Is Vaishno Devi Temple, Jammu A Shakti Peeth?

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Mata vaishno-devi Temple, Jammu the holy shrine of the Divine Mother and is situated right in a beautiful, ancient cave excessive up at the sacred Trikoota Mountain. The Divine Mother rests at this location in the exalted shape of Vaishno Mata who’s believed to be an embodiment of Goddess Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, and Mahasaraswati. Mata vaishno-devi Temple, Jammu is held with utmost regard through the Shaktas (worshippers of God as Divine Mother), the pious and blessed shrine of Vaishno Mata one of the Shakti Peethas or home of ultimate strength in the Hindus.

The first mention of the Mother Goddess in the epic Mahabharata. When the armies of Pandavas and Kauravas arrayed on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Arjuna the chief warrior of Pandavas upon the advice of Sri Krsna meditated upon the Mother Goddess and sought Her blessings for victory. At this time Arjuna addressed the Mother Goddess as ‘Jambookatak Chityaishu Nittyam Sannihitayale’, which means ‘you who always dwell in the temple on the slope of the mountain in Jamboo(probably referring to the present day Jammu).


Previously only one natural tunnel for in and out movement there for the cave. In 1977, a second tunnel  built for the devotees. In 1998, a third cave built. A smooth stone, or svarūpa, in the shrine, the physical manifestation of the Goddess. Mahāsarasvatī, Mahālakshmī and Mahākālī,. The three aspects of the goddess, manifested here. There are three-stone lumps called pindis.


The cave almost one hundred feet long and 5200 feet above sea level. Symbols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses fill the cave. Pilgrims greeted and surrounded by them as they enter. The devotees reached through a pool of water to the pindis,.  Water flows continuously out of the pindis and out of the cave.


माता वैष्णो देवी
माता वैष्णो देवी

Is Vaishno Devi Temple, Jammu a Shakti Peeth?

How the Vaishno Devi Temple, Jammu came into existence:


The temple of Mata vaishno-devi  built many centuries ago according to research carried out by geologists. Belief that Mata Vaishno Devi had a bodily form as a lovely princess in Treta Yuga as a Shakti of Mother Parvati, Saraswati and Lakshmi for the welfare of the universe. She carried out atonement in the cave on Trikuta Mountain. When the time came, her body merged into the stellar form of the three divine energies Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, and Mahasaraswati.

Of all of the famous stories of Mata vaishno-devi, the latest one is that of her keen devotee, Shridhar. Shridhar lived approximately seven centuries ago. Shridhar and his wife were great devotees to the Mother Goddess. Once, Shridhar received a divine instruction in his dream to arrange a Bhandara (public ceremonial dinner) in Her honor. Because of his poor economic condition, he failed to arrange enough groceries for the general public ceremonial dinner. He is concerned about the disgrace and guilt he will be subject to for failing to feed the visitors the subsequent day.



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