30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases: (Amla)P-II

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30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases: (Amla) In this series of posts, certain foods’ health and medicinal benefits will be discussed. 30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases: (Amla)P-II is in continuation of 30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases: (Amla)P-I.


AMLA (Emblic Myrobalans)

Curative Properties of Amla: (contd.)


Taking fresh Amla juice with honey checks diabetes.


Soak 15 gms. Amla and 15 gm. Mehndi leaves in 400 gm. water overnight Strain it. Drinking this water checks piles. (ii) Taking 5 gm. of Triphala churna with a glass of whey helps in curing piles.

Take fresh Amla juice with tsp. ghee, 1 tsp. honey and 100 gm of milk-after lunch cure chronic piles.

Stone in Urinary Bladder:

Taking Amla powder with radish helps in checking the stone in the bladder breaking the stones and throwing it out with urine.

Diarrhoea :

Taking fresh Amla leaves with whey cures loose motions due to indigestion.

Taking juice of 5 fresh Amlas with glucose or grape juice checks diarrhoea in checking

Rubbing the juice of Amala on the gums of the child helps lose motion due to the teething problem.

Swallowing dried Amla powder and Kaala Namak (equal quantity) with water cures loose motions.


Taking 20 gms. of fresh Amla juice with 5 gms. honey and 100 gms. of milk-3 or 4 times a day helps in curing dysentery.


Taking 1 tsp. dried Amla powder with milk or water before sleep at night helps in discharging bowels easily.

Taking strained water of meshed fresh Amlas soaked overnight in lukewarm water, helps in evacuating the bowels.

Take 4 tsp. fresh Amla juice and 3 tsp. honey mixed in a glass of water-relieves constipation.


Taking about 20 gm. fresh Amla juice daily-kills worms.

Common Diseases Amla

Cough and Cold:

Taking two tsp. of fresh Amla juice with honey twice a day- helps in taking out the phlegm. and controls cold.

Taking milk in which a little Amla powder and ghee are boiled in the evening helps in dry cough.

Licking Amla powder with honey regularly twice or thrice a day-cures chronic dry cough.

Chronic Fever: –

Eating Mung Ki Dal with dried Amla powder cooked in it controls chronic fever.

Dryness in the body :

Taking tea boiled with pieces of Amla in it mixed with sugar and milk cures dryness of skin.

Itching :

Applying Amla churna in chameli oil (Dry Amlas in shade, powder them and mix in chameli oil. The bottle should be kept in shade) on the part of the body where itching is there- gives relief.


Washing the head with Amla-juice mixed water after rubbing the scalp for 10-15 minutes with fresh Amla juice helps in the growth of hair.


Applying fresh Amla juice on the wound caused by the cut-stops bleeding is an antiseptic.

High blood pressure: Taking juice of fresh Amla or Murabba Amla every day in the morning controls high blood pressure.

Anaemia :

Take cup Amla juice, 2 tsp. honey with little water regularly helps in curing anaemia.

Stammering :

Taking one raw fresh Amla every day relieves stammering in children.

Nose-bleeding :

Taking Amla Ka Murabba every day helps in curing bleeding of the nose.

Washing the hair with water in which dried Amlas have been soaked overnight-gives relief.

Putting a drop of fresh Amla juice in the nostril or smelling the juice or applying the paste of Amla on the forehead helps in checking the flow of blood.

Thirst due to dehydration: –

Taking Amla juice with grape juice or honey in the form of sharbat-quenches thirst & cures dehydration caused by diarrhoea, and dysentery.

Hair loss and other problems :

Soak dried Amla, Harer, Baher and Shikakai in an iron utensil overnight Mesh them nicely. Washing regularly with this strengthens the hair, imparts glow and lustre, smoothness and blackness and also stops excessive hair fall.

Applying the paste of dried Amla and Mehandi leaves on the hair 10 or 15 minutes before washing-make the hair black and strong.

Applying the paste of Amla powder mixed in lemon juice on the hair for 10 or 15 minutes before washing with Amla water-keeps- the hair strong and shining.

Washing the hair with a decoction of Amla removes dryness of the scalp, checks dandruff and stops excessive fall and greying of hair.

