How Can Hair Help You Look Attractive: Mind Your Hair Care

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Introduction (Mind Your Hair Care)

Indian women have been one of the attractions since ancient times. Ekaras hair decoration. We hear of many Keshwati daughters in our literature. A head of hair is still considered to be one of the attractions of physical beauty. Many of us know about the curly hair of a girl.

With the change of era, there may have been many changes in hair fashion and style. But in the changing situation, we can still call hair one of the keys to beauty. Today, the dense black hair shield may no longer be identified as one of the symbols of beauty. With the touch of the West, many changes have taken place in the structure and arrangement of hair.

Now someone is putting on a ponytail, someone is doing a hostel, or making their hair unique with the help of four steppings. In addition to this, the application of various chemicals is coming to the hair. Now the trend of coloring hair has appeared all over the country under the influence of celebrities. But we have to remember that we don’t use so many chemicals on our hair. It may temporarily maintain the shine or glossiness of the hair, but eventually, the hair becomes pale and gray. At this stage, we are going to discuss hair care and its various applications.

  • Hair Care:

Hair is one of the permanent parts of a woman’s body. This hair is also an indicator of his personality. This hair makes a woman charming, soft, and attractive. Therefore, there are many things to keep in mind when caring for nails. Mistakes are a wonderful way to express yourself, especially to a metropolitan woman.

Apart from this, yoga exercises or other exercises should also be kept in mind. As a result of regular exercise, there is a movement in the circulatory system of the body and the organs of different parts of the body grow properly. This exercise is one of the chapters of modern fairy tales. Peace of mind also helps in maintaining the beauty of a woman for a long time. In modern society, we are so worried every moment that we are always hit by the word ‘tension’. How can the mind be freed from ‘tension’ and reach a world of tranquility is one of the desirable things of the art experts of this era. However, it is not enough to make the body attractive. Along with that, the mind should be made cultured and liberal. Whenever we can make ourselves brighter by imposing personalities, the surrounding society will look at us with admiration. Then each outfit will be considered a metaphorical reflection of our personality.

Mind Your Hair Care

The role of hairstyle must be recognized by all women who want to make themselves more beautiful. Before taking care of hair, it is necessary to know some scientific theories about hair. In Asan, we will tell you about the amazing story of hair.

  • Hair structure and growth:

The elastic material in hair is a part of the protein. We can call it keratin. Chemically it includes oxygen, iron, nitrogen, hydrogen, sulfur, carbon, and phosphorus.

The location of these chemicals depends on the sex, age, texture, and color of the rice. The source of the rice is the very tiny cells in our skin. Which we can call follicle. These pores are spread over our scalp. But they are not equal everywhere. They stay in one place in groups of two or five.

Each follicle has its own lifeline. This results in about two inches of runoff each year. It can produce Chala for four years. Then it dies and a new follicle is born. This is how hair grows on our heads.

The part that comes to our eyes after the follicle is called the papilla. It is just an overgrowth of skin. It looks like a keyhole in a door. It lies just above the head of the follicle.

Blood circulates in it so that care is maintained throughout the rice. Rice is grown mainly from this part during rice growth. we get a clear picture of the structure of the hair.

Hair reaches its peak growth during adolescence. Hair growth slows down with age. The cells from which hair grows can no longer function as they used to. Apart from this, diseases, excessive drug intake, and pregnancy also reduce hair growth to a great extent. Although the hair is maintained on a single fiber, it has three different parts. For example – the cuticle, cortex, and medulla.

The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair that protects the inner cortex layer. This cuticle is made up of hollow, hard, sharp cells.

Hair loss can occur when this cuticle is broken. Improper hair care and the use of chemicals can damage the cuticle.

In the second layer, which we call the cortex, the strength, elasticity and richness, and richness of the hair depend largely on the position of this second layer. The fibers in the cortex are arranged in rope-like bundles.

Hair gets its own color through the cortex. Four types of pigments have been found in the cortex, namely black, brown, yellow, and red. Hair color is determined by the hollow areas within the cortex that allow air to circulate. Generally, the hair color of the women of the eastern countries is black and dark brown. The last part we can call Medala. It is the innermost part of the shell which is very soft and contains natural keratin substances. Many hairs, however, do not have this medal. It can be called an unnecessary part of the hair.

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