Vishnupad Mandir

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In the Vishnupad Mandir, the saffron footprints adorned with blood sandalwood. Mace, chakra, and conch inscribed on it. The Vishnupad Mandir built in 1787 by Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar, the queen of Indore. It believed that Lord Vishnu killed the demon Gayasur by putting his feet on his chest at this place. When Lord Vishnu pushed Gayasur inside the earth with his feet, his footprints made on this rock.

The stone on which the footprints of Lord Vishnu inscribed in the sanctum sanctorum of Vishnupad Mandir called Dharmashila. As stated in Gaya Mahatmya, this stone brought from heaven. According to the Puranas, Lord Vishnu performed a yajna here on the body of a demon named Gayasura. Since then, its worship started. Legend has it that when the gods were worried about the boon he got after Gayasur’s penance, he tricked his body into performing a holy sacrifice. Gayasur readily accepted it. Due to his fickle nature, he was not staying steady during the Yagya.

After this Lord Vishnu  called and a huge rock was brought. Vishnu placed his foot on Gayasur’s chest by placing that rock on Gayasur’s chest. Since then, the footprints are on the stone. Gayasur asked the Lord for a boon that the ground on which he is lying (the body) should be considered the most sacred. By giving pinda on it, the ancestors get salvation. Gave such a boon from God. Since then, Pinda Daan became famous in Gaya.

Vishnupad Mandir

Apart from the sixteen altars here, there is a law to donate Pinda from Kheer on Rudrapad, Brahmapad, and Vishnupad. Devotees also recite Mahamatunjaya by offering Tulsi leaves on Vishnucharan. Here Vishnucharan  adorned and worshiped in a grand manner every night.



The Temple

The Vishnupad Mandir  built with a gold-strengthening stone criterion. A 50 kg gold urn and a 50 kg gold flag placed on the top of the temple. The sanctum has 50 kg silver chhatra and 50 kg silver ashtapahal. The entrance of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple  made of silver. The height of this temple is about a hundred feet. There are 44 pillars in the Sabha Mandap. Out of 54 altars, 19 altars are in Vishnupud itself, where Pinda Daan done for the liberation of the ancestors.




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