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Tarapith[1] is considered to be the maximum favorable area for tantra sadhana and tantric. The cremation floor, which is positioned on the bank of the river Dwarka[2] has several huts and hermitages of tantric. Relationships between the cremation area and a tantric are immense. This awful area has many mud-clad huts of tantric with thatched roofs underneath the banyan trees. The pink-painted skulls embedded in the dust partitions make the place dreaded.

Atma, cremation area, human skull, and tantric:

It believed that Goddess Tara seen in shadows ingesting the blood of goats sacrificed each day at her altar, to satiate her anger. The ash-smeared tantric usually seen in and across the temple. Tantric[3] uses appropriate skulls to drink liquid – skulls of virgins and people who devoted suicide are appeared as effective as Atma(soul) of those skulls have not attended freedom from existence cycle. The strong relationships between Atma, cremation area, human skull, and tantric have prevalently existed.


Where Is Tarapith?

It known from different writings of great writers and devotees of Ma Tara, namely Promod Kumar Chattopadhyay, Binoy Ghosh that Tarapur a village in the Birbhum district of West Bengal between Mallarpur and Rampurhat railway station in 1910. Tarapur (other names Chandipur, Sahapur) now called Tarapith the land of Ma Tara and the very famous Tarapith temple situated there.

Shakti Pith Tarapith  known as “the temple of salvation”. Relationships between the temple and Tantric are as old as the temple is. Tarapith one of the Shakti Pith among 52 Piths and the eyeball of Sati fell here when her dead body chopped into pieces by Lord Vishnu to prevent Lord Shiva to cause destruction of the universe. Lord Shiva was angry as Sati left her life in protest of her father Daksha’s cruel behavior toward her husband Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva kept Sati’s body on his shoulder and started dancing vigorously. It was about to cause the destruction of the universe and Lord Vishnu had to interfere.





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