How To Cure Cough Successfully by Herbal Treatment

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45,000 species of plants (species) have been discovered in India to date. Among them, only 4,000 species of plants have medicinal/herbal properties. Most of these plants are used in traditional Indian medicine such as Ayurveda, Unani (medicine), Siddha (South Indian medicine), Tantra medicine, naturopathy, and tribal medicine, totka medicine. The unwritten use of many trees and plants, vines and leaves, roots, and barks are scattered all over India and West Bengal. This post, How To Cure Cough Successfully by Herbal Treatment references a few herbs that are given in the treatment of diseases for the benefit of the readers. Hope, How To Cure Cough Successfully by Herbal Treatment will be handy for patients.


Cough is of 2 types – liquid and dry. Tonsils and whooping cough can cause vomiting. Measles, diphtheria, and laryngitis also cause cough. Cough is also caused by car smoke and dust. But it is better to determine the cause of the cough and treat it.

Symptoms of the disease:

Children can get colds during the change of seasons. A cold can cause a cough. Persistent cough, difficulty breathing, and vomiting may also occur. Causes of disease: The above-mentioned causes are the main causes of cough.

Herbal treatment:

(1) Basak leaf juice with honey cures cough.

(2) A cup of the juice of the leaves of the Shiuli flower is given to adults and a cup to children with a little salt in the morning on an empty stomach to reduce cough and expectoration.

(3) Chewing a little yam honey immediately relieves the cough quickly. If you don’t get jastimadhu, you can get the same result by chewing a bit of kucher (rati) root.

(4) Mixing honey with gulanch juice relieves cough.

(5) In old cough, mocha juice mixed with gum of shimul plant and mixed with 800 mg of water twice a day cures old cough. With Basak

(6) In old rheumatic cough (phlegm does not come up but cough continues), leaf juice can also be taken in the morning. After 4 pm, the problem is removed by heating a teaspoon of Punarnavar juice.

(7) Raw vendi is cut into pieces without seeds, dried and powdered, mixed with 5-7 grams of sugar juice, and made into pills (tablets) by sucking 1-2 tablets by sucking the throat.

(8) In case of any cough and at any age, 5-7 grams of mahua flowers mixed with 1 cup of water and taken 3-4 times a day will cure any cough within 2-3 days.

(9) For children and old people who cough and drink coffee, make a decoction of 10 grams of fresh field-papara, take that decoction 2 times a day in the morning and afternoon, and get good results.

(10) Betel leaf juice with honey works well in cough.

How Cure Cough

Allopathic treatment:

It is better to take treatment with the doctor’s advice. Cough syrups available in the market should be used after consulting a doctor. Because several cough syrups are banned by the World Health Organization. They are harmful to children’s health.

Homeopathic treatment:

Aconite in dry and difficult cough according to experienced doctors. Colds do not rise in dysphoria Epicac, Cancoria Carb. Violent cough unable to lie down at night, Sina, etc. act especially. Apart from that, sepia, belladonna, Bryonia, drosera etc. are seen to give. Food: It is better not to eat gourd, sour curd, or Pui Shak. Ice cream, not kulfi malai. Gargle with salt water.

How Cure Cough

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