How To Cure Skin Diseases Successfully by Herbal Treatment(Part-II)

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45,000 species of plants (species) have been discovered in India to date. Among them, only 4,000 species of plants have medicinal/herbal properties. Most of these plants are used in traditional Indian medicine such as Ayurveda, Unani (medicine), Siddha (South Indian medicine), Tantra medicine, naturopathy, and tribal medicine, totka medicine. The unwritten use of many trees and plants, vines and leaves, roots, and barks are scattered all over India and West Bengal. This post, How To Cure Skin Diseases Successfully by Herbal Treatment(Part-II) references a few herbs that are given in the treatment of diseases for the benefit of the readers. Hope, How To Cure Skin Diseases Successfully by Herbal Treatment(Part-II) will be handy for patients.


Skin Diseases


Allergic arthritis

(1) Dry neem leaf powder 1 part turmeric, powder 2 parts dry amlaki powder – 3 parts mixed together and taking 1 gram every morning on an empty stomach for a few days will get rid of allergic rheumatism forever.

Someone’s wound:

(1) If the powder of dried Pui Shak is burnt and mixed with coconut oil, the sore will dry up soon.


(1) Decoction of Nisinda leaves mixed with coconut oil cures dandruff. Even premature balding is alleviated.

(2) Mixing raw fenugreek leaves juice with coconut oil prevents dandruff.

(3) If mango Kushi and haritaki paste is applied on the head, it should be applied with milk. Dandruff is removed.


(1) In those cases where scabies occurs in winter, applying lemon juice, chalmugra oil in beeswax, and making an ointment will cure scabies.

(2) Applying teak seed oil also cures this skin disease.


(1) Applying Durba Bete on the body removes the scratch.

(2) Rubbing bay leaves on the skin before bathing also cures scabies.

(3) If there is a scratch on the body of the old frog, then the scratch is removed if the leaves of the crow are applied on the skin. Mixing a little raw turmeric powder works better.


(1) Nisinda leaves are boiled in sesame oil, cooled and applied to relieve itching.

(2) If one rubs the juice of the root on the skin, it cures ringworm, scabies and itching. The body should be washed after applying the paste.

(3) Applying chirta in mustard oil relieves itching within 2-3 days.

Skin color is different:

(1) Washing the area with a decoction of figs restores the former color of the skin. This work should be done regularly for at least 20-25 days.


(1) If the gourd  burnt and rubbed for a few days, the rash disappears.

(2) Rubbing fenugreek seeds and keeping them for 1-12 hours and then washing them off will cure dandruff.

(3) If applied 1 time a day by crushing the leaves of the plant, scabies will reduce within 4-5 days.

(4) When the skin becomes hard. If you burn coconut garland and put it in a stone bowl and press it with a tea plate, the sweat that accumulates on the plate, if you apply that sweat on the skin, the skin is better.

(5) Soaking chickpeas and applying it on the face reduces acne and pimples.

(6) If you rub the thorn of Shimul and mix it with milk and apply it on your face, the stain also disappears.

How Cure Skin


(1) If you apply a little bit of gourd to the affected area once a day, it will disappear within a few days.

(2) Applying fresh Arjun bark (bark) powder mixed with honey removes mecha spots.

(3) Mecheta eradicated if the pods of banyan (this happens before fruiting) and musuri dal coated together with beet.


(1) If the white spot has just caught, then it is better to rub it with a gourd flower.

(2) Khair wood powder, dry fig bark (bark), and Jainthi flower roots mixed with milk and applied twice a day to remove white spots.

(3) Older seeds give better results in white.


(1) If you make oil from the decoction and juice of gulanch and apply that oil, the skin will stop peeling.

Allopathic treatment:

It is better not to neglect the treatment of skin diseases. Treatment should be done as per the advice of an experienced doctor.

If not, Eskamel or Neomedrol lotion can be used. Tetracycline can be used if necessary. Steroidal drugs may be prescribed to girls and young men if other treatments fail. Calamine or Steroidal lotion is used to wash with potassium permanganate in eczema. Shampoo without soap, Steroid scalp preparation can be applied to the scalp. In pruritis (Potassium Permaganate (1 = 10,000), 3% Sodibicarb wash is good. Calamine and Steroid ointment can be applied. Calamine lotion is also good in Psoriasis. B-Tex, Whitefield Ointment from Dhol Company is used in ringworm. Ascobiol, Tetmosol in Scabies. It can be seen to put Antihistamine Adrenaline, steroids, Ephedrine are used in hives. Doctors say to use aladinine in Shweti.

Homeopathic Treatment:

Carbovage, belladonna, and pulsus are used in the first stage of acne, and Calibrum, Redibromidum, Arcarium Lacol, etc. in chronic cases.

In eczema Rasden, Alumina, Bavita, Croton, Antimcrod, Arsenic Markcor, Hepar sulph etc. Ars, Sepia, Sulfur, etc. in the scalp. Staphys, Natmur, etc. in lice, Arsenic, Radibrum, Thyroidin Athiopum, Antimonicus, Thuja etc. in psoriasis. Dade Bacillus, Sulfur Sepia, Calcarea Carb, Tellur etc. Epim, clarel, hydrate, antim crude, dalcumra, sulphur, arsenic, natromur, etc. in hives. Sulphur, Sorinum, etc. Rastox, Sepia, etc. are used in cow wounds.


Eating fiber-rich foods. Do not eat too much sugary food in the husky. It is better not to eat shrimp fish, beef, egg, eggplant, etc. It is better not to eat lemon in Shweti and It is better to apply morning sun every day.

How Cure Skin

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