Kailasanatha Temple, Kanchipuram- A Pallava Dynasty Marvel

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Kailasanatha Temple, Kanchipuram is a Hindu temple located in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. This temple located in the west of the city is the oldest of Kanchipuram and one of the most magnificent temples in South India. This temple was built in the eighth century by King Rajasimha of the Pallava dynasty at the request of his wife. The façade of the temple was built by Mahendra Varman III, the son of the king. The temple depicts the dance competition between Goddess Parvati and Shiva.

Kailasanatha Temple Kanchipuram

History of Kailasanatha Temple , Kanchipuram

Many temples built by the ruler Narasimhavarman I, of which Tiru Parameswara Vinnagaram and Kanchi Kailasanathar Temple are the most attractive. These temples built between 685 AD and 705 AD. The construction of this temple started by the Pallava ruler Rajasimha and completed by his son Mahendra Varma Pallava.

This temple is one of the main tourist places in Tamil Nadu. A large number of devotees visit this temple throughout the year, but there is a huge increase in the number of devotees during Mahashivratri. The main attraction of the temple is the sixteen Shiva Lingams which made of black granite in the main temple. The Kailasanatha Temple, Kanchipuram adorned with beautiful paintings and splendid sculptures that attract one’s attention.

Kailasanatha Temple Kanchipuram

The architecture of Kailasanatha Temple, Kanchipuram

The temple complex made of sandstone and the beautiful carvings on it are an example of the superb craftsmanship of the time. The architecture of the temple is of Dravidian style which was quite common in the buildings and structures of that time. That’s why many semi-animal deities carved on the walls and pillars of the temple.


The temple with magnificent architecture known for its Vimana or Lat which is just above the unpainted small temple. There are also many such panels in the temple on which the idol of Lord Shiva been carved in the form of Nataraja. Shiva devotees visit this temple every year.


Interesting facts about Kailasanatha Temple, Kanchipuram

  • Kailasanathar means “Lord of the Cosmic Mountain” and a Buddhist shrine built in the tradition of smart worship of Shiva, Vishnu, Devi, Surya (Sun), Ganesha, and Kartikeya in Hinduism.
  • A secret tunnel in the temple built by the kings which used as a secret passage is present in the temple today.
  • The temple built under the influence and architecture of the styles developed by the Chola dynasty and the Vijayanagara emperors, which still seen in the temple today.
  • The temple built in contrast to the stone-built architecture but the stone-cut architecture  seen and the same architecture used in the temples of Mahabalipuram.

  • The tall gopuram located in the temple located on the left side from the main entrance of the temple and the foundation of the temple made of granite stone which can easily bear the weight of the temple.
  • A wonderful view of the carvings on the walls of the temple seen. Because all the creations of carving have been done with sandstone.
  • The inside of the temple consists of a sanctum sanctorum and an inner enclosure, which surrounded by a high wall on all sides and has only one main entrance gopuram to enter inside the temple.
  • The temple complex has a simple plan of structure including a tower in the center and the structure of the main temple sanctum is square. But the upper part of the sanctum has emerged in a pyramidal shape.
  • At the entrance to the temple, the gopuram walls stuccoed and the main entrance wall has eight small shrines and a gopura, precursors to the main gopura.
  • The sanctum sanctorum of the temple has 16 one-sided Shivling made of black granite stone and a very magnificently carved image of the deity with a Nandi bull at a distance to protect the deity.
  • The southern walls of the temple depict the lingam form of Lord Shiva and the Umamaheswara form of Parvati in the form of sculpture and the lower pillar depicts the images of Brahma and Vishnu and Amar Ujala in the form of sculpture.

  • Lord Shiva in his “Tripurantaka” form carved on the northern walls of the temple, in which three goddesses also displayed, they are Goddess Durga, Goddess Bhairavi, and Goddess Kaushiki.
  • Several images of the Lord displayed on the inner walls in the circumambulatory passage of the temple. including Kartikeya, Durga, Tripurantaka, Garudarudha-Vishnu, Asura Samhara (slayer of demons), Narasimha (an avatar of Vishnu), Trivikrama (another avatar of Vishnu), Shiva Tandava (Shiva in a dancing posture), Shiva the fifth head of Brahma Lord Brahma and his consort, Gangadhara, Urdhva Tandava, Bhudevi, Lingodbhava, Bhikshatana, Ravana and Ardhanarishvara sitting on a bull, etc. shown.
  • In front of the southern wall of the temple situated a very beautiful image of Shiva in peace and calm posture of Vimana which known as Dakshinamurti.
  • The temple complex consists of 58 small shrines near the compound wall around the main shrine and 8 shrines at the main entrance of the temple, depicting Shiva and his consort Parvati in various dance forms.

Festival of Kailasanatha Temple , Kanchipuram

The festival of Mahashivratri is celebrated with great pomp and devotion in the Kailashnath temple. Every year on this day thousands of devotees and tourists come to the temple to participate in this festival. On this day a grand puja is organized in the temple in the evening.

How To Reach Kailasanatha Temple, Kanchipuram

Kailasanatha Temple is located in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. Kanchipuram is well connected to all parts of the country. This temple is only 2.4 km from the bus station and 2.5 km from the railway station. The temple is just 2.4 km from the bus station and 2.5 km from the railway station.

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