Bipod Tarini Chandi Bari Mandir

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Bipod Tarini Chandi Bari Mandir: S B Das Road, Rajpur, Moyrapara, Kolkata-7000149

The Mandir is situated at Rajpur, south of Kolkata on the N.S.Road, a few kilometers from Narendrapur. The Mandir premises is a two-storied building with a huge courtyard where visitors can park their cars. Here relationships between temple administrator and devotee is very good.

Mandir: Baba Dulal

Dulal was born in 1923 in South 24 Parganas district, at Rajpur. Dulal was the elder son of Sri Sadhan Chandra Das and Srimati Basanta Kumari Das.

At the early age of Dulal, when he was a school student, was a big devotee of Ma Kali. He came to know from his teacher that Jagatmata puja or Kali puja (worship) can save mankind from eternal sorrow and pain. He decided to worship kali and pray to save everybody from the diseases and epidemics. So, one-day little Dulal brought in their house an earthen idol of Ma Kali. Denying all resistance from his parent he stuck to his decision to keep the idol in their house.

He along with other boys of the locality used to play with the idol and perform puja playfully. After a few years, a new idol was required to replace the old idol because the old idol was damaged. At that time Ma Jagatmata herself came in the dream of little Dulal and told how her idol would look like and also how to perform her puja. Ma Jagtmata came in the guise of a little girl in Dulal’s dream and was told to do her puja as ‘Bipadtarini Chandi’. That little girl touched boy Dulal. Dulal got Divine knowledge.

At the age of seventeen and a half, Baba Dulal pursues to see Ma Bipadtarini Chandi in her full form and not as a small girl. He succeeded by meditating three consecutive days under an Aegle marmlos tree (Billo- briksha) for three consecutive days. He meditated sitting on an elevated structure called ‘Ratnabedi’ made there encircling that tree.

Mandir: Ratnabedi


Baba Dulal installed the Bipod Tarini Chandi idol in the same premises where Ratnabedi used to be. This residence became famous in the name of ‘Bipod Tarini Chandi Bari Mandir’.

Mandir: Inside View


Now, many devotees from the nearby area as well as from Kolkata regularly visit the mandir to offer puja and to participate in a beautiful Arati in the evening.



Mandir: Courtyard

Timings : 6am to 11am (Due to Covid)11am (Due to Covid)

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