:6.00 am to 12.00 pm
Evening:5.00 pm to 9.00 pm

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