Ugratara Mandir

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Ugratara Mandir, an important Shakti temple dedicated to Tara (Goddess) located on the western side of Jur Pukhuri in the center of Guwahati city in Latasil. Legend has it that the navel of Sati, the first wife of Shiva, is related to this temple.

Ugratara Mandir


The present Ugratara Mandir built in 1725 AD by the Ahom king Shiva Singh, who three years earlier excavated a pond, known as Jur Pukhuri, which lies to the east of the temple. The tank still exists, although the upper part of the temple destroyed by a devastating earthquake. However, it rebuilt by a private citizen.

The Temple

There is a description of a Shaktipeeth named Dikkarvasini in Kalika Purana. There are two forms of Dikkarvasini, Tikshna Kantha and Lalita Kantha. The sharp Kantha is black and belted, which also called Ugratara or Ekajata. Beautifully attractive is Lalita Kantha, also known as Tamreshwari. The shikhara of the temple is 50 feet high.


There is no idol of her in the sanctum sanctorum of Ugra Tara. A small pit filled with water considered a goddess. There is a Shivalaya next to the Ugratara Temple and a pond behind both temples. There is a shivalaya beside the temple and there is also a pond behind both the Ugratara Mandir.

Though no idol here in this temple, it known that ‘Ugra Tara’, known for its fierce and fearful form. This form of Goddess is very fierce and fearful, on top of a flaming pyre, Shiva in the form of a corpse, or Shiva in the form of consciousness, the Goddess is standing in an anticipatory posture. Goddess Ugra Tara is full of tamo qualities and helps her seekers-devotees to guide and get rid of the most difficult situations.

Mainly the worship of Goddess done by Veera-char or Tantric method to attain salvation, but worship with devotion is the best, Bama Khepa, the supreme devotee of Goddess, also proved this.




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