30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases: (BAEL)

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30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases: (BAEL) In this series of posts, certain foods’ health and medicinal benefits will be discussed. 30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases: (BAEL) series will be published bi-weekly.



Bael is known in different languages as:

  1. Sanskrit – Bilva, Bel Belvriksha, Belphala
  2. Hindi – Shriphala, Bel, Shivphala,
  3. Latin – Aegle Marmelos
  4. Bengali – Bilva, Bel
  5. Marathi -Belvriksha, Belphala
  6. Kannada – Bellu
  7. Telegu – Matidi
  8. Gujrati – Beelee, Villovidhu
  9. Sindhi – Bel
  10. English – Bangal Kins




Bael tree is a very sacred tree. Its leaves and flowers are offered to Lord Siva by Hindus in temples. Its wood is considered very pure and is used for performing sacrifices.

Bael tree is a big tree-30 to 40 ft in height, with a thick trunk without any thorns. But its branches are thin, sharp, strong and thorny. The tree starts flowering in winter and gives ripe fruits in summer. The unripe fruit has a soft green covering with greenish yellow pulp in it, whereas the ripe fruit has a very hard yellow coloured outer covering with reddish yellow pulp in it The fruit varies from 100 gms to 2 kg. This tree is found everywhere. The ripe fruit is nutritious, delicious, aromatic and laxative and both ripe and un-ripe fruit are used for curing many ailments.

Curative properties of Bael:

  • Diarrhoea and dysentery:

Pulp of unripe Bael with Chacha (Whey) controls Diarrhoea.

Pulp of ripe Bael with water checks Diarrhoea.

Preparation made by boiling pulp of unripe or half-ripe Bael fruit acts as an anti-flatulent and controls acidity, Diarrhoea, and dysentery.

Murabba of bael also helps in controlling Diarrhoea. and dysentery.

Decoction of unripe Bael fruit baked for 6 hrs. with Mishri controls dysentery.

  • Dyspepsia:

Syrup of ripe fruit helps in dyspepsia.

  • Piles:

A pulp of Ripe fruit mixed with Mishri checks constipation and controls piles.

  • Vomiting:

Decoction of unripe Bael fruit controls vomiting.

Pulp of ripe fruit (20 gms) mixed with water of boiled rice and little mishri-controls vomiting during pregnancy.

  • Anaemia:

5 gms Powder of dried pulp mixed with milk & little sugar checks anaemia.

Powder of dried pulp with Chacha (whey) with little sugar eliminates blood impurities.

  • Leucorrhea:

Make powder of 10 gm pulp of Bael, mixed with 10 gm Nagkesar and 10 gr-Reasons.

5 gms of this mixture taken with Maand (boiled-rice water)-checks leucorrhoea.

  • Teething:

Boil 10 gms powdered dried pulp of Bael fruit in 150 gms, water till the quantity of water is 20 gms.

5 gms of this mixed with little honey administered thrice a day for 3 days helps in teething.

Diseases BAEL

Uses of Leaves of Bael:

  • Cholera:

50 Gms juice of leaves mixed with a little lemon juice and Desi Khand-taken daily-prevents Cholera.

  • Whooping Cough:

Roast the green leaves on slow fire till they become black Powder. Filter them through cloth, 1 or 2 gms of this powder taken with little honey 3 times a day checks whooping cough.

  • Kantha mala :

Make a paste of fresh leaves mixed with pure ghee. Apply the paste twice a day around the neck and cover with a cloth. It helps in eliminating Kanthamala.

  • Night blindness (Nyctalopia) :

Grind 10 gms of fresh leaves and 7 seeds of black pepper with little water and mix it with 25 gms of sugar in 100 gms water. Taking this twice a day helps in night-blindness.

Also, soak a few leaves in water overnight and wash the eyes with that in the morning.

  • Bronchitis:

Poultice prepared from the leaves is applied to the chest in acute bronchitis.

  • Asthma:

A decoction of leaves of Bael helps in asthma.


  • Diabetes:

Juice of Bael leaves with ground black pepper is useful in Diabetes.

Chewing 4-6 Bael-leaves daily controls sugar.

  • Urinary Irritation:

Juice of Bael leaves, ground Jeera and Mishri (all in equal quantity) taken with milk to stop urinary irritation.

  • Repellant of mosquitoes and insects:

Burning of the outer shell of the Bael repels all insects and mosquitos. Thus, the Bael tree is very significant. Apart from the ripe and unripe fruit pulp’s nutritional and medicinal value, the other parts of the tree-its bark, flowers, leaves, trunk, etc., have their special properties and use. Bael widely used as a medicine in households.

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