100+ wonderful Slokas of Bhagavat Gita#1

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(In this post, 100+ wonderful Slokas of Bhagavat Gita#1, the text of Bhagavat Gita from its beginning is narrated. 100+ wonderful Slokas of Bhagavat Gita#1 consists of the 1st Sloka of Ch. 1 Observing the Army on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra from the Gita. Every day and shall publish one post which may contain one or more slokas, from Bhagavad Gita.)

 Bhagavad Gita or Gitopanisad is one of the most important Upanishad. Bhagavad Gita is the philosophy of life narrated and explained by Lord Krsna to his devotee and friend Arjuna.

Slokas of Gita#1


Slokas of Gita#1


 Dhritarashtra said: O Sanjay, after my sons and the sons of Pandu assembled in the place of pilgrimage at Kurukshetra, desiring to fight, what was their activity?

In Mahabharata, at some stage in Kurukshetra Battle, the subjects that had been mentioned among Dartrastra and Sanjay are what changed into written in Bhagavad Gita. Kurukshetra changed into a sacred location of pilgrimage in Vedic times. Kurukshetra Battlefield has become Dharmakhetra due to the presence of Lord Krishna on side of Arjuna.

The shameful act of Duryodhana -from Mahabharata

Dhritarashtra, the father of the Kurus, became exceedingly doubtful about the opportunity of his sons’ final victory. In his doubt, he inquired his secretary Sanjaya, about the happening in the battleground.  He was informed that all of his sons and all the sons of his younger brother Pandu had been assembled in Kurukshetra in a battle. Still, his inquiry is noteworthy.

He did now no longer want to compromise among cousins and brothers and he wanted to make sure of the destiny of his sons on the battlefield. Because the conflict was organized to be fought at Kurukshetra that’s mentioned elsewhere in the Vedas as a place of worship even for the denizens of heaven -Dhritarashtra has become very anxious about the impact of the holy location at the final results of the conflict. He knew well that this will affect Arjuna and the sons of Pandu favorably because they had been all virtuous by nature.

Krsna and Arjuna

Sanjay was a pupil of Vyasa and therefore, through the mercy of Vyasa, Sanjay was capable of envisioning the Battlefield of Kurukshetra even whilst he was in the room of Dhritarashtra. So, Dhritarashtra requested him about the scenario on the battlefield. Both the Pandavas and sons of Dhritarashtra belong to the identical own circle of relatives however Dhritarashtra’s thoughts are disclosed herewith. He intends only his sons as Kurus and he separated the sons of Pandu from the family heritage. One can accordingly recognize the particular role of Dhritarashtra in his relationship with his nephews, the sons of Pandu.

As in the paddy field, the needless vegetation is taken out, so it’s far predicted from the very start of this topic that the faith of Kuru in which the father of spirituality Sri Krishna was present. The undesirable plant-like Dhritarashtra sons Duryodhana and others could be wiped out and the very well spiritual persons, headed by Yudhisthira could be set up by the Lord. This is the importance of the phrase Dharmakhetra and Kurukshetra apart from their historic and Vedic importance.

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