Massaging the head with Amla oil imparts a natural glow to hair, relieves mental tensions and induces sleep.



(ii) Taking and licking little churna (made by grinding 10 gms, each of Amla, dry ginger, black pepper, 3 gm. of Iron Bhasm and little turmeric-) with honey-cures Jaundice.

Digestive Problems:

Taking 10 gms. fresh Amla juice with 10 gms. pomegranate juice, 20 gm. Jaggery and 2 ground cloves-(a) early in the morning before breakfast and (b) after food-cures constipation, wind problems, and other effects of indigestion.

Taking two tsp. of fresh Amla juice mixed with two tsp. sugar or 2 tsp. dried Amla powder mixed with the same amount of Mishri with water cures this.

Taking Amla juice morning and evening-cures chronic indigestion.

Eating raw Amla on empty stomach every day is very useful for the digestive system.

Taking dried Amla powder and little Kaala Namak with lukewarm water in summer and with honey in winter after meals cures all digestive problems.

Common Diseases Amla


Taking fresh Amla juice with old ghee-heated a little-regularly for a few days-relieve stiffnesses of joints and helps in curing Gout.

Itching, Burning-after Measles Chicken Pox, Small Pox: –

Taking bath with water having fresh Amla juice in it or having Amlas boiled in it-relieves the itching and burning sensation after measles or chicken pox.

Apply the paste made of Amla and Til in equal quantities ground in cold milk added with 3 or 4 drops of rose water on spots and let it stay for some time and then wash. This helps in removing the spots.

Boils in Mouth:

Doing gargles with water and having fresh Amla juice twice or thrice a day gives relief. After gargles-apply fresh Amla juice on the boils and let saliva ooze out.

Giddiness, darkness before eyes :

Taking fresh Amla juice with honey in the morning cures this.

Taking Harar, Bahar and Amla Churna (Triphala) in one tsp. mixed with ½ tsp. of pure ghee in the morning helps in improvement of eye-sight and curing of giddiness, darkness etc.

Licking one tsp. of powdered Amla with 1 tsp. of honey-morning and evening-gives strength to the body and cures darkness before eyes.

Lice in hair:

Applying the paste of ground seeds of Amla mixed with the juice of the lemon on the roots of the hair, and washing after half an hour will clear the lice.

Obesity: –

Drinking a glass of Amla water (in which Amlas have been soaked overnight) with 1 tsp. of honey-early in the morning-helps in slimming.

Menstrual Disorder:

Taking boiled pulp of Amla with honey two times a day- relieves one of very scanty and painful bleeding.

Take Amla juice mixed with ripe banana 3 or 4 times a day during periods-checks profuse bleeding.


Applying the paste made of Triphala powder mixed with cow’s urine on the affected part-relieves the poisonous effect of insects.

Drinking Amla juice is also very helpful.

Beauty-treatment :

Applying a paste of Amla mixed with turmeric and oil on the body makes the skin clear, and soft and improves the complexion.

Drinking Amla juice (Amlas to be soaked overnight-crushed and then strained) mixed with honey in the morning makes the complexion full of a natural glow and charm.

Applying the paste of soaked wet seeds of Amla on the face-eliminates pimples and gives natural beauty.

We find that Amla is one of the important ingredients of ‘Triphala’ (i.e. Harar, Bahad and Amla) out of which many Ayurved drugs are made. It is really a rich storehouse of medicinal properties, helpful in eliminating and curing various physical and mental weaknesses and ailments.

Apart from this use- Amla can also be used as a food item in different forms:

Munching raw Amla or one piece of Amla Murabba followed an ideal breakfast for persons of all age groups.

Taking chutney or pickle of Amla with meals is invigorating and digestive

Chyavanaprash in the morning with milk is the best tonic for one and all.


Taking sharbat of Amla, especially in summer is refreshing and is a tonic.


Amla, undoubtedly, is capable of imparting glow and lustre and physical, and mental strength and vigour to different parts of the body and also eliminating various diseases. It is an efficacious and extremely cheap ‘Amrit Phala which could be used by rich and poor alike for healthy long life.

Common Diseases Amla

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