50+ Common Diseases and Herbs for Cure (1)

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45,000 species of plants (species) have been discovered in India to date. Among them, only 4,000 species of plants have medicinal/herbal properties. Most of these plants are used in traditional Indian medicine such as Ayurveda, Unani (medicine), Siddha (South Indian medicine), Tantra medicine, naturopathy, and tribal medicine, totka medicine. The unwritten use of many trees and plants, vines and leaves, roots, and barks are scattered all over India and West Bengal. In this post, 50+ Common Diseases and Herbs for Cure (1) references of a few herbs are given in the treatment of diseases for the benefit of the readers. Herbs for Cure (1) can be handy for patients.


Disease: Indigestion

Indigestion is a well-known disease. In this disease, anemia occurs in the patient’s body and premature aging occurs. This disease needs to be cured as soon as possible.

  • Symptoms of the disease:

Abdominal gas pain, belching, acidity, headache, palpitations in the chest, rumbling in the stomach, excessive gas, watery mouth, etc.

Cause of disease: Eating heavy food with excess oil, ghee, and chilies. untimely eating food without chewing it well. Eating excessively. Anxiety etc is the main cause of this disease.

Herbs for Cure (1)

  • Herbal treatment:

Can cure eating papaya curry for a few days. This disease is cured. Because papaya contains digestive papin.

If discomfort occurs after eating spicy food, chewing a few (3-4) pepper and drinking a little warm water will remove the discomfort.

If indigestion regularly happens, then bread made of dry and powdered green banana mixing an equal amount of barley can be taken to cure completely.

Haritaki powder taken with jaggery is good for indigestion.

If there is a sour taste and if the stool is not clean enough, if there is occasional burning in the chest and throat, take 1-12 grams of ajawan, a little haritaki, and Amalaki (amla) powder with salt and drink water to get rid of indigestion.

Fennel 5 grams quantity, boiled in 2 cups of water to make a decoction, taking morning & evening is beneficial.

A decoction of Kalmegh leaves with a little bit of salt is taken 2 times a day to relieve indigestion.

500 mg of Ishwarmool powder with a little warm water for stomach pain. Consuming it for a few days cures this type of stomach ache.

Allopathic treatment usually uses digestive enzymes like – Pepsin, Monozyme, Diastase, etc. In

Homeopathic treatment: Nox, Puls, Bryonia, Lycopodium, Carbovage, etc. are given according to the cause and symptoms of the disease.

Food: Lemon, Papaya. Don’t eat junk food.

An anxious person should take some rest after eating.

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