Vaidyanath Temple

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Festivals at Parli Vaidyanath Temple:- Along with Lord Shankar, the festival of Lord Krishna also celebrated with great pomp in this joint holy land. This is also the holy land of Satyawan Savitri Katha. The banyan tree of Savitri Katha is still standing here on the hill of Narayan and there is also a Vateshwar temple nearby.

The beloved Chilia child of King Shripal and Queen Changuna  resurrected by the grace of Shiva, that place is Parli Vaidyanath. There are many temples, ashrams, samadhis, pilgrimages, and holy places in Parli. Vaidyanath has to be visited only after seeing Ganesh Ji without a trunk, who is sitting like a wrestler’s seat.

The Architecture of Parli Vaidyanath Temple


Parli Vaidyanath Temple is 80 feet high from the ground level and has three gates in all three directions. There are strong banks around the temple. There are three entrances on the three sides of the temple. Due to the sanctum sanctorum and assembly hall being on the same level in the temple, Shivling can be seen from the assembly hall only.

Every Monday Shri Baijnath  duly worshipped. Shivji’s daily anointing done only with the water of Harihar Tirtha. Bholenath’s palanquin comes out on the festival of Dussehra and Mahashivratri. Apart from this, the festivals of Varsha Pratipada, Shravan month, Vijayadashami, Vainkuth Chaturdashi, and Tripurari Purnima also celebrated with great pomp. In the month of Shravan, by bringing water from the Godavari river from far away, Rudrabhishek of Mahadev offered to Billa Dal.

Vaidyanath Temple

There is a huge crowd of devotees here in the month of Shravan. On the day of Kartik Shuddha Chaturdashi i.e., Vaikuntha Chaturdashi, Lord Vishnu received the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Shiva Shankar. On this day Mahapuja takes place in Shri Baijnath temple. Tripurasura killed by Bholenath on the day of Kartik Purnima i.e., Tripurari Purnima, that why the ritual of daily worship organized here for a month i.e., from Kojagiri Purnima to Tripurari Purnima.


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