Veera Narayana Temple Karnataka

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Veera Narayana Temple Karnataka is world famous for its impressive architectural style. Every year on March 23, the sun’s rays fall on the Lord in this divine temple, along with Narayan, Narasimha, and Venugopalaswamy Koluvai receiving the worship of the devotees. This oldest site is located in Belawadi, Karnataka.


The Vishnu temple, which has a lot of other features along with amazing sculptural skills, is the Narayanaswamy Sannidhi at Belawadi, twenty-eight kilometers from Chikmagalur in Karnataka. Here Vishnumurthy is receiving the main pooja as Narayana in Salagrama from Venugopala and Yoga Narasimha is standing on either side of the Lord.

Veera Narayana Temple Karnataka

The 108 Stupas in this compound are independent of each other. History says that this temple built in the 13th century by Devaraya II of Veeraballa. In this temple called Trikutachala Kshetra, every year on March 23, the rays of the sun pass through the seven gates here and fall on the Lord and it takes two eyes to see it. History says that this temple built by the immortal sculpturist Jakkana.



History says that Belavadi existed even during the Mahabharata period and it called the Ekachakranagari. It said that the disguised Pandavas used to hide in a Brahmin’s house, here Bhima killed Bakasura while there. Similarly, Lord Vishnu in the form of Narayana killed the demon Sakasura in this region. After that, the Lord remained like a rock. It is said that Veera Narayana Temple was built by Veera Ballala Devaraya some years after that.

It said that not only this temple but also Belavadi adopted by the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham in the 1760s since then puja programs are conducted here according to the tradition of that Peetham. Even though many temples destroyed in the wars that took place in the past, the temple administrators also say that this one is not intact.

The Temple


Belavadi Veera Narayana Temple Karnataka named after one of the shrines of Narasimha, Venugopalaswamypanchanarayana. It also said to be one with Vijaya Narayana in Belur, Cheluva Narayana in Melkote, Keertinarayana in Talakadu, and Nambinarayana in Thondanoor. It special to see Swami Gada here with Padmas.







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