The Kailashnath temple, Kanchi

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The Kailashnath temple, Kanchi built in the 8th century and belongs to the Pallava dynasty, a prosperous dynasty of South India. The carvings and sculptures made in this temple are also unique in themselves which reflect the rich and illustrious history of the South Indian Pallava dynasty.

While Mamallapuram was part of the Pallavas, Kanchipuram was their capital. A city with a skyline surrounded by gopurams. It is one of the holiest cities in the South. It is one of the Saptapuris, the only one of the seven holy shrines south of the Vindhyas, and considered the ‘Kashi of the South. Starting with the Pallavas, most of the important dynasties-built temples here so that today Kanchipuram known as the ‘Golden City of Temples’. The city dedicated to both Shiva and Vishnu and the two localities here are named Shiva Kanchi and Vishnu Kanchi.


Kailashnath Temple

Mythological Story of Kailashnath Temple

The name of the city comes from two words ‘Ka’, Brahma, and ‘Aanchi’ to worship as it said that Brahma worshiped Vishnu here. It all started when Saraswati asked her husband Brahma who was the greatest goddess, Lakshmi or She, and Brahma was not good enough to choose the latter. So once again, like Pushkar, Brahma faced the wrath of his wife, who refused to sit beside him during the Yagya ceremonies.

When Brahma decided to perform the Yagya alone at Kanchi, a furious Saraswati transformed herself into the fast-flowing Vegvati River and rushed to extinguish the fire of the Yagya. A helpless Brahma called Vishnu for help who lay down on the way to stop the flow of the river. But the war continued between the warring couple and Saraswati first sent the demons and then tried to set everything on fire and each time Vishnu had to come to the rescue. In gratitude, Brahma worshiped Vishnu at Kanchi.


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