30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases: (Tomato)

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30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases: (Tomato) In this series of posts, certain foods’ health and medicinal benefits will be discussed. 30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases: (Tomato) series will be published fortnightly.


TAMATAR (Tomato)

Tomato is known in different languages as: –

  • Hindi – Tamatar
  • Latin – Lyso-perscion Esculentum
  • Bengali – Tometo
  • Gujrati – Tamatar
  • Sindhi – Tamato
  • English – Tomato

Diseases: (Tomato)

Curative Property of Tomato: –


  • Taking one glass of Tomato juice with a little honey for breakfast, gives mental and physical strength and energy.
  • Tomato soup before meals increase appetite, eliminates weakness, and gives vigor and strength to the muscles.
  • Taking Tomatoes regularly strengthens the weak bones.
  • Consuming Tomato regularly with sendha namak or jaggery sprinkled on it eliminates iron deficiency during pregnancy.


  • Eating raw Tomatoes and sucking its juice (after removing the seeds) helps in the generation of blood and cures anemia.

Indigestion and Stomach ailments:

  • Eating raw tomatoes with kaala namak and ground pepper sprinkled on it cures indigestion and increases appetite.
  • Taking raw tomatoes or Tomato juice and lots of Spinach (Palak) eliminates constipation and makes the bowels move easily.

Blisters in the mouth:

  • Gargling with Tomato juice mixed with water cures blisters on lips, tongue, and mouth.
  • Taking Tomato juice regularly is advisable for a person who suffers from this occasionally.

Diseases: (Tomato)


  • Sucking juice from a Tomato with kaala namak, black pepper, and lime juice sprinkled on it controls a nauseating feeling.
  • Taking juice of Tomato and a few mints leaves with black pepper kaala namak and lime juice sprinkled in it relieves nausea.


  • Eating pieces of red ripe tomatoes with finely chopped ginger and sendha namak before meals is good for appendicitis.

Eye Trouble:

  • Taking raw ripe Tomatoes regularly improves eye-sight and eliminates eye troubles,
  • Taking tomatoes and curd combination as vegetable or syrup with meals is very helpful in improving eye-sight. (Tomato juice and curd in 2:1 proportion mixed with either sendha namak, black pepper, or jaggery).


  • 1 cup of juice of fresh tomatoes mixed with a little powder of the bark of Arjun tree if taken for 15-20 days eliminates the problem of palpitations of the heart.


  • Taking tomato juice regularly 2-3times a day purifies the blood and cures skin diseases.
  • Massaging the skin with tomato juice mixed with coconut oil is very effective in eliminating dryness of the skin and also cures itching.



  • Taking 5 gms. of tomato juice regularly 3 times a day strengthens the gums and stops bleeding.

Black-spot, Freckles on Face:

  • Applying the juice of tomato by cottonwool (soaked in Juice) on the black spots or freckles on the face and washing after some time clears the spots and makes the skin glow.


  • Taking raw sliced tomato with salt and pepper sprinkled on it reduces the sugar content in the blood.
  • Tomato salad, tomato vegetables, and tomato juice (like water) eliminate sugar content and cure diabetes.

cultivation of fruit

Infantile Scurvy:

  • Giving 20-25 gms juice of fresh ripe tomatoes thrice a day to children improve digestion and cures infantile scurvy.


  • Taking sliced red fresh tomatoes with sendha namak and black pepper sprinkled on it empty stomach destroys worms.


  • Eating fresh sliced tomatoes and radish with sonth, kaala namak, and roasted ground Jeera sprinkled on lit with meals for 2-3 week curs piles.


  • Taking fresh sliced tomatoes with onion, kaala namak, black pepper, and lemon juice sprinkled on it daily help in eliminating fat from the body.

Fever and Thirst:

  • 50 gms juice of tomatoes if taken 2-3 times quenches the thirst caused by fever.


  • Drinking 80-100 gms juice of tomatoes with 1 tsp cod-liver oil daily for 3 months gives strength and vigor and cures TB.

Night Blindness:

  • Eating tomatoes by cutting them with teeth regularly eliminate night blindness (which is caused by a lack of Vitamin A)


  • Taking Tomato and Bathua mixed juice 2 times a day eliminates and cures Gout.

Apart from these uses Tomatoes are useful as energy giving food item and can be eaten always with meals/breakfast etc.



Tomatoes are harmful to patients suffering from

  • Severe Cough
  • Stone problems in the stomach, and urinary bladder. Hence tomatoes should not be taken by them.
  • Too much intake of seeds in tomatoes may lead to stone formation and so should be taken care of.

Diseases: (Tomato)

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