30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases: (Amla)P-I

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30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases: (Amla)P-I In this series of posts, certain foods’ health and medicinal benefits will be discussed. 30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases will be published fortnightly.


AMLA (Emblic Myrobalans)

  1. Amla is known in different languages as :


  • Sanskrit – Vayasya, Amalaki, Vrsya, Jatiphala-rasa, siva Dhatri-phala, Amrta, Amrtaphala
  • Hindi – Amla, Anvala,
  • Latin – Phyllanthus
  • Bengali – Amla, Amalaki
  • Marathi – Kamavattha
  • Gujarati – Amla
  • Tamil – Nellikai
  • Sindhi – Amla
  • English – Emblic Myrobalans


  1. Description: –

Amla tree is found in all parts of India. It is generally 20-30 ft high. Its bark is rough and brownish in colour. It has irregular branches, bluish-yellow flowers, and small leaves like that of tamarind. Its fruit is round and greenish yellow in colour with six segments with a hard seed inside. There are different varieties of this fruit of which Kalami, is the best for it has a lot of pulp, very small seed and is comparatively less sour and bitter in taste than others. Kalami Amla is generally used in making Murabba, Chyavanprasha etc.

Cure Diseases Amla

Hindus consider the Amla tree very sacred. It is believed that having food under the Amla tree on ‘Akshaya Navami’ in the month of Kartika leads to longevity. Amla is unique in this that-the fruit does not leave its chemical ingredients even when heated on fire. Every single part of the fruit-rind, pulp, seed etc. is used for medicinal purposes. Moreover, the Amla tree purifies the air and atmosphere.

Amla is sour and bitter in taste. It controls imbalances caused by Vat (wind), Pitta (Bile) and kaph (Phlegm.) and is very effective in controlling digestive problems. Amla strengthens cardiac muscles, invigorates physical and mental faculties, improves eyesight, and imparts natural glow and lustre to the body and hair. It is very useful in diarrhoea and is diuretic in nature. Its regular intake leads to healthy long life.

  1. Chemical Properties :

Amla is a rich source of “Vitamin C”, which is 4 times more than an orange or eight times more than a tomato. Intake of 1 oz. juice of Amla every day

fulfils the daily human requirement of Vitamin ‘C’ which is about 50 mg. Apart from this, it has Gallic Acid, Tannic Acid, Sugar, Albumen, Calcium, Proteins, Phosphorus, Carbo-hydrates, Iron etc.

  1. Curative Properties of Amla:

General Tonic :

Taking one raw Amla every day in the morning removes the general weakness of the different parts of the body.

Taking milk in the morning after licking one teaspoon of ground Amla

powder mixed with honey-imparts freshness & strength to the body.

Taking the pulp of fresh Amla or Amla juice with honey or ghee in the morning and evening sharpens the intellect and invigorates the body. (iv) Taking Amla and Black Til (in equal quantity) with honey or ghee cures mental and physical weakness.

Taking one piece of Amla murabba with a cup of plain milk (without-Sugar) regularly for a few days-cures general weakness and strengthens the weakened brain.

Cure Diseases Amla

Eye ailments :

Taking Amla daily in the morning or 1 tsp. Amla powder with water at night improves eye-sight.

Washing the eyes with Amla water (Soak Amla in water at night and rain it) in the morning-keeps eyes fresh, and sparkling and improves eyesight

Washing the eyes with ground Amla and Til powder water (Soak Amla and Til powder in water overnight and strain it) in the morning cures the burning sensation in the eyes.

Applying the pulp of Amla on the head and washing the hair after a massage helps in curing the burning sensation in the eyes and the heaviness of the head.

Taking Amla powder with milk cures ailments of the eyes-like sight loss or cataracts.

Washing the eyes with water having Triphala powder cures trachoma and other ailments of the eyes.

Eating 10 gms. of Triphala powder with 1 tsp. of honey every day-keeps eyes very healthy strong and sparkling.

Taking 1 tsp. Triphala Powder (Harar, Bahud and Amla) mixed with half a teaspoon of pure ghee every day in the morning improves eyesight and cures weakness of the eyes or darkness coming before the eyes.

Heart And Mental Weakness And Ailments :

Taking Amla Murabba every day in the morning cures physical and mental debility

Taking fresh juice of Amla mixed with water (in between- taking food) removes weakness of body, mind and heart.

Massaging the scalp with Amla oil before going to bed-removes mental weakness. (iv) Taking Amla powder with cow’s milk or Mishri (same quantity) with water gives relief to heart ailments.

Taking Amla Murabba every day strengthens mental faculties and sharpens memory.

Applying a paste made up of dried Amla powder with Kumkum, Neelkamal and Gulabjal cure headaches.

Applying a paste of the juice of 2 or 3 Amla or its pulp mixed with a little rose water and 3 or 4 pieces of Kesar in it-on affected part for 15-minutes relieves the pain of migraine.

Night-discharge :

Taking 10 gm. fresh Amla juice with 1 gm. powdered Haldi and honey morning and evening regularly cures night discharge

Taking Amla water (Soak dried Amla powder in 1:3 proportion in water for 12 hours, strain the water and mix 1 gm. Haldi powder) regularly helps in curing night discharge.

Urinary Problems:

Taking 1 gm. Amla powder, Kalajeera and 2 gm. ground mishri with cold water cure the habit of urinating in the bed at night.

Take milk after eating fresh Amla juice or dried Amla powder with Gur-cures strangury.

Applying a paste of Amla near the navel portion helps in curing urinary problems.

Boil 20 gm, the pulp of dried Amla in 160 gm. water till 40 gms. is left. Then mix 20 gm. Gur in it Drinking this helps in urinary problems.

Taking crushed Amla pulp (after straining it) mixed with mishri cures blood in the urine.

Taking 20 gm. fresh Amla juice with 10 gm. honey and water twice a day cures urinating problems.


Licking one teaspoon of dried Amla powder with honey or ghee after dinner checks acidity.


Taking 3 gm. powdered Amla with 6 gm. honey every day for one month cures this.

The powder of Amla seed with honey or mishri-regularly, if taken helps in curing it.

Taking 20 gm. fresh Amla juice mixed with honey regularly for a month checks leucorrhoea.


Taking fresh Amla juice or Amla powder in tablet form-checks impurities of blood.

Taking 5 gms. of powder (made from 20 gms. Triphala, 20 gms. black pepper, 10 gms. pure sulphur, 5 gms. of Neem leaves and Mehandi leaves-ground in fine powder form) with a glass of water twice a day-cures all impurities in the blood.

Continued in 30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases: (Amla)P-II

Cure Diseases Amla

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